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'America may not see it but Obama's a visionary'

The Local · 8 Nov 2012, 10:49

Published: 05 Nov 2012 11:56 GMT+01:00
Updated: 08 Nov 2012 10:49 GMT+01:00

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The love-affair between Germany and Obama has been a very public one since 2008, when 200,000 people turned up to see him talk in Berlin during the election campaign.

Obama speaks to the basic German attitude of social responsibility within a capitalist market - and crucially in the 2008 election, he was not George W. Bush who was wildly unpopular in Germany by the end of his second presidency.

A recent survey showed 85 percent of Germans would vote for Obama if they had the option, while just four percent told pollsters YouGov they supported Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Twice this share thought he had a good chance of beating Obama though.

Click here to see what Germans told The Local.

Of the 1,051 people asked, 60 percent felt that Obama's policies were generally positive – perhaps thanks to the new healthcare bill, which made the American medical system more accessible.

His decision to pour money into the country's auto industry in the wake of the economic crash is something many Germans can support in principle, while his less confrontational attitude to foreign policy is also more in tune with German thinking.

The Local hit the streets in Berlin to get a taste of what Germans had to say about Tuesday's election, and whether they thought it would affect them. We searched for a German who wanted Romney to win, and found instead just varying levels of enthusiasm for Obama.

One man even told us, "I am hoping that Obama will win. For me it's about his character. I see him more as a visionary, even though the Americans don't understand this or try to stand in his way. But I think he's more visionary for the future."

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13:24 November 5, 2012 by XFYRCHIEF
Yes, Obama is a "visonary"; unfortunately his visions don't become reality. While his "Obamacare" may seem like a good move to those not affected, wait and see how well is actually works. And keep in mind the record unemployment, budget deficits, middle east issues, all which will need to be addressed. I wonder how many of your politicians are "visionaries"? I think Germans dislike for Bush translated into a love affair with a man who had one quality - the ability to give a good speech.
14:02 November 5, 2012 by Bigfoot76
The Wright brothers were visionaries too. The difference is they actually accomplished at least some of what they set out to do. One could argue that Obama did bring home the troops from Iraq but then the follow up is that they have been redistributed to Afghanistan and Asia. The politicians are all the same. They say they will do so much but in the end accomplish very little. Well then again, George Bush did actually accomplish a lot but it was pretty much all negative.
14:16 November 5, 2012 by freechoice
JF Kennedy was the most visionary of them all. See what happened to him?
14:27 November 5, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
And most Americans think Merkel is a visionary too.

The USA would love the fiscal responsibility being shown by Germany... well at least the Republicans would.
14:30 November 5, 2012 by ATM
The US was in a when President Obama came into office and still is in whole. The car is out of the ditch but moving slowly. Do not forget the Republican leaders who vowed not to cooperate with the president. I do not agree with all of this administration' s policies but they are giving the country a better direction. People stood by and watched the the country sink. Now they want it corrected in 4 years. Not going to happen. If you really debunk all the myths about the Affordable Health Care Act there are much more benefits to the population as a whole. Some tweaking needs to be done. When you have a good health care plan and a good job you could care less. Have a lousy health care plan, lose your job, have low wages and the affordable Health Care Act looks good. One feature is that the companies now have to spend so much off their premiums on your health care and not on executive salaries. Some people have received benefits. It is working.
14:32 November 5, 2012 by hech54
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
14:47 November 5, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
When Obama became President, the USA's national federal debt was $7,000,000,000,000. It is now $16,000,000,000,000. In 4 years he added more debt than all Presidents over the last 220 years combined.

If you want to see all USA debts go USdebtclock.org. But sit down when you do this because the numbers are incrementing so fast, as you watch (like $50,000,000 per second), that you will become dizzy and fall down.

Please Frau Merkel, run for the US President. We can do a write in.
14:48 November 5, 2012 by raandy
I definitely do not think many Americans see President Obama as a visionary. He promised a lot not many of those came to pass.

