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TV better than sex for German women
Photo: DPA

TV better than sex for German women

Published: 22 Jun 2012 07:09 GMT+02:00
Updated: 22 Jun 2012 07:09 GMT+02:00

Just over 57 percent of the women asked by the Hamburg-based Foundation for Future Studies said they would chose a year without nookie over a year without telly, if they really had to, the Berliner Zeitung newspaper reported on Thursday.

Men take a different position on the TV versus sex dilemma, with nearly 62 percent saying they would hang onto to their partner and ditch the telly if made to choose.

The results might beg the question – what are German women watching that men are not?

The foundation also asked for people’s attitudes to giving up sweet treats – as opposed to their sweetie. Just under 22 percent of men said they would rather be celibate for a year than deprive their sweet tooth. Nearly 47 percent of women would go for the sweets.

The 2,200 Germans taking part in the poll were given a selection of “either/or” questions to answer – not all were about sex though and it seems that outside of the bedroom, women and men continued to give clashing answers.

When asked to chose between a year without books or a year without access to a computer, over 60 percent of women said they would rather live without a computer. Among men, this figure was reversed with nearly 65 percent saying they would rather give up books.

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Your comments about this article

10:40 June 22, 2012 by Floriansamsel
I'm afraid this means that over 57 % of German women have bad sex - very bad sex if they think our lousy TV programmes are better...
11:14 June 22, 2012 by Bushdiver
I guess the German men are not hitting the spot. It is pretty bad if over 57% of German women would rather watch tv than have sex.
12:03 June 22, 2012 by C Robert
Kosher sex ... probably
12:26 June 22, 2012 by Bigfoot76
Sounds like an interesting pick up line. "Hi how are you? Want to come to my place? You can watch some TV!"
19:35 June 22, 2012 by Englishted
Don't worry the advert gaps are long enough :-).
20:28 June 22, 2012 by billss
what they are watching on tv porno? usually when women lack of SEX they are crazy dreaming for another guys to fill up what is lacking.That's why I chatted many desperate houswives in the internet.
02:04 June 23, 2012 by lenny van
I didn't know that. Did you know that? We are so fortunate that we know that we both know that now. Thanks to the Local for having the corage to bring that revelation out in the open and eruditioning us so profoundly. Surely, the world is getting better all the time.. Who would have thought that!
17:59 June 23, 2012 by wenddiver
........and since every Man makes sure he buys a TV, we may be learning something about human sexuality.

If you want enthusiasim, maybe you should be throwing a ball for the dog, not having sex.
12:28 June 24, 2012 by Sastry.M
With God on their side(Gott mit Uns) the Germans are the most thorough going people on earth and the most despised too, whether due to envy or hatred and either in war or peace. Whatever way others judge them with abuse or appreciation, Germans should not allow God to abandon them in contempt of His primary creation of gendered bodies for procreation. Indeed 'Sex' is His unifying power of attraction in all gender procreative species, enjoying the bliss of His/Her Unity of Love in all Creation. If German women feel good 'looking' at T.V rather than 'lock' up their respective matrimonial husbands within their 'receptive' recesses, at least to enjoy the Unity of Love even for a few moments, the purpose of His human creation is down graded below the 'Standard' of even dogs and 'Poor' in comparison, who at least get locked up gender wise although looking otherwise face to face until release.

Liebe Deutsche!-do not abuse yourselves with lure of Synthetic Creation what history has tarnished your image with distortion of Truth which your soul yearned to search in the sacred Indian scriptures.
15:00 June 24, 2012 by Steelfeather
Whew, 57% is a lot. Poor women :(

I'm not sure if this is representative though, considering that a good many people tend to lie about these things. Especially on surveys.

As for using 'You can watch TV' as pick up line, I don't know. Chances are, that you end up having one of the 57% on your coach, actually wanting to watch telly.

Might be a problem to distract her then.

Ah well, at least it's better than 'Ey, wanna see my stamp collection?' ^^
10:26 June 25, 2012 by farmerandy
My ex went 8 years without german tv when she was with me. We watched the occasional movie or downloaded tv show, sure. But no tv.

Talking to her and my son on the phone the other day and she has just had german tv re-connected.

Sounds like the new guy on the scene ain´t exactly measuring up .
16:54 July 6, 2012 by Bruno53
I wonder if Eva Braun prefer watching the first tv transmisions in Nazi Germany before having sex with Adolf Hitler. Just wondering!
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