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Neo-Nazis blamed for stunting east Germany

Published: 21 Feb 2013 07:14 GMT+01:00

Roland Berger said east German far-right extremism was scaring off the immigrants who were desperately needed to boost the struggling economy.

Everything else was in place. "There is only one thing standing in its way," the 75-year-old consultant told Thursday's Die Zeit weekly newspaper.

"He who sees neo-Nazis marching through eastern Germany towns twice a week does not usually want to move there. And what should a migrant think?"

The fight against the far-right could only be won if culture in the east was given priority and hugely expanded, Berger said.

"One has to create other options. One must bring culture in the east to a shine."

The eastern states had beautiful old towns, but even in Weimar, historically a cultural centre, had "hardly any modern art and music," he said.

He said a city like Weimar needed "top class tourism managers with a suitable budget," and "more top class hotels." He said only then would demanding culture vultures be persuaded to stay for a few days.

The support of culture and education was also a fight against extremism, he said.

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, which Berger founded in 1967, recently published a study which caused consternation by recommending that the former eastern German states needed €1 billion in investments to bring them up to western levels.

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07:30 February 21, 2013 by Englishted
With high unemployment ,why Mr. Berger does the east need a influx of immigrants to boost the economy ?.

From what I have seen in the countries I have lived in immigration in normally used to depress wage levels ,or are you referring to the high tech jobs that all the new firms that have opened in the east need .

So can you can tell where and what jobs are vacant to require immigration to fill them I am all agog.
08:19 February 21, 2013 by smart2012
did not just Merkel say couple of weeks ago that East Germany should be taken as example by EU partners.... ah ah ah, she forgot to say that Bayern is paying for east germany
16:04 February 21, 2013 by catjones
The gov will put lipstick on this pig and call them historical reenactors, remove the threat and make it an attraction.
17:19 February 21, 2013 by Bigfoot76
I do not mean to beat a dead horse but....again previous statements made by citizens and politicians in Berlin about how those living in the city should ONLY live the Berlin Culture might have a big impact on the number of immigrants relocating to the area.

I have heard a lot of people talk about how they wish the wall would go back up. Has anyone else heard this kind of talk?
18:16 February 21, 2013 by Englishted
@ Bigfoot76

Yes and I have heard they will give up their holidays to help.
18:37 February 21, 2013 by lazarus
The article calls them"The Far Right", I am wondering why NAZIs are allowed to exist? The benefit of knowing history is to prevent the mistakes from the past to ever occur again.

I read news and history from all over th world and see that terms like "Far right, conservative, Far left, Liberal is relavent to the region of which you are referring to.

The entire world is divided into so many factions that I have doubts that we will ever be a world at piece.

The NAZIs had dreams of Arian eutopia where they would assume the proper place as masters of all. The JAPs had the same dream. Communism has the same dream, as does State sanctions religions where the ultimate goal is to dominate all others.

As I see it the world is plagued with bullie boys that want to build their inflated egos by the dominance of others and to achieve the waelth that comes from stealing from others.

The history of the Catholic faith is a good example that cam be applied to all other forms of Dictators and despots. They had sought to exterminate all other peoples of the known world so that all that remained would be more Catholics of the Holy Roman Empire. This would be shocking if they were the only or the first to attempt such a terrible wound onto the world.

The Hebrews and just about every great culture in the written history of the world has done the same things. Samuel , God's Chosen Prophet, Deposed Saul for failing to kill every thing living. By showing mercy, he disobeyed God's laws.

now i read that the Muslims want international laws to protect "Religion" from critisisim. This law would be tantamount to rewriting history in lies and deception since Religion has brought more destruction and pain and suffering to humans than anyother condition.

