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Canada wants military base in Germany

The Local · 15 Feb 2012, 07:55

Published: 15 Feb 2012 07:55 GMT+01:00

The new "operational support hub" – along with others to be set up around the world – will allow Canada to deploy troops and supplies to distant hotspots on short notice, said a joint statement by the German and Canadian governments as German Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere paid a visit to Ottawa.

It’s still not clear when the base at Cologne-Bonn Airport will be set up or how many Canadians will be there, although troop numbers will not approach the tens of thousands of Americans currently stationed in Germany.

De Maiziere told a press conference that he and his Canadian counterpart, Peter MacKay, are also discussing missile defence, the future of Afghanistan and the nuclear component of NATO defence capabilities – all topics of an upcoming NATO summit in Chicago in May.

According to the Canadian CBC television network, Germany and Canada have recently been expanding their defence cooperation as both countries grapple with prolonged military deployments to Afghanistan.

The Canadians have experimented with setting up temporary logistics hubs in Germany to support their Afghanistan mission – one successful such venture was recently launched alongside the American military in Spangdahlem, Rhineland-Palatinate.

Canada’s Post-Media News said that in deciding where to set up logistics’ hubs, Canadian forces have been impressed with Germany’s organisational skills and also count a long history of cooperation as a plus.

“For decades, Canadian personnel stationed in Germany during the Cold War developed close relations with their German counterparts and their local communities," it quoted MacKay as saying

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Your comments about this article

10:09 February 15, 2012 by Celeon
What about moving into one of the locations the u.s army wants to close completely? That would be the ideal solution for the local economy in such a place. Im sure Canadians like pastries, like drinking beer , are going to the movies and have their hair properly cut just like americans? ;-D
10:21 February 15, 2012 by pepsionice
There were big plans of expansion for the Koln airport back twenty-five years ago, and then the wall came down....the capital moved....and it became just a minor-league airport. I know it's used a good bit in the summer months for the large-scale tourist movement to Spain, Greece, and Turkey. I'm guessing that the airport had several empty buildings, and some deal was worked out. We probably aren't talking about more than 1k military personnel at the most.
13:16 February 15, 2012 by NewEnglander
Canada has an army?
13:43 February 15, 2012 by supernova
W*T*F every creep from NA want their crappy basis in Germany. Go do your military exercise on glaciers that were given to u. Get the hell out of DE!
13:48 February 15, 2012 by DOZ
If this is the case then Germans had better keep their kids away from the Water.
13:56 February 15, 2012 by raandy
Yes Canada has an army, Lt.-Gen. Charles Bouchard, the Canadian was in charge of the NATO-led mission in Libya launched last March.
15:32 February 15, 2012 by catjones
@supernova....look up the difference between 'invasion' v. 'invitation'.
16:36 February 15, 2012 by sebastian2010
I agree with SUPERNOVA. As a dual citizen, Germany/Canadian I think they should keep the military out. welcome to visit anytime
16:43 February 15, 2012 by boopsie
Its obvious that europe still needs military support from north america, think russia, china and the middle east (iran) all who would have no qualms about swallowing and or intimidating europe should the opportunity present itself. This is just a case of the canadians relieving the americans who have no money at the moment and have too much on their plate already. I'm sure most europeans including germans are appreciative of this handoff and the efforts americans have made at keeping the germans safe for over eighty years.
18:48 February 15, 2012 by MIKE LOUGHNANE
canada total military force is less than 50,000 mostly generals you could fit the whole army in one beer hall.
19:00 February 15, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Did the Canadians give up their base in Lahr on the French border in Baden?

Anyhow, screw Germany. Put the bases in Hungary where they will be more appreciative and could use the economic growth.
20:41 February 15, 2012 by christopheuk25
To supply their troops in Afghanistan?Theyr'e pulling out of Afghanistan this year along with the handfull of French non combatant military advisors.The Candians took a lot of losses and equipped themselves well

The Americans have about 80.0000 troops in Germany the UK yes remember them they still have 22,000 troops in Germany.so what's all the b/s about.There may be some French troops still in Germany though what good they would be is anyones guess.

Only army known to give their men on joining up a white flag and a pair of running shoes as part of their kit and their politicians a large knife for stabbing their friends in the back.

The cost to keep US and UK troops in Germany for defence is astronomical to both countries especially in these serious economic times,time to pay for this out of your own budget and supply your own men
21:11 February 15, 2012 by carlm
What are those Canadians thinking, eh?

Let the Germans fend for themselves, they've got the money and the know how to do the job, if they choose. But why would they when others, namely the US, are dumb enough to do it for them.

Maybe one day Germany will take some pride in itself and act like a grown up nation that takes care of it's own problems, instead of being a rich parasite.
02:38 February 16, 2012 by Christine1
Let the Canucks play military eh. Maybe get them used to getting their uniforms dirty, and get involved in a real war, and pull their weight some day.
04:25 February 16, 2012 by Nemo2010
As a matter of fact, Christine1 et al, the US uses Canadian snipers because they are the best in the world. Canada was in WWII before the US and took Vimy Ridge during WWI in France in four days, a feat that the British and French failed to do in two years! Canadian soldiers have proven themselves time and again in Afghanistan and other such inhospitable places. Folks, before you open your gobs, make sure you have your facts straight and your brains in gear!
05:23 February 16, 2012 by Runnerguy45
Very surprised our Canadian friends to the north are headed to Germany. Canada is a beautiful country with good people.
06:48 February 16, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ Nemo2010

Do you really take these delusional people serious? In their fantasy world, US troops were stationed in Germany out of pure philanthropy, "to defend Germany" :)
08:36 February 16, 2012 by RockDoctor
We haven't heard what the German government expects in return except perhaps to sell more armoured vehicles to Canada. They already use Leopard tanks. From 1974 until 2000 the Bundeswehr trained 140,000 troops at Shilo, Manitoba. Perhaps the German Goverment wants to renew this program. All the Canadians seem to want to do is prepare stores for another peacekeeping action. That seems pretty benign.

