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Politician: gays biggest threat after euro crisis

The Local · 23 Aug 2012, 17:00

Published: 23 Aug 2012 17:00 GMT+02:00

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Katherina Reiche, a state secretary for Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU), laid her cards on the table on Tuesday, telling Bild newspaper that Germany's future “lies in the hands of families, not in same-sex partnerships.”

What she called, “this demographic development”, was “next to the euro crisis, the biggest threat to German prosperity.”

Merkel's Union must, Reiche added, “clearly state that it backs the idea of family, children and marriage, and that society is not held together by small groups but from a stable centre.”

Her comments come as the government is caught up in a debate about whether to give gay partnerships the same legal status as traditional marriages.

Certain critics, local paper the Berliner Zeitung said, have revelled in pointing out the hypocrisy in the fact that Reiche herself had two of her three children out of wedlock, while others have taken to Facebook to air their disappointment.

And despite Reiche taking her own Facebook page down after it was flooded with angry comments, some 6,000 gay marriage supporters have moved to a group made specifically for the Berlin-based politician, called No Future with Katherina Reiche.

The webpage is full of members calling Reiche a homophobe and links to an open letter addressed to the 39-year-old, which expresses the disappointment of many in Germany's gay community.

“We expected more from you, because thanks to your illegitimate children you know that 21st century family does not automatically mean “husband + wife + children,” the letter says. “Your statements are a slap in the face for all families that do not conform to your idea of normal.”

It ends, “Ms Reiche, you do not see a future for a Germany in which homosexuals have the same rights as heterosexuals and we do not see a future for you in 21st century German politics.”

The author's suggestion about Reiche's future in parliament may not be totally unfounded, as a number of her fellow CDU politicians have spoken out about her views on gay marriage. One even tweeted that she had “gone too far.”

Attracting future voters could prove tricky in her constituency in Potsdam, where the young Christian Democrats issued a press release saying they were disappointed in the politician.

The Bild interview served to shine a brighter light on the current split in the CDU over gay partnerships, and suggests that it could be getting personal, as Reiche's boss – Environment Minister Peter Altmaier – is known for living alone, unmarried, with no children.

A writer for the taz left-wing newspaper has called on Altmaier to come out, while he has refused to speak about his sexuality, telling Stern magazine on Thursday, he was happy living alone, and refused to be, “defined by my sexual identity.”

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The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

17:57 August 23, 2012 by laurencelewis
Out! Out! Out!
18:06 August 23, 2012 by lucksi
Dear Ms. Reiche. Kindly sod off and join the US republican party. Thanks
18:33 August 23, 2012 by Berlin fuer alles
I got as far as reading " telling Bild newspaper" and stopped reading. No doubt she has been misquoted and the only fault she has is speaking to BILD in the first place.
18:41 August 23, 2012 by pederb
Why is there always the word "Christian' like in Christian Democrats involved when it come to hating our people?

Just wondering
18:49 August 23, 2012 by lucksi
@pederb: Because hanging out with 12 other guys was only ok when Jesus did it. Otherwise it's just icky.
19:06 August 23, 2012 by Baynik
So it seems that even gay-filio's have their limits in tolerance??? There is always the word "Christian" involved because the teachings of the Bible clearly states that homosexual activity is sin! Now you might not believe in the Bible (kind of obvious) but for many the Bible and therefore Christianity is the moral and ethical standards by which they decide what is right or wrong! The moment they do that and dare to speak out, they are branded as "intolerant bigots". Funny how YOUR different set of values then suddenly become judgmental as you stone the Christians for their "narrow" outlook on life! Ever thought for a moment that maybe they could be right, and God does exist and that this God set the standards for what's right and wrong? Nahh!! Let's rather scream: Out, out out! Or Sod off! Or blame the Christians for hating people! How absolutely arrogant!
19:37 August 23, 2012 by joysonabraham

Does the bible even touch the subject of homosexuality? Which/whose version of Bible is that.

