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Man who beheaded wife: 'I thought I was Jesus'

The Local · 6 Nov 2012, 16:49

Published: 06 Nov 2012 16:49 GMT+01:00

The 32-year-old, who killed the 30-year-old mother of his six children in June, told the Berlin state court that “I thought I was doing something good.” The practising Muslim said that he had heard God's voice, and at that point he believed he was Jesus.

He dragged his wife onto the balcony of their flat in the Kreuzberg area of the capital. There he hit her repeatedly on the head with their barbecue before stabbing her to death, the court heart. An autopsy showed that she died from a stab to the heart.

Because, he told the judge, he was unsure whether she was dead, he beheaded her, cut off several parts of her body, including one of her breasts, and threw them into the inner courtyard of the building and shouted “God is great” in Arabic.

The court heard how the suspect was supposed to have been taking medicine prescribed for psychosis. He had stopped taking them six months prior to the attack because he wanted to be able to work better and be able to smoke cannabis.

He had allegedly smoked several joints shortly before the attack and, he told the court, had argued with his wife some days earlier over an ex-partner and had not been living in the flat.

But after his eldest son begged him to come home, he moved in. When he realised his wife was still angry at him, he proceeded to chain-smoke cannabis. It was during this time, he said, that the idea came to him that he had to kill her.

“I regret it, it has destroyed my family,” he said. Since his arrest he has been under observation in the psychiatric ward of a Berlin hospital prison, where he has started taking medication again. “I feel a lot better,” he said.

The couple's six children, aged at the time between one and 13, were sleeping while the attack happened. They are being looked after by two foster families and are said to be doing well considering the circumstances.

The case continues and an outcome is expected on November 23.

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Your comments about this article

19:26 November 6, 2012 by heathen
I call BS on this one. No one who has smoked one doobie, let alone six doobies, is capable of the savagery of this Islamist.
19:47 November 6, 2012 by Bulldawg82
He had to have known he wasn't Jesus because everyone knows I am.
22:22 November 6, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
If he smoked so much he would not have been capable of getting off the couch and in no frame of mind to do what he did. Who writes this rubbish? Surely the court won't fall for this one.
00:35 November 7, 2012 by Pakistani
@ heathen : I think he was not so under the influence of canibis as to do whatever he did............ BUT instead of "islamist" why don't you call him a cold blooded killer................ hitler was a christian (I am sick and tired of giving this example) so should we say all christians are human slaughtering dimwits????????????
04:49 November 7, 2012 by marimay
Or better yet, hitler was a westerner. Therefore, all westerners are like hitler.
12:52 November 7, 2012 by derb76
Was this guy German or Turkish?
07:41 November 8, 2012 by punkspop
I may stop reading the news. Young girls raped/killed/abducted, parents killing their kids, parents killing parents.....what is wrong in the world?
12:52 November 8, 2012 by mcjazz
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
22:47 November 8, 2012 by George16
OK - maybe it is not really politically correct - but I do draw a line from Islam to certain violent acts like the beheading (and cutting of one of her breasts) or just a week ago a man stabbing his girl friend and cutting of both breasts. As far a I understand, there is a tradition of cutting of body parts (e.g. in Sharia). And as far as I understand, there is some tradition on threatening women with bad torture in Islam (here in the Hadeeths):


"Hadeeth about the prophet (sallallahu ¦#39;alayhi wasallam) seeing the women of the Ummah in painful torment, on the night of Isra¦#39;: "

"Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with her) exclaimed, ¦#39;My beloved and source of delight! Tell me what they had done, so Allah inflicts them with such torments.¦#39;

The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied, ¦#39;My daughter! The woman hung by hair did not cover it from men. The one hung by her tongue used to hurt her husband with it. The one hung by her breasts used to refuse her husband in bed..."

Please correct me if I misunderstand.
10:41 November 9, 2012 by Mirza.mm9
@ George 16: In today's world of extreme fabrication and manipulation, it is very unfortunate that you have posted such information about a specific religion on a public forum.

Do you have a source for the information you have posted? Did you consult with a sane, well known and peaceful ambassador of this religion before posting such information on public forum?

If your answer is NO to the above question, in my individual opinion you are creating more stereotypes in this world, might be even creating unintentional hatred against and a bad picture of a whole religion altogether.

In my short post, I come to a conclusion that your post was absolutely unnecessary, unproductive, and least peaceful.

My sincere advise to you as a fellow human being, before you come to conclusions and draw lines about any religion, and I sincerely mean it, ANY RELIGION, kindly refer to a scholar of that specific religion OR even better, just ignore and be happy because every effort has been made today to hide the truth and tarnish it.