I think he will be reelected tomorrow, mainly because the Republicans could not but a reasonable candidate up for election.The party needs to re focus and regroupe and participate in a functional government instead of creating gridlock.
14:56 November 5, 2012 by franconia
@ hech, that was uncalled for ! We ,especially Seniors want him out. I can not vote, I am a German green card holder. Germanys faszination with Blacks goes back to the late 40s, to Lois Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Josephine Baker, the Harlem Globetrotters ,and lately its white Gospel Choirs. I just read that it is even 91 % of Germans that would vote for Obama, 50 % of them haven't got a clue about him and just are big fans ( like in the late 40s) Hey, they would even vote for Dennis Rodman if you send him to Berlin.I am not an expat, I live in the once good old USA by coming here LEGALLY. I can see what is happening here with Obama and with Merkel over there .Both Countries are no longer what they once were and neither of them are any help.

P.S. Not a redneck and not a rich American, MR. HECH54 and others.
15:11 November 5, 2012 by EffectivelyME
A couple of points.

US citizens continue to lose their constitutional rights. For example, Obama signed an executive order allowing the government to arrest any citizen if they are suspected of subversive behaviour. They can be held without due process and without trial - indefinitely. And we thought Bush was bad.

A lot of people do not really understand how moderate (for America) candidate Romney actually is. He started his own government healthcare program in his state, when he was governor. So much people do not see, because of the diverseness of this campaign.

Obama has failed. It is very sad, but he just couldn't do it. It turns out he is a master politician, and that is all he is apparently good for.
15:21 November 5, 2012 by hech54
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
15:32 November 5, 2012 by hanskarl
This is too funny and ultimately very sad. Keep in mind America was founded on biblical principles and is still a Constitutional Republic. The democratic process takes place in the elected representatives votes on the laws presented in session. All of Europe is based on a system that is in reality in its worst form government as god. None of Europe is that far at present although Putin would like one to believe it and Sharia demands it.

What is at stake here is a one world globalist governmental system and America still lies as a stumbling block in its path. Nigel Farange for as much as many disdain him has well pointed out that those who lead the EU were in their past Maoists or Communists he being the only one not of that stripe. So, in a way you could say Britain is also a stumbling block to their overall plans. Most Europeans have been fed the same spiked soup and would not know one whit of what the real America is like until they visit it and learn for themselves I am sure.

Is it any wonder so many fled Europe to America in the past and can it not be considered that Europe as it stands today is not that far from where it was in the previous millennium??? Rome may still want to rule!!!
15:36 November 5, 2012 by JWS

He was already elected once, is this despicable racist county you describe. Racism is not an American, all humans have such issues.

Sounds like you have class issues.
15:37 November 5, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
(We all notice that it is the "good guy" liberal / democrat resorting to childish name calling of persons not supporting Obama e.g., Hech54.)

Guys you are really missing the elephant dancing in the middle of the room.

The USA is now $16,000,000,000,000 in federal debt (not counting states and municpalities) and it grows at like $50,000,000 per second.

The USA has printed $1,800,000,000,000 in new money since 2008. They are now talking about QE3.

The abundance of $$$ in the world econcomy is creating massive problems for the developing world since the dollar is so cheap (e.g., Brazil). Is it OK for the USA to punk the billions living in the "developing economies" for their 300,000,000 citizens?