19:34 February 21, 2013 by raandy
The truth is when the wall fell The West did a poor job of integration. You reap what you sow.
20:28 February 21, 2013 by wxman
50 years of Communist dictatorship are to blame and nothing else. With it's departure, it left behind two generations that know nothing else. Trying to teach them free market Capitalism and entrepenuership is akin to trying to teach a pig to sing.
20:43 February 21, 2013 by Bigfoot76
@ lazarus If you refer to the political party, the problem is they will just change their name and come back again a short time later. The NPD was previously known as the NSDAP before being abolished. They changed their name and came right back. Nazis is a nick name so to speak but whether it is the NSDAP, NPD or some other letters in the alphabet, it is still the same party.

Additionally, in recent years a scary problem has risen in the German Government that indicates that no one really knows where in the whole infrastructure, the Nazi's and or their supporters are secretly working. One example is the "kebab murders".

@raandy If the west did so poorly, can I please have my reunification surcharge back? Who knows maybe that is the problem anyways. When the US reunited after the civil war there was no reunification surcharge and they seem to be doing well enough.
21:07 February 21, 2013 by World_View
The statements in this "article" defies logic. "Weimar and eastern Germany need more immigrants to improve the economic conditions" The reverse is the fact. Look at the USA for insta, especially California where Third World immigrants are now the majority,California has double digit unemployment, the State budget has a structural $28 billion deficiet, crime, especially violent crime is excessive, job creaters are leaving the State. Third World Immigration does NOT benifita Nation, it destroys the Nation as those Third World peoles refuse to assimilte and thus Third Worldism become the social norm and at a tremondous cost. What is needed is a resurgence of Nationhood and the end of ailed concepts such as the EU, Nafta, nd Internationalism which only serve corporatism at the expense of Nations. Hungary is on the right path as is Golden Dawn in Greece, we are unique peoples, we are different, we can celebrate tat. Multiculturalism is a failure because it has been enforced upon people. The people's in Eastern Germany can carve out their own unique Communitis and develop Social Credit andcare for one another without elling their souls tothe Company Store and preserve their identity, good for them.
23:17 February 21, 2013 by lazarus
@World View,

I can't agree more.

In America we have a serious situation where illegal Imigrants are pouring into the country and have been for decades. The problem is that instead of Assimilating intot he culture and living as a citizen(paying taxes, banking taking responsibility as a citizen and adopting the language and culture), they instead bring the third world culture with them and fully expect that Americans will bend to their will. They expect to get welfare, medical treatment and so forth without ever having contributed to the system.

Please do not misunderstand me, there are some very good people in the ones who are here, but the vast majority are wanting a free ride. and are assisted to take advantage of the system. The current president has seemed to assist them for political reasons unknown to most without consideration of the long term consequences that are sure to arise.

Tourism is great for a country but squatters are not. When we see the crime rates skyrocket where the inner cities are plagued with Drug Gangs and violence, Murder, and gun casualities as we are seeing in Chicago and LA these days, we really need to step back and ask if the direction we are on is the correct path.When the police are so nervous that common citizens are shot for the fear of the police, drastic measures need to be taken.

09:19 February 22, 2013 by Firmino
I seriously doubt neo-nazis have anything to do with state of the economy in East Germany....
19:26 February 22, 2013 by catjones
World_View + Lazarus

How many bigots does it take to perpetuate a stereotype?
19:40 February 22, 2013 by GeeAitch
What a load of tosh. I have been many times to eastern Germany, and cities like Leipzig and Dresden are booming.

Most of the world has immigration views similar to the neo-Nazis. Try getting a work permit in Pakistan, India, Turkey, Kenya, even South Africa. All Africa, most of Asia and much of South America make it all but impossible for foreigners to work there in any numbers.

It was the communists who held back and nearly destroyed Eastern Europe. Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, eastern Germany have blossomed since 1990 and a few neo-Nazis won't hold them back.

Above all, Germany and Austria must get over the Hitler Hangover. Let the Nazis make all the noise they like because, like the communists, they will never be voted into power.
21:42 February 22, 2013 by schneebeck
Dear Mr. Roland Berger of Berger Consultants,

Let the immigrants you want come and live in your living room! But be advised, it is not like having guests over, they don't go away. The change is irreversible once started.