Its true that many churches are against homosexuality. Bible doesn't even talk about any organization like church, at least what nothing about anything we have now :)
19:38 August 23, 2012 by JSD
Oh please, prove to me that the bible was "written by God" herself. The old testament was bunch of hand me down stories that were passed down by word of mouth from various religious cults and various dialects. There is even a debate of what leviticus actually means--more than likely, it's about inhospitable cretins looking down on the poor or foreign people. But while I'm here-- eat any shrimp lately? Sporting that poly cotton blend? Stone your kids when they talked back to you? If you haven't adhered to any of these laws, which are on the same page as the questionable "man laying with a man" diatribe, then you're a hypocrite. If you're divorced, well, hey, Jesus said (allegedly since nobody was there to actually write down what he said it is all heresay anyhoo) then you've got a lot more on your plate to deal with.

This woman is an idiot and should be removed from office. Anybody who's using the Sheepherder's Guide To The Universe" to influence political opinion should be booted out of office.
19:45 August 23, 2012 by Baynik
I think that's "point proven"!

Your set of morals is judging mine and because it contradicts yours, mine's wrong! Get it!
20:04 August 23, 2012 by joysonabraham

Hope you know bible is selected and compiled from many correspondence and books. Churches/groups have different versions. Who did the compilation, the church. Not the other way around. It doesn't mean that everything is wrong or should be ignored.
20:19 August 23, 2012 by JSD
So, Baynik, you choose to believe in a fairy tale as truth and I don't. I ask you to prove that the bible is factual because, after all, it IS your CHOSEN belief. You can believe whatever you want as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.

And about that poly-cotton blend, shellfish eating, divorce and stoning your kids... any thoughts? Or you just stepping up to the babble troff picking in choosing whatever you want to recite and disregarding the rest because it doesn't suit you.

And you wonder why so many christians get such a bad rap.
20:32 August 23, 2012 by Redwing
@Baynik. You are a Christian by accident of birth. Had you been born to Muslim parents you would just have finished Ramadan and possibly call for the killing of all non-believers, i.e. Hindus, Sikhs, but mostly Jews and Christians.
20:37 August 23, 2012 by Baynik
I am willing to debate with you dear JSD, anytime and anywhere you want. Your eating habits, thoughts on divorce and how to raise kids could very easily be answered, but for that you and I would need more time! Do you actually think comments on "The Local" would be a fair exchange of our moral dispositions? Don't think so! The Bible has stood the test of time longer than any of the modern philosophies that you obviously are a disciple of. And you dear JSD are living at the moment in the blessings (forgive the technical term) of what Christianity gave this country! Let the so-called post-modern, liberal thinking take its path and see where it leads you. But, that I'm afraid is as far as I will go with this delightful exchange for now!
20:53 August 23, 2012 by cheeba

Would love to also hear your views on Ms. Reiche's personal life choices, which include sex outside the sanctity of Christian marriage and mothering bastard children.
21:06 August 23, 2012 by joysonabraham

Nobody here is saying that everything that means christian is wrong. Everyone knows Bible stood the test of time. Christianity contributed to the good of some men and a few nations. No denying that other religions may also have at different ways or in different times .

People here inn one way or other pointing out that discrimination has no relation to bible or Jesus. When Jesus himself took his disciples from all walks of society, when he cured all kind of people(both Jews and non Jews), when he eat with all kind of man( the good ad tax collectors), when he received from all kind of men(rich from the east, poor and ordinary), when he took all kind of bad (by the concepts in those times)(tax collectors, prostitutes, thief crucified along with him) . When he revealed himself to people who speak all kind of languages.

Then why the you, me or the church should discriminating people based on sexual orientation, color, bank balance, cleanliness, illness or what ever.