Internet, Mass Media and other sorts are the sources for most inaccurate information.

Peace forever.
00:53 November 10, 2012 by wendyb
Poster #2. If you are so sure you are Jesus, would you be willing to die a horrible death on a Roman cross to pay the penalty for everyone else's sins. Also, to poster #1 - I am not sure why you would make any reference to Islamists. I live in Canada. a couple of years ago a deranged man murdered and beheaded a fellow passenger on a greyhound bus, in full view of all of the other passengers. He was not Muslim. He was deranged. Mental illness is present in every society in the world, and my heart goes out to the family and friends of this dear woman who probably suffered untold misery living with such a man. - Rest in Peace.
15:22 November 10, 2012 by George16

I guess, you can get a good starting point at wikiislam site. Google for Jahannam wikiislam. They do provide a huge number of very reliable original sites.

On threatening women with torture (especially hang them on their breasts): this is done by very recent islamic sites. E.g: http://www.al-shia.de/lebennachdemtod/himmelfahrt.htm . There you will find the hadeeth sources.

Good that you decided to investigate in depth on this. Please tell us about your findings
10:17 November 12, 2012 by Mirza.mm9
@ George 16: In one way OR the other, I must slightly appreciate your efforts on reading information on this, because at least you are researching something on your own, rather than the majority who just go by hearsay.

Nevertheless, I would like to stand up and point on several drawbacks on your method of research on religious information and on religion. I will try to list them point wise:

- Your research is purely based on Internet, when we clearly understand how the information on Internet can be misleading. For example, I can simply visit the 'Wikiislam' website, and edit the information with whatever crap I believe in OR just for fun include very very misleading information.

- Religious websites have always been a target for hacking. There are several thousands of websites being hacked by certain group of people who would like to create hatred against a specific religion OR portray a bad image.

- Now did you actually go through those verses from Holy Quran mentioned in the article, in your 2nd webiste? Did you try to find out the actual meaning of those verses and what is the correct interpretation and so on.

Apart from the above, I think you have missed the most important point here.

The argument you are placing from your post #9, is leading people to think in a way that those torments on women were actually done in real life and is part of the religion and the religious law (As you have mentioned Sharia).

Whereas, all the excerpts taken by you from these articles from Internet are talking about punishment in Hell and the Life after death (so called Hereafter). And I personally believe THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENT IN THE TWO.

Every Abrahamic religion i.e. Judaism, Christianity & Islam (i.e. in the order they were sent on earth) has the concept of HELL and HEAVEN, has a concept of PUNISHMENT and REWARD etc. Irrespective of religious beliefs, it would be have justified if you would have said "I do draw a line from all Abrahamic religions......" For burning in hot fire, is no different from hanging by breasts.

Once again, I am no religious authority and a common man just like you and others, and I am not trying to prove any point here, except one: Do not form judgments about a specific religion OR its people, by reading a couple of articles on internet, mass media etc.

My basic understanding since childhood is that all religions on earth promote peace and condemn violence. This is what my parents thought, and this is how I would like to keep it.

I am not going to develop OR create misunderstandings, simply because some nutcases are beheading their wives OR crashing planes in to buildings etc.

Peace forever.
20:32 November 12, 2012 by George16

thank you for your patience and for your good will to avert any diffamation from your religion.

In Germany, there was a 30 years religion based war from 1618 to 1648, destroying so much and killing about 30% of the population. The final result was "quius regio, eius religio", meaning that the population had to follow the religion of their sovereigns. There had not been religious wars in Germany after that, even after relaxing this norm after centuries.

Please believe me, that I do have some personal experience, which leads me to the conclusion, that Muslims are not able to integrate with our society in a way that I would like. They may want to live here under Christian / nonreligious rule for a certain time. But I do not want to hear from my children, that they again have been addressed with "Isst Du Schwein, bist Du Schwein" ("You eat swine, you are swine") and worse and worse and worse.

So we should go for an amicable separation between Western and Muslim. You are very welcome as a guest in my house, you are very welcome to join me in one of the concerts which are now performing in our (lutherian) church, were lutherian, roman-catholic, and non-religious men and women perform so beautiful songs and music, that your heart is touched. I understand that many (most?) Muslim women will never be allowed by their husbands and by their leaders to be part of such an orchestra, that they will never be allowed to be part of any "western" social group.

I am desperate, but I only see worse future, if we do not come to an amicable separation.
10:37 November 13, 2012 by Mirza.mm9

Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts, which clearly gives me an understanding of why you think this way about Muslims & Islam. However, I will still disagree to certain points mentioned in your latest post:

Personal experience:

I totally understand that you and/or your children have gone through some bad experiences. But then does it justify to label a whole group of people OR a complete religion altogether? If we all started becoming stereotypes based on few experiences, it will be a disaster throughout the globe.