Those neonazis marching don't want immigrants. I'll spell this out careful for you:


Yes, they are racists. They want to protect their culture and their people, and their future. That is not wrong, no matter how much you want to rant about it and act all holier than thou.

The way they read history, immigration doesn't work out well.

It didn't work for the American Indians at all, the Tibetans are not happy at all about recent immigration from China, Jewish immigration to Germany went horribly wrong, the Turkish "guests" in Germany didn't go home. The U.S. is a bi-lingual country now, the Muslims in Serbia were butchered, the Hawaiians would rather the Americans weren't there, the indigenous people in Fiji don't want to share their land with Hindus from India. The Algerian youth situation in the inner cities of France is not good, the emigration of Russians to northern Georgia didn't turn out too well for Georgia, and on, and on, and on.

History is full of such examples from the beginning of civilization, all of which is totally ignored by pseudo-intellects like Berger.

What is wrong with those "evil" racist bigots that they don't want to repeat the above scenarios?!!

Maybe you are far, far too high up in your moral high ground and all those lesser subhuman "racists" can't hear you from all the way up there. "We're so much more inteligient than them." Sound familiar?

No one wants to let something loose in their neighborhood if they will have "zero" control over it once it is let loose. They usually like to have a say over what happens in their neighborhood. Is that understandable, or no?

Every last spot on this planet doesn't have to be multi-cultural. Your talk is just ruinous, not constructive. The west is already very diverse now, not so? Hold off and wait for the rest of the world to become diverse.

Or let your home be diverse, and close your mouth about how you think other people's homes should be populated. They don't get to decide about your home so shut your mouth about ruining theirs.

Hurting people, especially women and children, because of their race and culture is terrible. That is what happens with immigration, not so? That is what Berger's pseudo-intellectual tripe leads to.

It is not only visible neo-nazis in those areas that are anti-immigration. If they don't want immigrants, that is a legitimate wish. Don't start such a process. Those people don't want that kind of a future and it shouldn't be imposed on them.

It is their home, and not yours to impose your politics on.
02:32 February 23, 2013 by michael valerio
Rubbish, sounds like neo-nazi phobia. These left wing cranks in the German Government like Gauck should be flushed out.
07:23 February 23, 2013 by LiberalGuy
In my experience in the Nazis in the East can be best summed up by my time in Cottbus. 300 Nazis would match saying immigrants were the reason for no jobs. While at the same time businesses in the town were on RBB TV saying they have 300 traineeships they can't fill because no one wants them (while the Nazis collect their Hartz and complain), and they can't wait for the Poles to cross over and finally fill the jobs. Afterwards which the 300 Nazis would match saying 'See the Poles are taking our jobs',

The biggest losers and scam artists in history. Stuck in a cycle of their own laziness and stupidity, they can't see if they actually made an effort instead of blaming others for their problems then they might actually get ahead in life.
17:48 February 23, 2013 by schneebeck
"They're all lazy and stupid".

Is that a liberal using stereotypes?

Couldn't be, only rednecks and nazis do that.

"No, no, you've got it all wrong, I wasn't making an irrational, unfair generalization about a group of people. It was a reasoned, intellectual conclusion. Obviously, you are an idiot. I have "observed" all of this, I know all those Nazis were on welfare."

"they can't see if they actually made an effort instead of blaming others for their problems then they might actually get ahead in life."

Spoken like a true cold-hearted conservative.
18:53 February 23, 2013 by corn1971
As an American immigrant to Germany, having more immigrants in an area doesn't automatically mean poor, low skilled persons from third world countries. Neo-Nazi's marching in eastern cities is also a deterrent to Germans and German industrial investment. They need to create more work for Germans in these cities, but an influx of outsiders also is a sign of a vibrant growing economy. An insular community is a stagnating community.