How me or you can when Jesus don't discriminate
21:44 August 23, 2012 by lordkorner
Potsdam,a wonderful and beautiful city to live and to bring up a family, any and every type of family. Not known as a stronghold of the CDU, this party needs this woman and her comments like a hole in the head. Its a city with a small center and with any luck I'll bump in to this idiot and tell her to go and jump in one of our many lakes....
22:51 August 23, 2012 by petenick
What a bitch! The trouble with her is also the problem I have with her party's name. Christian! They should all go back in time and live in the dark ages! Perhaps the year 650AD would be nice for her! See how long she lasts there?
23:20 August 23, 2012 by wxman
#1 said, "Raus! Raus! Raus!" Sounds a little like an Oberscharführer at one of the camps.
23:49 August 23, 2012 by auslanderus
Baynik, I will be glad to stand with you against these fools that regard the bible as false hoods. I am willing to bet my months pay that none have read a single page of the bibleand if they have, don't understand what they read. It does state men are not to lay with men.No country has lasted that has gone to the depths that Germany is headed.
00:19 August 24, 2012 by wood artist
We can disagree about the accuracy of the Bible. We can disagree about whether it is or isn't the actual Word of God. We can point out inconsistencies in the Bible. We can argue or debate whether the Old Testament applies to other religions besides the Jews.

However, setting all those potential disagreements aside, we can likely agree...at least many of us can...that any similarity between the stated beliefs of the "Christians" and the actual teachings of Jesus is probably accidental. Jesus taught, according to the Bible, to love one another unconditionally and not to judge each other, while the current "church" is all about hatred, bigotry, and self-proclaimed righteousness. Were Jesus to return today, I doubt he'd be happy with what's being said and done in his name.

03:04 August 24, 2012 by DougInFla
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
03:53 August 24, 2012 by mikraus
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
05:03 August 24, 2012 by sally#
Although Germany has admitted the Registered Partnership of Homo, the registered partner only has the the right of inheritance. And now even a state secretary for Angela Merkel¦#39;s Christian Democrats said overtly that homosexuality is the biggest threat to German prosperity,next to the euro crisis. So the homos still have a long and rough way to go in Germany.
06:01 August 24, 2012 by HungarianAmerican1975
This is a brave woman that deserves every bit of support she can get! She speaks the absolute truth, (which by the way is not allowed in the "New Europe")

I wish her all the luck!
07:28 August 24, 2012 by holygenes
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
08:33 August 24, 2012 by LiberalGuy
I thought the biggest threat to Germany was stupid politicians saying stupid things, and having even stupider people believe them.

Case in point. This story
08:55 August 24, 2012 by sjinq8
Well, as a German tax payer I think this woman should be removed from her post for blatantly wasting tax payer's money. There are more pressing issues and it saddens me the way so many people waste precious energy on worrying about what sexual preferences others have. She should watch 'Prayers for Bobby' and she may realise the damage that her distorted beliefs is doing. People like her are a bigger threat than the EU crisis.
10:32 August 24, 2012 by M Australian
If we adhered to the Bible in it's entirety, we wouldn't be having a discussion about Katherina Reiche's comments as she would have been killed on her wedding night.

"A marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin. If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed." - Deuteronomy 22:13-21

Unless of course they were virgin births.......
11:14 August 24, 2012 by raandy
WA I agree with your summation, however having grown up in a Born Again bible pounding Christian family all I saw was the hypocrisy, falsehood and double standards of living and mistrust of other beliefs. I concluded from my many trips to the church that it was a place to avoid and have no faith in any religion.

but, you as the faithful can hang in there and wait for the second coming of Christ .
11:20 August 24, 2012 by MattyB
"gay couples as the biggest threat to the country¦#39;s prosperity..."

Stupid, very misguided.

"Merkel's Union must, Reiche added, ¦quot;clearly state that it backs the idea of family, children and marriage, and that society is not held together by small groups but from a stable centre.¦quot;

True, and should always be promoted by government policy.

While I in no way support her comments, the homosexual fan club needs to realize they are only about 4% of the population, are not the "norm", and can only create a family by artificially creating it (adoption). Therefore, traditional marriage and the traditional nuclear family unit should always be held up as the ideal, though not necessarily as the ONLY option.
11:27 August 24, 2012 by hankeat
Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be waiting for us in our graves ­ or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth. ­ Ayn Rand.
13:14 August 24, 2012 by Herr Rentz
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
13:57 August 24, 2012 by blackboot11
Her rhetoric is clearly against the Geman Constitution.

It is interesting how extreme Christians always preach hatred towards others. with their bigotry, blasphmey and lies...

the bible is nothing more that a best selling novella and and science has proven this time and time again.

I am all about your religious freedoms as long as you allow me to be free of religions.