Finally, for what it's worth, black unemployemnt went from 12.7% to 14.1% under Obama. See today's WSJ for a good read.
15:39 November 5, 2012 by inccmdr
Obama's policies have had a devastating impact on local government and small business. Our latest health care insurance quote went up 14% in one year. I will have to let some of our employees go so I can pay for the health care of those who remain. I don't think many people really understand how the new health care system works; it is nothing like Germany. If Obama is re-elected I plan on retiring and moving back to Germany with my German wife.
15:43 November 5, 2012 by yllusion
The first Obama campaign raised many expectations, leading to the feeling that Obama was disappointing. He was, in several aspects. But nonetheless, the fact is that there is nobody better than Obama at the moment. Romney is a complete idiot, he's only concerned with winning the election and because of that he had contradicted himself many many times. A serious politician with a serious programme would at least be coherent. He's full of bad politician clichés, a total fake character, and he has no simpathy towards the poor. Greed and ambition destroys a potential good politician. Nowadays most important than actual party orientation is the character of the candidate, who will consequently pursue a balanced government with reasonable measures. Decades ago we could more or less "trust" that a politician was a serious person, but not today. Have you seen Romney's rivals for the candidacy? I couldn't decide which one was the worst, sometimes everything seemed to be a big big joke! The greatest challenge today is fighting the wealthy elite, the capital, the banks, because the crisis is their fault allied to permissive governments. And some people want to put as president a guy which sympathises with all the bad habits of this capital world. How blind can people be? The whole paradigm of our western society has to change. People with power (=money) have to be under control because only in an utopic world people will use their freedom and their power for the good of others. This is not what happens in the real world, because greed turns out to be boundless and people lose their values. And this is the crisis, a moral crisis. Therefore basic principles have to be changed, even if it means changing the constitution. The constitution isn't a sacred document, it can and it should be changed to follow the development of society. Otherwise it becomes an obstacle.
15:52 November 5, 2012 by JWS
The Constitution is an obstacle. That is the point.
16:04 November 5, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Now we have two name callers: Hech 54 and Yllusion.

According to them, if you don't vote for B.O. you are a racist, redneck, idiot...

With mature folks like these two, supporting B.O. / Democrats is it any wonder the Republicans / conservatives have trouble compromising.

Finally, Yllusion probably is about 18 years old, judging by the content of his skree... Obama increased the Federal Debt from $7,000,000,000,000 to $16,000,000,000,000 and printed $1,800,000,000,000 in new money yet Romney (???) represents the bad habits of the capital world? Really???
16:05 November 5, 2012 by catjones
I made more money in my portfolio under Obama than I lost under Bush. I would be more than happy for another four years of that growth.
16:20 November 5, 2012 by Bulldawg82
Einstein defined insanity as doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Every 4 or 8 years we throw out either the Democratic or the Republican party and vote the other party (that was previously thrown out) back into the White House. Whether it has been Clinton or Bush or Obama (or Romney, if elected) nothing has changed but rather have gotten progressively worse. They are the two-sides of the same lousy coin. If you want real change - then Americans need to stop voting for either one of the two major parties that have been bought and paid for by the same plutocracy (and only give the American citizen the illusion of a vote that matters). Freedom belongs to those who dare to live free. Americans need to consider voting Libertarian. The American Empire needs to go back to being a Constitutional Republic. And don't confuse this with Isolationism: Libertarians just don't want us to be the Policemen of the world and pushing our weight around like an international bully. Free trade and equal partnership with other nations. This does not equate to isolationism.
16:41 November 5, 2012 by Englishted
A strange system when looked at from here.

First you elect a president who had a vision and called for change, then you elect a directly opposite congress that then blocks as many new ideas as it can.

I have heard of checks and balances but it is as useless as here with coalitions blocking each others ideas .

But I don't have a vote here or there so it is up to the people to decide.
16:55 November 5, 2012 by Bulldawg82
@ Englishted. Obama had a full democratic House of Congress and Senate. He still accomplished nothing. The last two years have been the only time during his term that he had opposition.
17:02 November 5, 2012 by Englishted

True, thanks for pointing that out , just makes it stranger that he has not lived up to his promise.
17:07 November 5, 2012 by Bulldawg82

I think they talk a big game when running for office, but when actually elected - they do what their donors want them to do. I find it very interesting that the top donors every election year gives to both parties. They make sure they have a say no matter who wins. I will vote Libertarian and I push for my fellow Americans to vote 3rd party. I know we won't win, but - as it stands now - a vote for either one of the main parties just gives us the same old results - and THAT is a wasted vote. I want real change.
17:12 November 5, 2012 by IchBinKönig
In the USA we also have an extensive primary election system. Where we can choose/vote for a candidate that most represents the wants and needs of the constituents. We have plenty of choice, in fact, our democracy is as modern as any in the world. How does Germany feel about gay marriage, gay adoption? I would imagine not much different than the people in the USA. And racism? Please, you name callers are grasping at straws. The USA has the most diverse population on the planet. You euros are full of hate, keep it up. The previous commenters have made it clear how Obama has failed. I don't need to add to that. But failure is what you Germans do best these days, so it's no wonder you find Obama to be a visionary.

