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Germany in grip of 'sexual evolution'

The Local · 4 May 2012, 15:00

Published: 04 May 2012 15:00 GMT+02:00

“The link between sexual intimacy and romance is coming apart and niche arrangements are moving into the mainstream,” said an article in this month’s Trend Update magazine.

The magazine, published by German think tank the Zukunftsinstitut, said that not only the lines of relationships but also those of gender identity were being blurred.

Fewer people are identifying themselves as in a traditional monogamous sexual relationship.

Rather, arrangements such as “friends with benefits”, “polyamory” and “scheduled sex” are becoming increasingly socially accepted.

“This is not a sexual revolution, but sexual evolution,” the report said.

Long-lived sexual hang-ups are being discarded as in particular online dating and other virtual meeting places enable people to connect with others who want in the same way they do.

The internet has created a public platform for even the most unusual of lifestyle choices, which previously would have remained under wraps – dampened by strict social rules.

The Zukunftsinstitut predicted a shift in sexual habits in 2007, as it said, “in the coming years, society will begin relinquishing its stigmatisation of cheating, especially among middle aged people.”

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Busy schedules were also cited as one of the drivers of the sexual evolution in Germany, as many people openly arrange casual sex around their work calendars. Asexuality was flagged as another lifestyle choice that was slowly becoming socially accepted.

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Your comments about this article

17:19 May 4, 2012 by super al
very interesting.
22:07 May 4, 2012 by Hicham1st
This is scary...I am a mono...and I love my one and only lady!
00:13 May 5, 2012 by DavidtheNorseman
This is nothing new. J. D. Unwin covered it all in Sex and Culture about 80 years ago. If the pattern of the last few thousand years holds then the farther from the monogamous parental arrangements gone the weaker the civilization becomes until it is replaced by either an internal or external society which is closer to the monogamous parental model. Unwin found no exceptions I'm aware of and the farther gone the less likely to be aware of the impending failure (My aren't we doing well, woohoo!....Whoops....).
02:23 May 5, 2012 by lenny van
Sexual liberation will continue pushing the boundaries until the family is no longer the basic unit of our social system. Some warn that that will lead to a disintegration of our society, but will it? Aren't families just an outdated Christian restraint on our basic freedoms. Everyone has a right to the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that includes having an orgasm whenever and wherever one decides. Nobody gets hurt, so let freedom ring.
04:27 May 5, 2012 by Eric1
Vulgar, self center, self destructived people have always been with us.
07:22 May 5, 2012 by Bigfoot76
Sex is fun.
09:51 May 5, 2012 by ErickDDiaz
Ok Lenny VANN. Introduce me to mom...
11:07 May 5, 2012 by wood artist
Two observations:

First, it's not just Germany. It's everywhere.

Second, I don't really think the change is that dramatic. What has made it seem so is that the internet has significantly increased the knowledge about such things, and that might be allowing people to know about things they never suspected before. In the past, if you were interested in a particular lifestyle, you had to do some work to find others with similar interests, and seldom would you connect with others in another country or continent. Now, with a couple of clicks you can share your personal kink with folks from all over, and even learn about new ones.

This, I think, is more about the internet changing our social structures than it is about sea changes in behavior overall. However, it's clear that people now know more about "alternative lifestyles" than they used to.

