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Britain and Germany urge EU to isolate Iran

The Local · 1 Dec 2011, 12:05

Published: 01 Dec 2011 10:48 GMT+01:00
Updated: 01 Dec 2011 12:05 GMT+01:00

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Thanking European Union countries for their "emphatic support" following the storming of Britain's embassy in Iran, Foreign Secretary William Hague said "I hope we will agree today additional measures that will be an intensification of the economic pressure on Iran.

"Peaceful legitimate economic pressure particularly to increase the isolation of the Iranian financial sector," he added.

German counterpart Guido Westerwelle said the aim of sanctions "is to dry up Iran's financial sources."

Pressed into action following the publication of a new report on Iran's contested nuclear activity, the ministers are expected to slap an assets freeze and travel ban on a further 143 Iranian companies and 37 people.

But they remain divided over extending the blacklist to the country's oil sector or freezing the assets of it's central bank. Britain, France and Germany and Sweden favour oil sanctions, but with Spain, Greece and Italy significantly dependent on oil from Iran "there will be no oil sanctions" announced Thursday, an EU diplomat told news agency AFP.

"I'm sure there'll be a discussion" on oil sanctions, Hague said. "I think there will be a variety of views, I dont know what the outcome of that is going to be."

Hague reiterated Britain's angry condemnation of Tuesday's attack on its embassy and welcomed the "emphatic support" shown by EU nations, with France, Germany and the Netherlands all recalling their ambassadors from Iran.

Urging the EU's 27 states "to ratchet up sanctions," the bloc's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said it was time "to make it clear to Iran that we are very serious."

But holding out a hand to Tehran to resume global talks on the nuclear issue, she said "I'm still waiting for the letter" from the Iranian side following an offer to resume the negotiations.

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Your comments about this article

11:37 December 1, 2011 by J-Dub
I still think it's funny that Iran thinks that the United States will attack them. They should be more worried about what Israel will do to them instead of the United States. The last thing the United States would do is attack Iran. Israel has an itchy finger right now when it comes to Iran and they are starting to become testy with the United States about holding themselves back from attacking Iran. Sooner or later, Israel will ignore the U.S. and do their own thing with Iran. Only time will tell if that will be a mistake or not.
13:44 December 1, 2011 by KamiZ
I think if all 27 EU countries recall their ambassadors and shut down their embassies and consulates in Iran and force the Iranian diplomats out of the EU as well, there will be no need to consider military action. Iran will be forced back to the negotiating table within weeks. By this attack they've shown the world that the Iranian government is made up of crooks and thugs. I'm sure the Iranian people aren't that way but their leaders certainly are.
14:16 December 1, 2011 by Procivic
The IAEA report not only failed to live up to the ballyhoo that preceded its publication but it turned out to be a re-hash of old accusations leveled by the U.S. which were badly flawed. Two members of the Security Council, Russia and China, have dismissed the so-called evidence.

Thirty years of sanctions against Iran is an example of Western hypocrisy -- it may be recalled that the U.S. and its allies whined about "using oil as an economic weapon" when some OPEC countries cut exports to the West in the 1970s.

Another incredibly self-serving line of thought in the West is that Iran somehow would be "escalating" an illegal military strikes against it by defending itself.
14:45 December 1, 2011 by petenick
This is long overdo. I feel for the millions of good people in Iran but this evil govt of theirs must be dealt with severely.
16:24 December 1, 2011 by Englishted
If we stand together we can rid the Iranian people of the leaders who crushed any demonstrations after the last "elections".

Years after the attack on the U.S. embassy they still have not learned anything about how to behave,remember the figurehead was a "student" at that time.

The time for talking is fast very fast ending and the time for action is ripe.


Why do they need so many nuclear plants for "peaceful" purposes ?.

Also where are the Muslims protesters on the street call for action against the attack on the British embassy, maybe it just has not been reported yet?
16:51 December 1, 2011 by ChrisRea
@ Englishted

"If we stand together we can rid the Iranian people of the leaders"

What gives us the right to interfere in the internal affairs of Iran? I thought we learnt something from the infamous US actions to install US-favourable dictators in different countries.

"Why do they need so many nuclear plants for "peaceful" purposes ?" - How many are we talking about? 4? 5? That's a lot, indeed. And anti-Iran propaganda is extremely powerful.
17:13 December 1, 2011 by SchwabHallRocks

I agree with @ChrisRea and @Procivic. The United States should stay out of other countries problems. If the USA had not interfered in Europe in World War 1 or with Hitler and WW II Germany would have controlled all of Europe and Africa and we would not have the problems we do today.
19:07 December 1, 2011 by septiSeverus
@ petenick

Feeling for the millions of good people in Iran? The mistake is thinking Israel can start a war with Iran without US approval.