Germans may not see it, but Obama is a failure.
17:15 November 5, 2012 by EffectivelyME
Obama was focused entirely on "Obamacare" during his first two years in office (with his party's control in both houses of Congress). Obama's party still controls the Senate.

Obama has been campaigning solidly for the last year. No wonder his accomplishments are so lean.

My last point is that Obama's campaign has not been focused on his accomplishments, but how inhuman his opponent is. That was a big "fail" for some.
17:42 November 5, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
The only important number in this race and for subsequent decades is $16,000,000,000,000 (and climbing $50,000,000 / second). That is $53,000 for every legal man, woman, and child in the USA.

When Obama took office it was $23,000 / person.

Soon, the interest on the debt will be larger than the USA's defence budget.

Regardless of your party affiliation, this is a world-wide catastrophe just a few years out if not fixed.
18:02 November 5, 2012 by IchBinKönig
Truth be told, if the only source Of information is the European 'Baghdad Bob' Media, it's no wonder the Euros are so in the dark. They can't put 2 and 2 together, and really can't figure this election out. Poor Euros, so in the dark... It's all Greek isn't it? Pardon the pun.
18:40 November 5, 2012 by neunElf
The Europeans love a weak America, one that defers to the 'wisdom" of the UN and the world community. A strong, confident America is a constant reminder to Europeans about their own insignificance in anything other than economic affairs

18:45 November 5, 2012 by iSlam-mudslime
I see lot of people throwing in different numbers to support their point of view. Do you really believe all these numbers that "experts", "pundits" and media put out?


If you say racism is not playing a role for the lack of success of a Black President then that is ignorance. I like a lot of things Obama did for the country. The only thing I do not like is his approval on Gay marriage and Gays in the military. Other than that, he did a good job considering what he inherited.
18:57 November 5, 2012 by IchBinKönig

'If you say racism is not playing a role for the lack of success of a Black President then that is ignorance.'

So a country that elected a black president 4 years ago, is now more racist? Or is it just to disagree with Obama that is racist? Or is it that you can't read what almost every commenter here has said? And see that it has None of it has to do with racism?

I hope you understand, that you loose more votes with that rhetoric than you gain. People don't enjoy being accused of being Racist, when all they are talking about concern for their country.

Paranoid?? Relax... go sit down on the Couch watch your CNN.
19:07 November 5, 2012 by smart2012
Being non American I can only judge on economy and foreign policy.

A. On economy I see no big changes between bush and Obama. USA is struggling (like Europe) with China, Russia and Brazil. This will keep happening. The only advantage USA has vs Europe is that they can print dollars, hence keep growth going. I would say 0:0

B. foreign policy: with bush u had 11 sept, with Obama bin laden was killed. I would say 3:0 for Obama.

U decide guys ;)
19:13 November 5, 2012 by Bulldawg82

Really? What do you think of how Obama handled 9/11 2012? What makes you think the original 9/11 couldn't have happened on his watch when even a smaller scaled attack did? Romney = Obama. Obama=Romney. And they both = Bush. Both parties have gotten us into the mess we are in and the solutions are not found in those who caused this.
19:19 November 5, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Now we have three name callers: Hech 54, Yllusion, and Mudslime.

According to them, if you don't vote for B.O. you are a racist, redneck, idiot...

Of course, Mudlime has taken it one step further by advising "only he has the truth and the true numbers and even provides a www site.

The U.S. debt went from $7,000,000,000,000 to $16,000,000,000,000 and the U.S. printed $1,800,000,000,000 in new money the last 4 years.