A running joke in the 1980's was that if the British Army decided to march on Ottawa from their base at Suffield, Alberta, the only force capable of stopping them in the country were the Germans at Shilo, Manitoba.
09:45 February 16, 2012 by raandy
The Canadians use to be America's poor cousins,not anymore they are now their rich cousins.

Canada is wealthy in minerals and resources.

Canada has an excellent education system at the secondary level as well as the University level.

The Canadians are a highly respected member of Nato and by establishing a base in Germany they are afforded more flexibility in a quick response in The Middle East.
13:49 February 16, 2012 by dbert4
To all of you testosterone fueled Amis that still think that the Americans are "defending" anything other than their own interests, Canada is a member of NATO and contributes their share to all international operations.

They also have universal health care, a trade surplus and esstential a balanced budget.

Yes I know they are lacking in gun deaths, crime, high school drop-outs and STD's but hey, everyone can't be like America.
16:12 February 16, 2012 by boopsie
Thats right ChrisRea, "to defend germany" against a voracious Soviet Union and, more recently. a very real threat from the middle east. Do you have a problem with the US benefiting from its own defensive efforts in europe as well? I thought not.
17:44 February 16, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ boopsie

Against Soviet Union, indeed. However not defending Germany, but its own interests. It is not something to be ashamed of, every country defends its own interests.

What "very real threat from the Middle East"? Against US interests, you mean?
22:57 February 16, 2012 by boopsie
Isn't it convenient that defensively the US and europe have a win-win relationship.

No middle east threat you say? Have you picked out the hole you are going to crawl into when the crazies in Iran fire off the the new missiles and nuclear warheads they are developing because someone in germany dissed the prophet?
22:43 February 17, 2012 by Whipmanager
I will add in my Two cents: The Canadian Military is an aweseom group. They are all over the globe holding down the line betweeen Israel and the Arabs, they are skilled, professional, brave and capable. THey often go places with no arms. Usually they get more respect around the globe than us Americans, and often are in very dangerous places taking a risk. Most ocuntries respect them and they are not hated.

They need to be in Germany to cut response time down, so let them in.

Chris Rea, once again you got it all wrong, but nice of you to show up fr the party.
01:37 February 18, 2012 by soros
Canada should be planning a bigger presence in its North now that the ice is melting and the Russians and Americans are vying for Canadian territory to explore for oil. Canadians will need a much bigger Navy and Army if it wants to assert its sovereignty. As for another base in Germany, don't they already have one in Solingen?
05:12 February 18, 2012 by jonas28
Why so much hatred for Canada eh? We are fun beer drinking people who are only wanting to put up arms in germany to drink the fine beer (positive) and also go and make peace (positive) The Americans where there to fight (negative) and to go kill people (negative) hmm not a hard question when it may help the economy there with all the Americans leaving now. I must go have a drink from my Kokanee made right in the canadian rockies! Just saying
11:01 February 18, 2012 by Sastry.M
Presently Germany is big enough to maintain a federal army of her own with well developed states and stable economy. Even during the cold war years , the Old Fox German Chancellor Adenauer had displayed an admirable tact and diplomacy to thaw Germany freezing from uncertain future keeping industrial heat running by winning many world wide markets.

If defeat in two wars could teach any means of realization to the Germans, there is no threat at present that can defeat Germany physically and the least with support from any one with a pretense of concern, while keeping hatred reserved in a small corner of heart, as one learned allied professor had advised.
22:56 February 18, 2012 by CFB Baden solingen
Canada will not have a large amount of people stationed at Koln Bonn airbase, probably less than one hundred people, if that. Canada will not spend the money to support a large operation in Germany, like they did during the cold war, those days are over.

Canada has NATO troops stationed in Geilenkirchen Germany and is pulling them out in the next three years. I suspect Canada is doing this to pay for the Canadian, Koln Bonn staging base.
22:23 February 19, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ boopsie

Iran has no problem with Germany. So yes, the 'middle east threat' is to US and its interests. How can you claim that US troops are stationed in Germany to protect the country against Iran?
12:19 February 20, 2012 by mikehole
CANADA used to be a "peace keeping nation", now now Heir Harper says Canada is a "nation of couragious warriors"...WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP.

Canada shouldn't have been anywhere near Afghanistan and Libya. Canada should have nothing to do with the upcoming attacks on Syria and Iran. As far as Canada setting up a base in Germany to increase our military global reach,

this is insane.....Harper's NUTS......and to anyone who supports Harper's new militarism....join the army yourself and go to front lines or have your children join and kill innocent citizens of other countries...the world has too many simple minded GI JOES already.
18:42 February 20, 2012 by Bob Best
Let them eat . . . poutine

(or maybe seal blubber).


23:24 February 20, 2012 by Al Ciada
Canada is a British colony.
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