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Catholics back morning- after pill for rape victims

The Local · 21 Feb 2013, 16:41

Published: 21 Feb 2013 16:41 GMT+01:00

The German Bishops' Conference said in a press statement that rape victims treated in Catholic hospitals should "of course receive humane, medical, psychological and pastoral care."

"The administration of a 'morning-after pill' can be part of this so long as it has a preventative and not an abortive effect," added the bishops.

They specified: "Medical-pharmaceutical methods, which result in the death of an embryo, should continue not to be used."

German bishops said after a meeting in the western city of Trier that they trusted Catholic institutions to take the correct medical decisions "on the basis of this moral and theological guideline."

"In every case, the decision of the woman concerned must be respected," added the statement.

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The bishops were considering the issue after a woman who had been raped was turned away by two Catholic hospitals in the western city of Cologne. The Catholic Church is fundamentally opposed to contraception or abortion.


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18:22 February 21, 2013 by Englishted
Medieval idiots who should have no say as to medical treatment and no right to refuse said treatment ,how much more prove is needed before people call for a separation of church and state.

Secularism for Germany you know it makes sense .
19:00 February 21, 2013 by DerHirsch
Um, it's a CATHOLIC hospital. Get it? Catholic. As in the hospital is run by the Church. It's not a state operated hospital.
19:00 February 21, 2013 by Zubair Khan
Just wait. In days ahead many reforms will be pouring in Caltholicsm.
19:24 February 21, 2013 by Englishted

Um, so they can refuse treatment on the grounds of religion and they only employ and use R.C. doctors ,nurses etc. do they?

People with attitudes like yours are the reason we need a secular state,otherwise they will think they are above the law and only answerable to there god,sound familiar ?.

@Zubair Khan

Don't hold your breath .
19:29 February 21, 2013 by lucksi
Well, let's face it: If a woman is raped, then she probably deserved it, the harlot. Furthermore, if it really was an illegitimate rape, then the female body has ways to shut it down.

Or so I am told by people in power.
19:32 February 21, 2013 by B_R_K

A Catholic Hospital which is paid by the state... by tax payer. Not only by church tax! The State is paying for the most of the church stuff. It is Nonsense that the church makes any rules.
19:59 February 21, 2013 by DerHirsch
@BRK, no the Church does make the rules, which is what this is about. Did the state decide to allow the morning after pill? I'm not stating an opinon. I am stating facts. The church runs the Catholic hospital. I'm fully aware that the state funds around 90%. Regardless, the individuals make the ultimate decisions in these catholic hospitals are the catholic clergy. I made no mention as to how it was funded or to who it hires.

Do you people even read?
20:29 February 21, 2013 by Englishted
@ DerHirsch

So the "ultimate decisions in these catholic hospitals are the catholic clergy"

If you would be so good as to state your opinion ,mine is that in the 21st century medical decisions should be taken by medical personal and not based on a outdated middle eastern code. In fact some of the decisions in the resent case should have led to criminal charges ,such as interfering in a police investigation it is high time that these religious organisations retreated out of public life and let people who don't work on the promise of a better afterlife get on with it.
21:11 February 21, 2013 by rosenthalenglish
The Catholic Church in Germany run 25% of thee hospitals in Germany.Now lets say that they only put 10% in each,then lets close them all down and the German taxpayer can pay it all.I don't think they will like that,seems that the Catholic Church is putting an awful lot of money into the German health system.It also treats more people with AIDS worldwide than any secular institution.Come on Englishted lets see you Atheists cough up your money and run a few hospitals for all!
23:20 February 21, 2013 by wood artist
Once again the Catholic church says "sure, but there are conditions." In this case, they seem to believe that "pastoral care" is really important, equating it with humane, medical...etc. I'm not sure what "humane" care is, but clearly the recent FUBAR in Köln doesn't qualify, does it? Of course, she didn't receive medical care either, so she's oh for two right off the bat. I haven't heard she received any "pastoral care" either, although she might not have been Catholic and after the way she was treated she's unlikely to be real receptive to seeing a Priest anyway.

In short, the church needs to get out of the way of providing medical services as long as they feel they get a say in the meeting between patient and doctor.

23:26 February 21, 2013 by ChrisRea
@ rosenthalenglish

"the Catholic Church is putting an awful lot of money into the German health system" - Really? How much is that exactly? Did you subtract the subventions received by the Catholic Church from the state budget (that means also from taxpayers that are not Catholic)?

"It also treats more people with AIDS worldwide than any secular institution." - You don't say! Would you care to substantiate your statement with figures from an objective source? The funny thing is that the Catholic Church strongly opposes the measure that offers the most protection against AIDS i.e. use of a condom.
09:06 February 22, 2013 by Firmino
How progressive of them!!! Seriously, does anyone who hasn't been lobotomised even listen to these idiots???
16:46 February 22, 2013 by raandy
This according to the International Business Times: C/P ""The report also revealed meeting places of gay priests for their sexual encounters, reports La Repubblica, including ¦quot;A villa outside Rome, a sauna in Quarto Miglio,¦quot; as well as a university residence, a beauty parlor and rooms inside the Vatican itself.""

This is part of the leaked documents ,that may have contributed to the Popes resignation.

The Catholic anything is not a good thing, from hospitals to pedophile priest, the church is rife with debaucheries. At least the Pope nos when to jump ship.
16:46 February 22, 2013 by M Australian

If they were really cared about

quote " humane, medical, psychological and pastoral care." &

"Medical-pharmaceutical methods, which result in the death of an embryo, should continue not to be used." end quote

A. They would empower women and other marginalised groups by treating them with dignity and as equal human beings.


B. Prevent unnecessary suffering and death of millions of children, women and men by advocation all HIV/AIDS prevention measures including condoms.

Persons who unquestionably support these archaic latex phobic geriatric supposedly virgins are just as complicit in their crimes.
18:43 February 22, 2013 by Wise Up!
If this is a requirement for healthcare in Germany, then the

church needs to get out of the healthcare industry and let the Socialist state run it with their new rules.

The Church should not be forced to comromise on its most basic tennet: the sanctity of human life, particularly the unborn.
21:48 February 22, 2013 by M Australian
Wise Up! you do live up to your name.

What a brilliant idea and it should not just stop at healthcare but include all aspects of civil life.

Now that's something we can all say Amen to :)
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