And blaming communism for the conditions today is small minded thinking. It's been more than 20 yrs since reunification, with most people under 40 being still in school during the communist era. The problems communism left were poor economic conditions, not a lingering way of thinking on the people living there today.
19:00 February 23, 2013 by MrMiyagi10301
First of all, how is that gentleman a consultant? Usually such idiotic generalized statements are reserved for American politicians :D While what he said is completely idiotic, I understand the *basis* of what he is trying to address: that Germany has had a declining birth rate for several generations (common in most Western EU states), requiring the addition of an influx of a youthful workforce from *some*where. It's basic macroeconomics, folks. If you want to retire, you MUST have enough heads in the workplace on the home front during your retirement. So, if there aren't floods of Austrians clamoring on the border for work (lol), then how do you expect these needs to be fulfilled?

So, with *that*, I have to say I am beyond shocked at the... frankly 19th Century attitudes and levels of understanding demonstrated of other cultures and multiculturalism in here. I can only surmise that there are fellow Americans who are not New Yorkers, and perhaps are fully-indoctrinated Tea Party members. That could be the only explanation for such brazen willful ignorance.

The only thing I wonder is: why on Earth are you living in another country yet still thinking with such a closed mind (unless it is for military service, and in that case, *all* is explained lol). o.O
20:19 February 23, 2013 by Berliner1978
"The problems communism left were poor economic conditions, not a lingering way of thinking on the people living there today."

BOTH are true. You need to spend some time in the former DDR......weekend camping trips with folks drinking beer and singing old Communist Youth League songs around the campfire, wishing for "the good old days" when everyone had a job........

Been there, done that.
20:28 February 23, 2013 by schneebeck
Non-New Yorkers are ignorant.

New Yorkers' thinking is superior.

This coming from the superior intellect of a New Yorker.

"such idiotic generalized statements are reserved for American politicians".

Only in America?? Now here's a guy who's been around in the world!!

Tea Party followers are "indoctrinated". They couldn't possibly have any legitimate concerns or thinking that would be good for the U.S. Not possible.

Only my thinking is:

1) not close minded

2) not outdated

3) contains valid ideas

Here's another generalization coming from a Non-New Yorker who grew up near New York City. "Some" New Yorkers are incredibly arrogant. They're so intellectually isolated from anywhere else in the real world, they've developed the attitude that "really, the world ought to be run by us superior thinking New Yorkers".

"You're all worthless and ignorant". In a way, "some" New Yorkers are the biggest bunch of bigots on the planet.
20:34 February 23, 2013 by LiberalGuy

A liberal cannot be for personal responsibility? Now who is using stereotypes?

Nazis are worthless and I don't really give a hoot who that offends. On the day they decide to make something of themselves instead of blaming some other group for their pathetic attitude, is the day I'll change my tune. Don't think that day is coming anytime soon though.
21:13 February 23, 2013 by schneebeck
Oh, I see. Bigotry is OK. ("I don't really give a hoot who that offends").

Only rednecks and neo-nazis shouldn't be like that.
22:15 February 23, 2013 by LiberalGuy

Don't really have experience with rednecks so I'll take your word for it. And yes, I'm bigoted against Nazis and their sympathizers. I can live with that.
05:33 February 24, 2013 by knowthyenemy
White Liberals are the ONLY group of people on the planet that think racial diversity is a strength and race is just skin color.

Why are Whites the ONLY people celebrating diversity as they become minorities in their own societies?

Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, White nations for everybody?

When will White compassion and tolerance start to run out? Methinks when Whites become a minority in their own nations. Then, Whites will see multi-culturalism for the lie it really is.
07:52 February 24, 2013 by Bigfoot76
^^ I refuse to see anything for what it really is. Now guess which party I vote for. :)
16:25 February 24, 2013 by schneebeck
@ Bigfoot76

That is a really interesting and intriguing question. I don't know how to answer it. Perhaps each side thinks the other side's ideology is pure fantasy. Can you expand?

What is it really that the above is refusing to see?

What part of our current reality at this point in the history of humans is being deliberately ignored by the above?

What is the fantasy that is being viewed in place of that part of reality?
00:03 February 25, 2013 by michael valerio
Roland Berger is an idiot. These left wing Germans see Nazi in their soup.
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