Yes, Israel can bomb and kills thousand or millions of Iranians? After Israel attacks Iran, how will Israel a nation 7 million, invaded and occupy a nation 75 million?

The Christian and Jewish religious population in Iran is about 2 percent.

If the people in Israel have divine protection, it is called, the US, British and EU militaries, when the poop hits the fan.

@ Englishted

Why do European countries have so many nuclear plants and nuclear bombs?

Before there was a Europe and US civilizations, there was advance science and knowledge by non-Europeans.

When did science, knowledge and world resources, self-determination of human beings become the sole proprieties of Europeans and Americans?
20:13 December 1, 2011 by Der Grenadier aus Aachen
A lot of you are nothing but a pack of trolls. Honestly, you really think Iran has peaceful intentions with a nuclear capability?

This is a country where "Death to America" is a daily chant, and that has publicly declared that it wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map. We should trust them with nuclear weapons? Get real. I'm not an American, but I certainly don't think we should trust them with anything more dangerous than a piece of string, for the time being.

And no, I am not arguing that that means they don't have the "right" to nuclear power. I'm saying that that is not relevant. They are @#$%ing crazy, and they want to hurt us - that is the only relevant part. That and the fact that we're stronger - a lot stronger. Strong enough to make all of the middle east stop existing inside of a day.

So, if I could give Iran any piece of advice, it would be to stop screwing around. Here are the cold, hard facts: We're not willing to accept you as a nuclear power as long as you're hostile to us. We are a thousand-fold more powerful than you are. And if you should ever get the silly notion that you could drop a nuke on western forces or allied cities, your country will turn into a wasteland for the next 25,000 years. The end.
20:44 December 1, 2011 by J-Dub
^^^^ Agree ^^^^
22:21 December 1, 2011 by Frenemy
@Der Grenadier aus Aachen:

damned straight! I'm glad some people are actually using their brains around here...
23:58 December 1, 2011 by Pakistani
really amazed at the superiority complex that iranians have.....they even descriminate poeple who follow their own religion.............. and wat's with the enmity between iranians and the jews?................ I think if americans out of the equation, these two people will be ok.......
07:20 December 2, 2011 by Englishted

Yes "anti-Iran propaganda is extremely powerful. "

I heard it stormed a embassy and brutally put down anti government demonstrators following last years free and fair elections.


"When did science, knowledge and world resources, self-determination of human beings become the sole proprieties of Europeans and Americans?"

It is not what about China and India?

However I for one don't let somebody get a stick to beat me with if I can prevent it.


If you think what you wrote in your last paragraph then you are strange indeed .


I do love a little irony thanks .
10:08 December 2, 2011 by septiSeverus
@ Englishted

I do not understand what you mean, It is not what about China and India?

My question was,

When did science, knowledge and world resources, self-determination of human beings become the sole proprieties of Europeans and Americans?

And, you did not answer my other question. Why do European countries have so many nuclear plants and nuclear bombs?
10:55 December 2, 2011 by Englishted

Three European countries , Britain,France ,and Russia.Have Bombs

If you notice the countries that won in WW2 and sit on the U.N. security council are the main holders .That seams to have kept the peace at least ,nuclear peace.

I am sorry but I just do not trust Iran to have the bomb ,maybe that is racist then so be it .

"When did science, knowledge and world resources, self-determination of human beings become the sole proprieties of Europeans and Americans?"

I don't understand what you mean an/or why you say that.
11:31 December 2, 2011 by HelloOutThere
@ Englishted:

"Three European countries , Britain,France ,and Russia.Have Bombs"

"If you notice the countries that won in WW2 and sit on the U.N. security council are the main holders .That seams to have kept the peace at least ,nuclear peace."

Well, to be honest, I personally would not consider France as a country who won the Second World War. In fact they were totally defeated by the German Wehrmacht in just a few weeks. The French resistance weakened the German occupation, but without the help of their allies - especially the U.S., Russia and the United Kingdom - they would have never been capable of freeing themselves.

The reason why there has not been a nuclear war until now (and hopefully will not be a nuclear war in the future) is that people are simply afraid of its consequences - a nuclear war would not only "threaten" the ordinary people, but also the ones who are in power. There would not be any victourious party, but only defeated ones.

It's not the fact that Britain, France, Russia, China and the United States have a permanent seat in the United Nations security council and thus a right to intervene with a veto.

This right to intervene with a veto has even proven to be harmul to world peace because every time Israel wanted to continue its policy of settlement the United States took advantage of its right to veto. The same with Russia and China who frequently block any attemps which come from France, Russia and Britain.

