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Winter shows no remorse as snows falls till Easter

The Local · 21 Mar 2013, 09:55

Published: 21 Mar 2013 09:55 GMT+01:00

Especially hard hit is the north of the country, where along the Baltic coast 35 centimetres of fresh snow fell on Tuesday night alone. In Berlin, Tegel airport cancelled 28 flights because of ice - and yet more of the white stuff is expected on Thursday.

Record-breaking levels of snow fell in other areas of the northeast – namely in Laage, Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania, where a blanket of 27 centimetres of snow smashed the region's previous 2005 record for the time of year by six centimetres.

“For March 20th, the amounts are impressively high,” said Simon Tripper, a meteorologist from the DWD, on Wednesday afternoon.

Behind the unusual weather is an arctic air system blowing in from Scandinavia, which forecaster Fabian Ruhau from Meteomedia told Der Spiegel was “real winter air.”

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While this wind continues to waft over the country, “it basically cannot turn into spring,” Ruhnau said. He added that the situation would stay the same until the middle of next week and that everyone in the north and north east would find themselves shuffling along icy pavements until the long Easter weekend.

In fact, the weekend is set to get even nippier, as “cold air from the north intensifies,” Ruhnau told the magazine. Frosty nights and days with temperature lows into the double minuses are expected.

While it could be very sunny, the clear skies will likely only serve to push temperatures down further in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania.

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Generally, the west and south of the country should stay above freezing and will remain snow-free except for the occasional sleet shower.

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11:11 March 21, 2013 by Steve1949
So much for Global Warming.
15:49 March 21, 2013 by lordkorner
I feel like I've gone through the wardrobe....
16:09 March 21, 2013 by AClassicRed
Steve, read even basic information about Global warming. The trends of Global warming are characterized by extremes in weather patterns, i.e. and for example, the extreme heat of Australia that sparked devastating fires, while other areas have very long winters with heavy snowfall.

"...warmer temperatures cause more evaporation, which results in more precipitation and hence snow. However, due to greater weather extremes and air movement as a result of temperature changes in some places, the location(s) of that precipitation is less predictable and/or consistent. Therefore we would likely see extended periods of drought in some areas and more snowfall/cold weather concentrate in other areas-sometimes in unexpected locations where the weather has been more moderate in the past."
19:08 March 21, 2013 by IchBinKönig
AClassicRed, Global Warming is a tax scheme. Not a weather pattern.

Global Warming is a fraud. When will you wake up?
22:07 March 21, 2013 by ovalle3.14
You guys are aware that global warming does NOT mean that every single place in the world gets warmer, right?
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