Soon, b/c the debt will be so crushing, the US will not be able to save Europe.
19:33 November 5, 2012 by smart2012
Bulldawg82. U could say it is a coincidence, however Bush was playing like "i am the best, I will build a sky shield to protect Americans from the rest of the world, we are better than others etc etc", and than 10 people entered with American planes in New York and Washington = 11/9. Coincidence??? I am not so sure. And btw, this is exactly the same that now Verkel is doing with other eu partners..
20:31 November 5, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
We have three name callers: Hech 54, Yllusion, and Mudslime. According to them, if you don't vote for B.O. you are a racist, redneck, idiot...

Then, Mudlime took it one step further by advising "only he has the truth" even provides a www site.

But Smart2012 drives off the cliff... he says Bush's "attitude" led to 9/11. Gee Smart2012... did you forget the Al Qaeda attack in 1993 on the WTC that killed 6 and injured a thousand? Was that due to Clinton's 'attitude?
20:43 November 5, 2012 by hech54
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
20:49 November 5, 2012 by Bigfoot76
"But failure is what you Germans do best these days"

My 85 undead rogue says otherwise.
21:10 November 5, 2012 by TRJ
@Schwabhallrocks- Throwing the same stats up five times will not make them an accurate representation of Obama's track record no matter how many times you try. Why don't you break it down for the readers?? The answer is because it is clear that Obama is not responsible for the huge figure. The increase is owed to: $3.5 trillion in reduced tax revenue because of the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression; $1.5 trillion in Bush era tax cuts; $1.4 trillion on the Afghanistan war; $1.4 trillion on increased interest expense owed to higher debt accumulation and $900 billion in stimulus -- some of which was initiated by the last Republican. Moreover, the government is recouping billions in simulus being paid back by the companies that survived the downturn because of the stimulus. And unemployment went down more than 2 full percentage points which is a massive and sustained turnaround considering our economic hole. I'm ready to give him four more years because he has turned the ship around. All the anti-Obama economic whiners want someone to snap their fingers to make it all better, but that is not the way the world works. So go cry into your pillow and thank us later when we fix the mess unbridled Wall Street created.
23:04 November 5, 2012 by Bulldawg82

Sorry, but Obama stands tried and convicted by his own words. He over promised and under delivered. So, he has no one to blame (including Bush) but himself. You can try to paint him as the Messiah who was crucified for the sins of others, but about 50% of the people aren't buying it. Yet, that may be just enough for him to be re-elected. So, in another 4 years, we can hear the next Democratic candidate whine about how Bush was sooooo bad that the Democrats need yet another 4 more years!
00:20 November 6, 2012 by catjones
Like the other anti-Obama critics on this page I too think the world would be such a much better place if McCain/Palin had won the election. All the stated problems would have been solved by now.

The fact is a housing bubble brought the U.S. economy to its peak and it would take another bubble to speed up the recovery. I personally favor a strong, steady growth, but that's just me.

I saw Romney's portfolio and he's better off now than he was 4 years ago.
04:53 November 6, 2012 by Mordsith_T
Just wait for that dollar bubble to burst. When that happens, the whole world will feel it. Obama will not look so good then.
08:02 November 6, 2012 by delvek
1. Its easy to be a Visionary when you dont balance a budget.

2. Germans have no clue what is good / bad for America, stick to themselves do you see Americans giving two craps who the president / chancellor of Germany is?

3. America is screwed because too many of its citizen demonize the successful, like its something to be ashamed of. When this started happening America's light started to burn out. I guess anyone who finds fault in the rich and successful is a lazy bum who feels better tearing them down then getting of the couch.

Terribly ignorant article, delete it.
09:55 November 6, 2012 by MattyB
Let me explain a few things for the European readers on here:

1. Obama was uniquely unqualified to be president. So I really don't blame him for failing in his first term. He's tried everything he knows, which unfortunately, isn't much. He's relying heavily on a failing 100 year old American Progressive ideology that is in serious need of updating. He's thrown out everything he knows, and it hasn't worked (ever wonder why he doesn't focus more on the American economy? This is why)

2. Obama, despite the uniting rhetoric, is a bitter partisan incapable of compromise. Both Reagan and Clinton knew when to compromise, and thus they are remembered as great presidents. Obama has shown a complete and total unwillingness to compromise.