11:16 May 5, 2012 by Johnne
You see...this is what we´re saying. Some of us complain about muslims, some beliefs and cultures. We forget that sometimes what some of those beliefs and cultures make so much noise and condemn the west for is immorality, declining family values and lack faith in many many people. That´s why they see us as people who do not have the right to tell them about faith, or culture or freedom for that matter. I agree that sex is part of freedom, infact for me, sex is freedom. I take it so important that I believe that good sex makes us happier people as humans but not immorality and family break down, legalising infidelity and adultery. I am a Liberal Chrisitan and even though I don´t see anything wrong in people´s choice in their sex lives, I am against the idea of making it look like "it´s no big deal" sharing your woman/man with other people. I think it´s even worse when you do it with friends or neighbours. There´s no way those acts strengthen relationships and family values. The soceity should be encouraging family values and marriages, but unfortunately it encourages family breakdown.
13:17 May 5, 2012 by Sastry.M
If freedom of opinion is democratically guaranteed the above ideas of sexual evolution are absolutely disastrous and devastating.Freedom does not mean to betray the order of natural evolution through mind generated distortions seeking short lived physical pleasures. If humanity boasts of the present day scientific achievements, it is made possible only by complying to strict laws of evolution of physical nature and not imaginary drawing up theoretical formulas.

In my view 'sex' as an all unifying power of natural attraction inextricably exists universally commensurate with 'love' as the 'unity' in all natural creation. Gender is the physical contraption for procreation of a given living species but unfortunately is always confounded with sex and colloquially used synonymously.

Failure of the power of sex in women leads to frigidity while males are turned down into impotency. If we realize that love bestows the greatest happiness in an harmonious manner we should also realize that the flow of power of sex during the unity of gendered cohabitation provides a short glimpse of that universal bliss of love. All living creatures yearn for that undefinable bliss in a short lived sensual experience culminating in human form for its ultimate realization.
13:45 May 5, 2012 by CristianTM
Why "evolution"?

As far as I am concerned, many very old societies had this kind of sexual behavior as normal. So it would even make sense to call it a regression rather than evolution.

But probably just "change" would be a good word to describe it. Certainly not evolution. That is for sure a personal perspective from some individual that thinks that is is better than the previous one, by its own subjective opinions.

I would even avoid to call it "liberty", since "promiscuity" is in certain contexts a social pressure and having the liberty to being monogamic is far more difficult than not being.
08:04 May 6, 2012 by Bigfoot76
"the above ideas of sexual evolution are absolutely disastrous and devastating" If you are referring the greater animal kingdom at large, then you should consider all the species that do in fact thrive due to Poly amorous relations they maintain throughout their life cycles. Animals are often run out of their natural habitat only to return some time later as strong as before. They are often pushed to the brink of extinction to come back in large numbers. Amongst other Mammals, it seems the evidence suggests that multiple partners may in fact contribute the human population thriving.

The argument could be made though that ultimately the Human population would over populate the earth much sooner than expected and in that manner destroy its self.
14:57 May 6, 2012 by lenny van
Sorry Eric. Mom's having an affair with a 13 year old guy who looks 16.
11:34 May 8, 2012 by Sastry.M
Given the evolution of earth in solar family, the processes that brought about life including supporting environment are usually referred to as evolution appearing in a slow time bounded change of any particular phenomenon. This includes metamorphosis of materials such as coal into diamonds, vegetation into fossil cultures etc and also life forms like caterpillars becoming butterflies and tadpoles turning into frogs etc.

What is disastrous and devastating is the metamorphosis of even subtle conscious concepts of human mind of late into erroneous paths in spite of great scientific strides made into by understanding the subtleties of primary natural creation and technologically adapted improvisations of synthetic sub creations helping humanity in many ways.

If human species be physically restricted to the class of mammalians and its sustenance by various methods of associative procreation along with rest of animal world, the above projected ideas may sanctify the urgent necessity of promotion of human species, as for example from suffering catastrophic extinction due to any celestial event or the result of thermo nuclear holocaust from terrestrial wars. Many animal species are presently going into extinction due to various natural as well as man made causes, but the little that survive are not dependent on humanity while the reverse is true with domestication.

To conclude, the unique evolution of human species with highly developed mind faculties has many secrets of nature left unexplored, being taken for granted as natural occurrence, as for example that only human babies whine after delivered into this world while the rest do not do so, leaving an open question un answered even if by promoting human population by application of above articled ideas, to know and define exactly who you are and what you want, by whoever he/she be as a human individual.
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