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German exports due a boost in 2013

The Local · 30 Dec 2012, 11:42

Published: 30 Dec 2012 11:42 GMT+01:00

"We expect an increase of up to five percent in exports to €1.158 trillion in 2013 and a 5.5-percent rise in imports to €980 billion," said BGA chief Anton Börner in a new year's message.

Despite the eurozone crisis, Germany achieved record exports in 2012, added Börner, amounting to €1.103 trillion, and a trade surplus of €174 billion.

Börner said the bullish projection was based on "stability and no new volatility on the financial markets. Europe, the United States and China have a lot of homework to do in the new year in this respect," he said.

He said order books for next year were full "especially from the growth markets in Asia" and added that the low value of the euro on the currency markets was helping trade with the United States and Japan.

However, he cautioned that "the European debt crisis will be with us for a long time yet" and said he was especially concerned about what he said were "increasingly protectionist trends in several eastern European countries."

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"By going alone down this protectionist road, these countries are harming not only our exports but also massively harming themselves," said Börner.


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12:27 December 30, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
Exporters of Germany you may thank the taxpayers of Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland as well as the German taxpayers for this boost. Now don't be shy to put a little back into the pot for all our benefit.
12:44 December 30, 2012 by Englishted
What exactly do these exports consist of ?, apart from cars what else is German a major manufacturer of .

Please do not be offended by the question ,I can see China's goods overrunning every shop but what good from here.
12:58 December 30, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
Whatever exports there are there would be none if it wasn't for the rest of the Eurozone paying for the Euro.
14:19 December 30, 2012 by smart2012
Bfa, en, am with you, and would like to highlight that u missed one point: ASIA. Most of the goods sold in Asia by German companies are anyway made in china or India, so all of this as minor impact on German employment. Pro Verkel propaganda
14:35 December 31, 2012 by honeybeee
hahaaa, s2012 and Bfa , y u 2 talking here like twins ??/As for Englishted , I think your view is quite farsighted, but pls dont down talking or underestimate your German productions ablity , becoz still that's an old trap ,I think whatever China or India is just used by Germany¦#39;s techniques or Germany know how and they just cooperate with Germany¦#39;s steps to do together , so at last , the big part of profit in that cooperation is still combined with EU¦#39;s taxes with the emerging market people¦#39;s blood sweat . U don't believe? I can give u an example here , that¦#39;s Continental, haha , yes , Conti as well as its biggest shareholder Schaeffler Ag , especially Schaeffler , they are going on investing in the 4 big emerging markets already in 2012 sofar till now , China , India , Brazil and Russia as well as Hungary market , what¦#39;s that for? That stands for Schaeffler already see the big potential of the emerging market and use the increase there to make more taxes in filling the void of Eurozone. Btw , they are definitely a good contributor to the whole auto industry as well for their own sake ~~~~~~~
14:41 January 2, 2013 by ChrisRea
Berlin fuer alles is right. Exports to Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland combined are some 5% from the total. So France, Netherlands, UK,, US, China and Italy are the countries that really count.

@ Englishted

Machinery, cars and hi-tech apparatus are some the most exported products.
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