3. Obama's vision for America is a heavily watered down version of Europe. It keeps all the social programs and social safety nets, but it will not upgrade and streamline its bureaucracy, nor update and broaden its tax base. Obama's vision, and that of his party, is a utopian fantasy where the "rich" and corporations are all that is needed to fund a huge, inefficient, wasteful government. The Middle Class (America's biggest tax dodgers, and I say that as a solid Middle Class individual) are continually promised low taxes, more tax deductions, more tax exemptions. This fantasy is going to crash hard some day, and the result will likely be VERY ugly. Now, I think Obama and his party know this, but you must remember that Americans HATE taxes. They'll continue to run this game for as long as they can.

4. Americans are not the racist, stuck in the 1940s, bunch your media makes us out to be. Much of that is feel good attacks meant to deflect from Europe's own race issues. How many Turks are in leadership positions in Germany, France? That's what I thought. Weren't several of France's cities on fire a couple of Summers ago? Why?

5. Following closely on point 4 is the fact that the GOP is not a bunch of religious fanatics, women haters, and ideological cavemen. To be sure, the GOP has many issues, and does have some fossils and odd fanatics, but it is not the big bad boogieman your media makes it out to be.

6. I do not have high hopes for Romney, but I do believe he is more qualified to be president. I also believe he will return a certain amount of fiscal and economic stability to the country. I don't expect him to solve our BIG problems, but after four years of economic/fiscal confusion, fog, and excessive regulation, our economy needs some kind of stability. Despite what the rabid Obama supporters say, Romney is a moderate and will likely govern as such (again, stability). All you have to do is look at his record to see as much. Obama's campaign paints this as flip-flopping and wishy-washy; truthfully, he's a moderate who is condemned by both extremes.
10:26 November 6, 2012 by gorongoza
To all those of you who are wailing and finger-pointing Obama SHUT UP.

Your previous administration screwed up your country so bad in broad day light whilst you enjoy your slumber. When you woke up it was already too late to restore the super power status of your country.

By electing Obama you expected him to work miracles to repair the damage and bring back America to its former glory days in four years. Stories of miracles are a thing of the Bible.

It will take a lot longer to recover - that is if at all you will - no matter who you elect to the white house.
10:35 November 6, 2012 by MattyB
One last important point:

7. No matter who wins, remember this. America is increasingly governed at the federal level by two increasingly extreme, partisan, political parties. Both these parties are seeing their support drop as they grow ever more extreme and partisan. Thus, what we have is two extreme minorities playing a zero sum political game at the national level. While each represents, at best, only 20-25% of all Americans, they are trying to impose their will on the other 75-80%. America is not as homogeneous as many European nations. We are a diverse land of many religions, ethnic groups, cultures, beliefs, social attitudes, etc. Hence, why so much power was to be left in the hands of the states and local governing bodies. So much of America's political and social tensions today stem from the fact that we concentrating more and more power at the federal level with these two extreme parties. Neither of which represents much of America. Unless this is reversed the results will, again, likely be very bad.
13:31 November 6, 2012 by Eric1
Mao, Stalin, and Hitler, were great visionaries. I want no part of his anti-American vision. This man surrounds himself with racist, and communist as his advisors.
15:55 November 6, 2012 by marimay
NWO visionary. No thanks. The guy is a scumbag, like Romney. Have fun picking between a bag of dung and a bag of dung!
10:31 November 7, 2012 by LecteurX
@ MattyB - Well, tough luck then. You get 4 more years of Obama. I believe it's a good thing. And many of your arguments were just hot air anyway. How much do you know about France? Not much it seems, since you're asking "how many Turks are in leadership positions" there. A ridiculous rethorical question. As for "several of France's cities on fire"... wow.

