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Pricier parking tickets planned for cities

The Local · 17 Dec 2012, 08:27

Published: 17 Dec 2012 08:27 GMT+01:00

The regional daily Saarbrücker Zeitung reported that Germany’s Transport Ministry planned to double the penalty for exceeding a parking time limit by 30 minutes from €5 to €10. Each half hour would add another €5 to the ticket, up to €25 for three hours.

The paper said officials were concerned that tickets for parking infractions were relatively cheap compared to parking fees in big cities.

That encouraged too many German drivers simply to opt to pay a minor fee for parking illegally rather than paying a parking meter.

Likely to be increased in April next year, parking penalties haven't been hiked since 1990.

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08:53 December 17, 2012 by lucksi
"That encouraged too many German drivers simply to opt to pay a minor fee for parking illegally rather than paying a parking meter."

Heh, yes indeed. I could pay 8 or 10 bucks for a day ticket (or 2€ hourly) or just risk a 5€ fine.

The 5€ 'fine' seems to be from an ancient time.

Let's hope that they don't discover that 35€ for going 20 kph over the limit is also not a deterrent.
11:16 December 17, 2012 by grinners
@ lucksi:

Please refrain from posting further comments.

Kind Regards,

Grinners ;-)
12:45 December 17, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
@ Grinners

Please refrain from asking people to refrain from posting further comments.

Why should lucksi or anybody else refrain from posting their opinions. I for one agree with what Lucksi posted above. I am sure there are others with the same opinion. Are you one of those car drivers who disregard anybody who does not use a car in the city?

Unkind regards,

13:35 December 17, 2012 by lucksi
Oh yes, I'm prety sure that grinners told me to stop posting because he wants to curtail my god given rights of freedom of speech and not in a "Shut the fark up man, don't give them ideas" kind of way.
16:08 December 17, 2012 by raandy
The new fine structure will do away with the all day parking for 5 euros.

What is really irritating is when you are running out of time for an appointment and then the ticket dispenser does not work, then you run to the next to find the same.

When it was 5 euros , I didn't care.

Lucksi...do you lose any points when your 20 over?
19:44 December 17, 2012 by lucksi

See, really big deterrent that is.

Using a phone while driving costs more and gives a point.
09:39 December 18, 2012 by delvek
agreed, it would cost me 5 Eur to park right outside my class or 8 Eur to park 10 minutes away.
18:33 December 18, 2012 by ann_p
Well try to get a parking fine in Denmark.... 100 Euro... straight away!

So 5 or 10 euro.... hmmm...
15:56 December 19, 2012 by truth is treason
Lucksi, No what Grinners is saying is Your Post should be "What increase by 100% are you crazy! How am I going feed my children Now....... " because if you say "Piffle I can pay that easy" then the Fees will go up again and again and again.

I saw in a local news report that now when you are caught parked Illegally you come back to find an orange ticket on your car. So you expect to receive a fine and you know the place and time you were caught. They want to do away with the orange ticket, so the fine arrives and you do not know where, when and what for you have to pay for. You than have to contact the department etc. If i break the law I want to where when and why at the time. In London I have had many tickets on my car that have been given illegally. The warden thinks because I have a foreign car I will Pay up. I have had a 80% success rate it getting them revoked. The last one I Paid because it was given on Christmas day and I presumed that it was free parking on a Holiday.
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