I am new in Germany with my wife & 10 month old daughter, and some of the experiences I've had are bad and some are very good. Due to the bad experiences I;ve had does it mean, I go around propagating that all Germans are rude, etc OR whatever. Absolutely NO. I will try to always highlight the positives and the good experiences I've had. And try to ignore, the bad ones.

It is unfortunate that your kids had to hear such comments. If I were you, I would blame that specific person who made the comment, not the whole community OR the religion. You might as well talk to that person and teach him in a right and loving manner, that such comments are harmful to your kids and to the society. If the person gets the message, well and good, if not, it is his bad luck not yours.
22:04 November 13, 2012 by George16

you may want to concider my situation. I am now 58 years old and I am living in a neighbourhood which has altered its population quite heavily.

Even 5 years ago, I could walk through the street and greet every neighbour and was greeted back with a friendly smile. The younger people would greet me as with our convention. Now the 15 or 20 years old Muslim boys have a good reason not to greet me, they found some hadeeth forbidding them to greet disbelievers (see Abdul-'Azîz Ibn Bâz etc).

That alone makes me sad. In the past months, I had three encounters with Muslim groups on the footpath, with each group trying to urge me from the footpath on to the street; including 2 muslimas with strollers side by side - they would let path a headscarfed muslima 10 meters in front of me and then would get back to their side-by-side position again and try to make me leave the footpath. I guess there must be a Hadeeth suggesting this.

This together with the news from the last 4 weeks from Hamburg and Berlin:

- man cut off head and one breast of his wife (this report)

-- just as a remark: his cousin also murdered his wife (also jealousy)

- man cut off two breasts of his girlfriend (31. Oct. 2012)

- gang kicks man (German-Vietnamese "Jonny") to death 15. Oct 2012

- gang pushes man on U-Bahn rails (survived) 12. Nov 2012

You can guess about the religious background of them.

And now comes the problem: can your Muslim grand-grand-son and my western grand-grand-son be friends? I guess, Quran and Hadeeths will STILL forbid them eating together, sitting together with their wifes. I guess Quran and Hadeeths will still forbid them singing in the same choir (men and women, mixed religions?). I guess Quran and Hadeeth will still forbid his wife singing at all. So if this is the case, please be welcome in my country for a month, a year or a decade. But this will not become our joint country unless the rules of your religion will change fundamentaly.
09:41 November 14, 2012 by Dyderich
I guess that guy was like Jeff Dunham's puppet Achmed the Dead Terrorist...

What are you? A terrorist

What sort of Terrorist? A terrifying Terrorist....Are you scared? No

Argh....Scared now? No

Arrrgghh....How about now? No, not really...

Goddammit....oh I mean Allah Dammit.....

I guess he got confused eh? I am Jesus....oh wait Im Muslim...I am Muhammad
12:50 November 14, 2012 by Mirza.mm9
@George 16:

If it is totally true what you are claiming in the beginning of your latest post that there is a Hadeeth on not greeting the disbelievers, then I am shell shocked that this is a total manipulation within the religion and this is very unfortunate. I totally empathize on this with you and understand and agree the way you feel.

However, I am stressing again on the same point, yes there are few OR many people who are misled by their religious leaders on wrong hadeeths (fabricated) etc, and this is a fact and is unfortunate. But again, almost every religion within itself has many sects and problems.

What I, my family, my wife have been thought is one of the famous saying by Hazrat Ali (as), the 1st successor to Prophet (saws). Ali(as) said to one of his commanders before he was leaving to Egypt "Oh Malik, in the foreign do remember that some are your brothers in religion, AND others are your brothers in humanity". There are many such sayings, but I guess this sums it all.

We and the people I know within the community live by these principles.

In Holy Quran, Chapter 109, Verse 6 translates as "
13:25 November 14, 2012 by mirza.mm8
@ George16: I had to register myself as mirza.mm8 to comment further.

Continuing from Post #18 In Holy Quran, Chapter 109, Verse 6 translates as "Unto you your religion, Unto me my religion" is also another very good example!. And there are several others.

The encounters you had might be a total misunderstanding (wrong perception), OR the people who behaved that way are not true muslims. Regarding the news excerpts, I will be happy to totally ignore it as I am a strong disbeliever of Mass media, as they are working to always portray a wrong image and negativity, rather than positivity and peace. And again why focus on the religion, why not the person????

Regarding your last paragraph, there is no problem at all. This is your thought and perception. Forget about our grandsons, we are already very good friends with people from different backgrounds, religions, race etc. End of the day we are all humans and have one creator.

