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Pussy Riot copycats sing in Cologne Cathedral
Photo: DPA

Pussy Riot copycats sing in Cologne Cathedral

Published: 20 Aug 2012 08:36 GMT+02:00
Updated: 20 Aug 2012 08:36 GMT+02:00

"A 20-year-old woman and two men aged 23 and 25 shouted slogans wildly and held up a banner," a police spokesman said on Sunday.

Their banner read "Free Pussy Riot and all prisoners" in English, and the trio was dressed in the colourful clothes and balaclavas worn by the Russian punk band, who were jailed for two years last week for staging a protest against President Vladimir Putin in a Moscow cathedral in February.

The Cologne protesters were bustled out by cathedral officials, and have been charged with breaching the peace and disturbing a religious service.

Police said they did not resist being removed from the cathedral.

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09:45 August 20, 2012 by The-ex-pat
And this trio of phuqing idiots should also get two years. There are some places some things that should not be done and a place of God that people hold dear is one of them. It just shows a complete lack f respect, mind you when have "activists" ever had a modicum of respect in their collective bodies?

PS. I am a atheist
10:54 August 20, 2012 by keeps71
What complete and utter obsequiousness to the theocrats! Why should anyone respect people's religious beliefs - certainly not, believing in god is absurd and religious nutters should be ridiculed and held in contempt. Certainly we must respect their right to hold such beliefs but I'm not going to respect the delusional fairy tales themselves. Why should we respect ancient cults that cause turmoil, bloodshed, murder, mutilation and sow discord throughout the world and then call it love. These people need to be shaken up and shown how ridiculous their sky daddy myths are. There should be no difference between holding a demonstration in a church or in an office building and I can't believe there is a separate offence in Germany for disturbing a religious service! Disgraceful.
12:25 August 20, 2012 by Taciturning
Keeps71 wouldn't DARE take their high ideals into a mosque. Much like these three clowns wouldn't dare take their protest to Moscow. Cowards, all.
13:21 August 20, 2012 by IveLeon
I always deemed human rights campaigning by AI to be valuable and important, but disruption of services at the Koln Cathedral defending so called freedom of expression and campaigning in support of Pussy Riot within the Cathedral itself is extremism. It looks like it was organised by Amnesty International.

Indeed Pussy Riot were treated quite harshly, but the girls disrupted a public order and offended some people for whom the place could be sacred. Indeed how about the principle that human rights should be based on public mutual respect and consensus. Unfortunately Koln Cathedral action shows the changing nature of human rights campaigning, its radicalisation, militancy, "neo Marxism", Bolshevism etc that prevail now even within previously very respectful organisations. Is it a lack of funding in dire times, it is lack of leadership?

Human rights is a positive extremely important direction of human development, but aggressive disrespectful campaigning can start scaring many ordinary people off from human rights. Future of human rights is not only hindered by some leaders, but also by aggressive campaigning.
23:25 August 20, 2012 by zeddriver
I like the slogan "free all prisoners" So. This numpty wants to free murderers and rapists? How about we free a few far right nazi types and biker gang members. I'm sure they would give this dress wearing guy a hardy hand shake just before they stuck a knife in him for wearing that dress.
15:26 August 21, 2012 by Wilfre73d
Now for some real good news,

Four Pussy Riot copy pussycats demonstrators were killed last night in Stuttgart after a man with a red baklava opened fire against them with an automatic rifle and semi-pistol. Witnesses, who were leaving the Grabkapelle-Rotenberg church at the time of the massacre overheard the discussion between the presume killer and pussy-riot extremists. They described the man as a "normal kind of guy" and as "he looked kind of dorky to me." But what the witnesses didn't know was that this "dorky" guy was loaded with a great amount of fire power. And boy OH boy were they impressed (specially the now deceased)! Among the witnesses was 69 year old Frau Schmith, who named the executor as "The Red Judge" and 19 year old grandson who told reporters that "he never saw someone shoot so damn good in his life." The 19 year old who has an extensive amount of experience in first-person shooter video games said that "every shot fired was a direct hit" and that "no bullet was gone to waste."

Nobody really cared about the bloodbath until two days later cleaning workers of the church were complaining about a "greater than usual" amount of trash left at the front of the church. Today, colorful flowers and lighted candles laid at the church's entrance in reminiscence of the now celeb "Red Judge."
20:49 August 24, 2012 by Flint
Hmm. And the Koln cathedral is an appropriate place for the Pussy Riot protest because... Somebody help me figure out the connection. Doesn't Russia have an embassy and a consulate or two in Germany?
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