Keep a seperation between the church and the state... but I guess that is difficult here in Germany with all the so called 'christian' political parties...

What a JOKE !
15:36 August 24, 2012 by Strictly
15:54 August 24, 2012 by dprader
I will agree with her, gays are a big problem, not because of their sexually, but because they seem to believe people should give them more respect than they do anyone else. The gay community is their own worst enemy. Just shut-up and do the abomination of a lifestyle you have chosen. Don't tell me you were born that way, it's a lie, you were born bald, naked and either a male or female not the opposite. I owe you nothing. And before you lable me as a homophobe, my brother is gay. Can't say as I approve of his lifestyle, but he does not need my approval, so why should you.
17:15 August 24, 2012 by Timec
"I will be glad to stand with you against these fools that regard the bible as false hoods. I am willing to bet my months pay that none have read a single page of the bibleand if they have, don't understand what they read"

You owe me a month's pay. It's precisely because I've read the Bible and understood it that I realize that much of it is false.

The same holds true for many people who speak out against using the Bible - but you keep telling yourself otherwise. Lies can be comforting to people like yourself.

dprader ­ Cute. Unfortunately, your assertions don¦#39;t really stand up against the scientific evidence that homosexuality, at least in many cases, it the result of biological factors as well as environmental factors in early childhood. (You: ¦quot;They just aren¦#39;t born that way I tell you! They aren¦#39;t! And I know because they aren¦#39;t and it makes me uncomfortable to think otherwise!¦quot;)

Also, for the record, most homosexuals are quite comfortable in their gender ­ most gay men don¦#39;t think they¦#39;re women. They¦#39;re men, who happen to be attracted to other men. (The same applies to lesbian women ­ both realize that they¦#39;re women, and that¦#39;s kind of the point.)

I also love how your creative version of "biological facts" at birth precludes a whole lot of other factors that we know to be biological, like hermaphroditism and alcoholism and left-handedness and... ("They're born naked, bald (though not in all cases), and male or female - not left handed!!!!1!")

Also, having a brother who is gay does not preclude one from being a homophobe - it does make me feel bad for your brother though.

You're right though - we don't need your approval. You, on the other hand, do need some brains.
17:35 August 24, 2012 by neunElf
The tolerance crowd has very little tolerance for anyone who dopes not agree with their orthodoxy!

If a person disagrees with you, they are not wrong, they are a evil, instead of debating them you think that they should be fired!

Intimidation will only advance your cause so far. How about something other than hysterical rants to buttress your cause?
18:59 August 24, 2012 by stablemate77
good way to get alot of comments....
16:04 August 25, 2012 by Sastry.M
What ever said,discussed and done by /about human beings themselves, the famous 19'th century comic German cartoonist Wilhelm Busch had already declared that his works are "approximately human" and should likewise be enjoyed. Indeed animals do not 'know' God, but at least scrupulously follow gender order for procreation in the Act beyond human ethics.
19:19 August 25, 2012 by HungarianAmerican1975
I wonder if those three comments that were removed because of "The Local breach of contract" had anything at all to do with someone's freedom to express conservative views?? Nah, of course not... that would mean The Local would censor it's readers, certainly they don't do that (sarcastic voice...)
08:59 August 26, 2012 by AlexR
@Herr Rentz: "How many gay and lesbian couples are contributing to Germany's declining birth rate? Pretty soon it will be a country of foreigners and no one will even know what a German was."

Herr Rentz you deserve politicians like Frau Reiche. In a country/continent where the percentage of single (straight) people is increasing dramatically and the married couples can't afford a second child (sometimes not even a first), you and Frau Reiche decide to focus on a minor issue and not where the real problem is.

But the politicians have the excuse of saying all those lunacies, in order to get some votes. What's your excuse? Oh I forgot, you are the voter.
15:54 August 26, 2012 by grazhdanin
what euro crisis?
13:57 August 27, 2012 by philemk
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
10:57 September 11, 2012 by Onlythetruth
Whats the problem? Frau Reiche is merely signaling her voters that she backs normal families because she wants to be reelected. As for the Christian element to all of this simply be glad politicians are not yet calling for Sharia law.
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