We (Or atleast me and family) are not here to have a joint country, OR change the culture OR the laws here. Absolutely not. We are simply here to make a career, living and a normal healthy and peaceful life. We adjust with things which are new to us, we abide by the laws, and find things which are common between the German, Christian, Indian and Muslim culture. We are ready for it, and this is why we moved here.

Other than that, I know of many many German-Muslim couples, inter-religious marriages and so on. If you are talking about friendship of our grandsons, what is this then? Isn't there already enough friendship around? The religions were sent down until the end of time, we are not here to change the rules OR guidelines as I like to call them.

I have a friend who is 57, and visited my house for dinner a couple of times with his family and there was no problem at all.

The problem here is people are generalizing with what they come across and what they hear on TV/radio and focus only on the bad experiences.

Why focus only on choir singing? Is that the only activity left in Germany? Does life begin and end there? Why we focus so much on "JUST" that? I guess you missed the point in my earlier post, about finding a COMMON GROUND.

How about a Halal Beef and Lamb BBQ at my house? Will that not work? OR we HAVE to visit and sing in a choir ;)

Peace forever.
13:31 November 14, 2012 by Mirza.mm9

Integration: In a way you are correct that most of the Muslim women and men will not be willing to take part in occasions which makes them feel uncomfortable due to their own religious teachings and sentiments. For example, A |"particular" Muslim family would never want to socialize with another family while there is alcohol around etc. BUT, then again does it mean they are a bad group of people who do not want to mix? I do not think so.

To me everything lies in one's thought. Are we sure there are no aspects at all that we can embrace each other and find a common ground. This is how I think, and I believe in it and practice it totally. We should try to find a common ground for socializing and integrating with each other.

For instance, inviting each other for Lunch parties, going on picnics together and so many more.

There is another point I would like to clear: Please note that Muslim women are not totally dependent on what their husbands say, they themselves are against something and it has nothing to do with their husband. I have nothing against my wife socializing with German women and their kids, for example at OR after kindergarten, during weekends etc.

Another important point is that Integration is a "two-way" approach. Therefore, we cannot completely blame one side for not being able to integrate. We should also look at the other side, how open they are and how willing they are to embrace. There might be some Muslim families which are not willing to integrate with the society, well I must say it is bad for them not for the society.

But this does not mean that all the Immigrant families are not integrating, let me give our own example: We are only 10 months in Germany, and have taken a house on purpose far away from the city in a village. So that we have all Germans around us, and very few (none in our case) immigrant families. Because I believe this will help us and our daughter to integrate with the village and learn the language as quickly as possible. We have some German friends who visit our house and we visit theirs, and simply request that we are not comfortable with alcohol. And believe me it works!

So if you see, we should work towards finding a common ground, a common point where both the parties are comfortable with each other! Thank you for your invitation, and I really appreciate and me and my wife would have no problems in visiting your house. As for concerts we are not really in music, but we have visited several churches several times to attend weddings with friends etc.

I feel sad that you see a worse future, but again this is your point of view and your way of thinking, and i respect that. To me, I see a happy future with several cultures and religions co-existing peacefully with each other. I hope for this, and I will work towards it. It is very important how we think, as thoughts sometimes leads to actions.

Peace forever.
20:26 November 14, 2012 by George16
Mirza, my friend,

I guess everything is said now. Have a good life in Germany with your family and with your friends of any religion. Also try and contribute to the community. And try and understand that many reactions of Germans on Muslims do come from disappointed expectations.

Try and learn what Germans had to learn from 30 years of war (1618-1648) and try and help to avoid history repeating.

Have a good life and "salam".

09:25 November 16, 2012 by Mirza.mm9
Vielen Dank George,

Wish you all the best as well and hope that you have some better experiences.


13:04 November 18, 2012 by roundabout321
I find the people that say 'oh your negative views on Islam are ignorant' are the ignorant ones. STOP BEING SO ARROGANT and afford people the CHOICE to dislike a disgusting religion. I have read the Koran in TWO versions, both by KORANIC SCHOLARS, plus many hadiths etc. IT IS A DISGUSTING, SEXIST, VILE RELIGION and represents my disgust for ALL religions because they all have the same traits. Reliable sources are extremely easy to find because the muslim world is on-line! I do not have the time to quote, but Mohammed killed two girls for singing a song that made fun of him - I say bring it on!
01:57 November 19, 2012 by jamesvik
Jesus? Sounds like a muslim to me.
23:43 November 26, 2012 by lewis69
I'm sure glad the government wants to bring thousands of these people in every year what would we do without them!
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