Well, anyway, the American people have voted for Obama. Out go Romney and Ryan, much to my relief.
04:46 November 8, 2012 by hanskarl
To the pagan, the skeptic, the atheist and the Godless the Constitution would be considered an obstacle. It is clearly understood by these and the original founders that the majority of its basis was founded on biblical principles.
14:20 November 9, 2012 by trevzns
The hatemongering xenophobes and eurocentrist extremist are really upset with Mr. Obama and his supporters.

Ouch...talk about sour oranges. Where is the love and hope citizens of fairyland eUtopia?
18:41 November 9, 2012 by agbjr
Yeah, Obama is a visionary ... a MARXIST who has a vision of a Marxist USA and the destruction of OUR Republic. Remember, in 1933 the German people saw Hitler as a visionary and his vision became their most horrific nightmare.

Americas must protect the Constitution and preserve OUR Republic against Obama's visions.
04:58 November 10, 2012 by Drewsky
Wow ! It looks like a lot of really dumb-ass Americans GOPers like to read the Local. How embarrassing. Anyway, I voted for Obama not only because I think he's ten times as fit as Romney (who outsources U.S. jobs to China) but because the U.S. Democratic Party has the best economic record of the 20th-21st Century while the U.S. Republicans have the worst. (Now remember, U.S. dumb-ass GOPers, this isn't FOX News where you're sheltered. This is the real world; so you better make your responses good ones...)
16:48 November 10, 2012 by marimay
I see a lot of people regurgitating stuff they have heard on their idiot boxes.

The American people must realize they need to think and form their own opinions. They need to realize they can not, should not, rely on the government to provide for them. People need to vote not for what a candidate promises to hand them. People need to take care of themselves and each other and not rely some faceless, corrupt bureaucracy. Only then will the US be great again.

It is hilarious to see anyone believing there is a REAL difference between Obama and Romney. Two sides of the same corrupt and evil coin. Obama, a visionary? Hilarious. He is just Bush 2.0. How many ADDITIONAL countries have we interfered with (acts of war) in the last 4 years? More than two, and without congressional approval. And if my countrymen had half a brain to their name they would know that this is an impeachable offense. But, the idiot box never mentioned this so they will never know.

No one will wake up til it is too late, if at all. Terrible.
19:58 November 10, 2012 by agbjr
So many expats have no concept of what the USA is becoming from Obama's imperial presidency. When was the last time any of you checked in back home? Are you so comfortable with European socialism that you have forgotten your God-given rights as Americans? Have you forgotten your birthright? As a native-born United States citizen YOU inherited the basic rights and freedom so well enumerated within the First through Tenth Amendments ... have you forgotten? This election has not been about Democrats versus Republicans or Liberals versus Conservatives, it has been about Marxism versus the Constitution. It is about the Constitution! Will no good Constitution-abiding United States citizen rise to rid OUR nation of these Marxist sonsofbitches? It is about the Constitution and the preservation of OUR Republic!
03:53 November 11, 2012 by hanskarl
Yep, Obama is a visionary all right. Benghazi and the timeline proves it and Petraeus resigning just before Congressional questioning on a reason the majority of government workers are guilty of is the icing on the cake. Problem is Obama's vision is that of a proletariat state ruled beneficial totalitarianism, when it benefits him and his cronies.
02:31 November 12, 2012 by muaddib
I am a American and I am going to be very blunt. Many of you will not like what I have to say, but that is the way of the world.

Obama is lurching America into a economic system much like Europes failed socialist system. We are 'Walking In Your Footsteps!'

Like it or not, the cost of socialist policies over the last 60 years have taken Europe over the cliff. The only question is "When will Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland hit the bottom of the canyon and drag down the rest of the continent.

Of course Europe loves Obama. He's one of you! Misery loves company and he is your kind of Socialist.

Obama won because he appealed to 50.4% of the American electorate. These folks are the stupid, dumb, naive, ignorant and lazy non-producers of America. Just as you have your MANY Slackers, so now do we.

You Europe are the shining light of failure. A beacon of subservience. A example to be studied and then shunned. Economic slavery is waiting for your populace, and it's just around the corner.