Furthermore you need to wonder whether the right to veto actually has an effect at all because when a country has the power to do something it will just do what it wants to do no matter whether the other ones do veto or not.

In my opinion changing the members who have a permanent seat is long ovedue. China as an emerging super power - yes. The United States as the only super power left - yes. Russia - yes. But the United Kingdom and France? Why, just because they were part of the victourious (what France was not)? Because they have nuclear weapons? Pakistan and India also have nuclear weapons.

Considering Iran: I don't think that they would use any nuclear weapons against Israel, the US or Europe. They surely know that Iran would cease to exist if they did so. However there is the danger that terrorists could receive weapons from Iran though I believe that the Iranians would not do that on purpose. Secret intelligence would find out and therefore the would also cease to exist.
15:03 December 2, 2011 by Sastry.M
The three European countries,viz. Britain,France and Russia who won WW2 defeating Germany, did not actually possess nuke bombs during hostilities. It was the U.S who fertilized and hatched it into the shape of destructive perfection and knowledgeable testing earlier to the war in European theater ended. Had one such bomb been dropped on Germany which is of far superior industrial prowess, the fall out of destruction would have made Holocaust a fancied surmise.

Yes, we can see the farcical self justification of super power actions The Germans were accused of blindly giving in themselves to a Fanatic,anti-Semite, white supremacist and world power expansionist Hitler.The war left Germany with equal thermo nuclear destruction, due to conventional and carpet bombing. War against major axis power was over. And yet the major allied power, the U.S found it "convenient" to drop two nuke bombs on colored Japan to bring war in the East to speedy conclusion after it was almost won over.

Soon after WW2 ,the well kept secret between the U.K & US had become everybody's secret with Russia and France joining in the 'the bomb' guaranteed nuclear peace club.

Britain and Germany may urge EU to isolate Iran,which can never dream of assaulting the West, but both together - the EU and Iran, may admit security failure, should the feared Iranian Nukes yet to be hatched up, fall into the hold of Islamic Terrorists.

Finally, Britain as a former victor, can keep the option of urging the EU to isolate Germany from threatened economic belligerence!
15:37 December 2, 2011 by HelloOutThere
@ Sastry.M : The British can do nothing at all: They are nothing more than a shadow of their former glory which was later only based on exploiting their own colonies. The most important country to the European Union is Germany - without Germany money would stop floating and the entire union would collapse.
15:54 December 2, 2011 by septiSeverus
@ Englishted

"When did science, knowledge and world resources, self-determination of human beings become the sole proprieties of Europeans and Americans?"

I don't understand what you mean an/or why you say that.

Other advanced human civilizations gifted or passed Science and knowledge on to Western civilization. I am not over looking the achievements of Europeans.

Science and knowledge are not the sole inventions of Western civilization.

Europeans developed nuclear technology and were the first people to use a nuclear bomb on other human beings.

It was a bad idea then, as it is today. If or when it is used again, it will be more devastating and this time and not only will non-Europeans suffer.

Iran has the natural resources, bright minds and money to buy the scientific knowhow from other bight minds. Same as the US and USSR did?

The world population is over 7 billion people. Over 1 billion people are European ­ white people, give or take with mixing and those who consider themselves white people.

Why should 20 percent of the worlds population, control, influence and consume most of the worlds resources?

Not to mention destroying the world environment and dictating their Western civilization versions of freedoms, religions and human rights to 6 billion non-white peoples?
16:07 December 2, 2011 by Englishted

Well when you come up with

"Europeans developed nuclear technology and were the first people to use a nuclear bomb on other human beings. "

I can no longer believe you know your history.

You also don't take India and China into your calculations on who uses which resources .Without our version of freedom look what happens in other places.
17:57 December 2, 2011 by septiSeverus

Never said or will I ever feel, I know it all? Please informed me who developed nuclear technology and used it on Human beings before the Americans?

Please, before you answer let me say this… what I do know, it was not developed into a bomb by the Nazis or tested on Jews before it was used on other human beings.

As for China and Indian. Today they are hired help and producers for the West. They now have the same technologies to be in that club, but this not my point.

No disrespect to China and India or its peoples.
13:27 December 3, 2011 by Sastry.M

" Britain as a former victor can keep the option of urging the EU to isolate Germany....." 'Can keep the option' is not a subjective suggestion but personal observation. This is because Britain, ever since the declaration of the first German Reich and started distinguishing imported German products by stamping "Made in Germany", herself became a victim to jealous and hateful follies. With rationalized industrial quality production and cheaper prices, the demarcated German products boomed in local sales, augmenting more eye sore.

Even 66y after war, Britain never really made any genuine efforts of reconciliation with Germany and rewrite history books exonerating the past to which they themselves hold a major cause of responsibility.
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