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Police stop kitchen knife assailant

Published: 04 Oct 2012 09:44 GMT+02:00

André J. allegedly approached 21-year-old man Ohmed E. on a platform at the Hamburg central train station and threatened him with a large knife, the Bild daily said.

"What you looking at?" André J. asked the man, before grabbing a 48-centimetre-kitchen knife designed for hacking meat and bones from his backpack.

Ohmed E. told police he tried to reason with André. When André J. refused to back off, he began to run. The suspect pursued him with the knife but only managed to cut his victim’s thumb before a witness tackled him and wrestled away the knife, Bild reported.

Witnesses called the police, who rushed to the scene with eleven squad cars. Officers arrested André J., who claimed he was the victim of the attack.

Police found two more large kitchen knives and a pocket knife wrapped in towels inside André’s backpack, as well as a telescoping baton in his pocket.

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Your comments about this article

11:28 October 4, 2012 by simski
Hooray for Zivilcourage! That tackling witness is a hero.
11:42 October 4, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
Just waiting for the anti foreigner islamophobia comments to surface here. At least this time the guy with the middle east sounding name was the victim. But that won't stop the islamophobic comments surfacing i am sure.
14:55 October 4, 2012 by cobalisk
Great job on the part of the proactive bystanders and a nice large-scale response by the police. One less nutjob on the streets.
19:29 October 4, 2012 by Englishted
Why would there be islamophobic comments?

Unless somebody tries to provoke them into starting .
22:06 October 4, 2012 by puisoh
Well said Englishted, we get a very loud hint who is a trouble maker here. What a loser!
23:09 October 4, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles

Before jumping down my throat have a look at other articles that stir up such a topic of conversation. For example the recent one about the job centre worker stabbed. It does not take much on TL for people to start writing anti foreigner posts so get off your high horse and don't assume the worst of someone pre-empting these stupid comments.
11:35 October 5, 2012 by nemo999
So did the police really stop the kitchen knife assailant? Because at least according to your report it sounds like the unnamed witness was the individual who stopped the assailant, and the Police just arrested him after he was subdued by the unnamed witness.
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