My country is blindly following your example of deterioration and decay and blindy tripping to it's economic doom.

Thanks for the example.
04:13 November 12, 2012 by hanskarl
@drewsky: " the U.S. Democratic Party has the best economic record of the 20th-21st Century while the U.S. Republicans have the worst."

You know so little of economics it is understandable why you voted as you did. It takes the minimum of a decade, usually 20 years to reverse a failing economy. Much to your surprise real history proves out this fact and the fact the conservatives turned the US around only to lose to the democrat party who then through their over spending and taxation and underhanded regulatory actions ruined in only a few years what was accomplished. This is another reality of economics. It is no different on the personal level. The same theory remains valid. So you need to wake up and study a little more for your commentary is ludicrous and profoundly ignorant.
07:03 November 16, 2012 by john p sullivan
The headline is correct. President Barack Obama is a visionary and one of the most accomplished persons in the history of manking.
07:42 November 16, 2012 by insight101
In response the title of the article and the quotation from the German gentleman...It was the Americans who elected him twice wasn't it? So maybe some of them do see him as a visionary...Saying "the Americans" just doesn't work, because they are not as homogenous as most Germans.
13:27 November 17, 2012 by qoheleth04
What world is SchwabHallRocks living in? In the Republican bubble, apparently. US Republicans think Merkel's Germany is the hated socialist state Obama is trying to turn America into.

Besides, most of America's debt is George Bush's fault. He started 2 unnecessary wars without paying for them while cutting everybody's taxes and handing out goodies like Medicare part D while blatlanty lying to Congress about how much it would cost. So much for Republican fiscal responsibility.
22:41 November 17, 2012 by marimay
So, bush is the excuse to continue doubling the debt in 4 years?

That's a sad world you live in as well.
00:36 November 18, 2012 by qoheleth04
If not Bush, then who? He left the economy if free fall with a loss of 700,000 private sector jobs after 8 years in office. It is a sad world.
01:29 November 20, 2012 by Eric1
We are looking at evil and calling it good. It's been repeated many times, Russia, Germany, China, Zimbabwe. The bright light that is America is being deliberately destroyed. Socialism is the opiate of the people.
01:00 November 21, 2012 by Valkyrie1944
Barack Obama and Adolph Schicklgruber have much in common. Both were born of disinterested fathers. Both embraced socialist programs, and both brought their nations to ruin through maniacal egotism.

At least Adolph bled for his country, and he had some facial hair!

The peoples of the Western World have not learned from history.
17:07 November 22, 2012 by qoheleth04
Eric1 appears to conflate communism in Russia and China, fascism in Germany, and cult of personality authoritarianism in Zimbabwe with social democracy in western Europe, which probaby means that he doesn't understand any of them. Likewise for Valkyrie1944, who seems to think that fascism and socialism are the same thing. A lot of people seem to be bent out of shape because Obama won the election. Get over it. Or even better, don't get over it. I enjoy reading your silly remarks.
21:57 November 23, 2012 by IchBinKönig

You, sir, are a moron. The economy is not bad because of the war, dummy. Its because trillions of debt were created, because the Government (Democrats) that not enough people owned houses. SO when you were watching TV in the 90's. You saw all kinds of commercials and shows about 'Flipping Houses' 2nd and 3rd homes, NO MONEY DOWN.

Remember, Idiot? Well, that was your beloved Government guaranteeing those loans, using the American taxpayer as collateral.

All the PROOF you need is watch the Congressional hearings. BUt I doubt you have the ability to pull your head out of your lower intestine.

22:32 November 23, 2012 by qoheleth04
I rest my case.
23:52 November 23, 2012 by IchBinKönig
LOL Your case was rested long before you opened your mouth, Idiot.
00:31 November 29, 2012 by neunElf
The only things Germans know about American politics is what they are told by Stern and other ant-US left wing major media.

For all of the Obama lovers, how come he could not get even a single Democrat to vote for any of his proposed budgets? In fact Obama has not produced a single budget during his time in office!
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