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Gigantic baby ‘Jihad' born in Berlin

The Local · 25 Nov 2011, 14:32

Published: 25 Nov 2011 14:32 GMT+01:00

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The 6-kilogramme (13-pound) boy was born at Berlin's Charité hospital to a 40-year-old, 240-kilogramme (528-pound) woman who also had gestational diabetes and most likely a metabolic disorder, according to doctors.

Click here for photos of baby Jihad

Women suffering from untreated gestational diabetes – when a pregnant woman who doesn't previously suffer from diabetes has excessively high blood sugar – tend to produce particularly overweight babies.

Such newborns are often delivered via caesarean section because they can suffer from oxygen deficiency or shoulder dislocations during birth.

But in this case the mother opted for a vaginal birth, which lasted seven hours and luckily went off without a hitch.

“She insisted on a vaginal birth despite the very high risk,” said Wolfgang Henrich, the chief doctor at Charité's obstetrics clinic. “We usually advise mothers carrying a child with an estimated weight of more than 4.5 kilos to opt for a caesarean section to avoid complications.”

The boy will join nine brothers and four sisters – four of which had birth weights of more than five kilograms.

The woman claimed she didn't know of her diabetes, but doctors believe she was aware and ate too much sweet food.

A normal birth weight is about 3.5 kilos. Babies over four kilos – about one in ten in Germany – are generally considered to be overweight and run higher risks of diabetes and obesity later in life.

But the new Berlin boy is far from the biggest baby ever. An Indonesian woman gave birth to an 8.7-kilo child in 2009, and one Canadian baby born in 1879 weighed in at 10.8 kilos, although he died shortly after birth.

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Your comments about this article

15:46 November 25, 2011 by psykos
wish the mother n boy great health n life and I know its going to be dozens of comments all about Muslims, immigrants, Turkish blah blah just because of the name. For all those, the word 'Jihad' means 'to struggle'. Just because of a bunch idiots with guns, the real meanings of words do not change.
15:52 November 25, 2011 by royp
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
16:05 November 25, 2011 by royp
This is not a muslim comment on the name, context is everything, if he was in an islamic country then this is probably a normal name, but here it has certain contectual meaning. Either she is too stuped to know this, or is so militant to not care, and has chosen to put her culture before her kids well being.

There should always be cultural awareness of the local culture when naming a child, a Christian version would be when hispanics name their sons Jesus, this is ok in latin America, but in north America, it just means that the kid will be part of underclass and never fully integrated into main stream society.

Also in the UK when parents (normally only one umarried mother) give their children chav names like Jordan. Mercedes etc they are making a statement of low expectations for life.

But hey maybe , I am wrong and it is a Johnny Cash "A boy named Sue" sort of toughen the kid up for life sort of thing?
16:16 November 25, 2011 by Aburgboy
Wow - psykos sure did call it right. Let the judging begin!
17:01 November 25, 2011 by cassandra777
It seems baby Jihad is getting a warm welcome. I learned that the muslim jihad, struggle, was a moral struggle primarily. It was similar to The Church Militant of my Catholic upbringing. The Chuch Miitant is comprised of all of us struggling here on earth to lead of good life. (The chuch suffering is detained for a time in cleansing in purgatory...and The church triumphant, those in heaven, comprise the other elements.)

Welcome Jihad. Salam
17:12 November 25, 2011 by Gottsch Family
This baby has 13 siblings, where is the father or fathers? Are they supporting all these children, or the German people? When do you say enough is enough? If you believe that she named this child Jihad to express her stuggle in life, sorry no way !!
18:31 November 25, 2011 by bugger
The truth can be too painful to be printed.
19:22 November 25, 2011 by raandy
cassandra777 That was sure an enlightening and serial moment reading your prose.
19:41 November 25, 2011 by tedesco
14 kids... Wow! Looks like we are back in the 19 century!
20:08 November 25, 2011 by bugger
Another try:

Why does a mother from Germany give this anti-non-muslim name to her child?

Why did she not have the self-discipline to eat dietary foods in order to not damage the health of the unborn?

Will the German authorities accept her choice of name as it is on the list of unacceptable names?

What are the jobs of these obviously wealthy parents that enables them to feed and raise fourteen children now?
21:13 November 25, 2011 by parografik
I understand when they have school sprint races, her mother has asked that she her starting blocks be set 13 meters back as well.
21:13 November 25, 2011 by J-Dub
Teaching them young now, aren't they. Jihad. Totally a smack in the face to Germany. If you think that this chick did not do this for publicity, you are obviously lost. People these days are media hores and love to make payday on things, up to using stupidity. Here is a case of just that.
21:18 November 25, 2011 by ms915
It's sad that this child will be born with two handicaps because of his mother: first a physical one and now a social/mental one because of the trauma his name will inflict on him as a child. He seems to have no hope of growing up normal. I really feel sorry for him.
21:29 November 25, 2011 by josef2011
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
00:13 November 26, 2011 by PierceArrow
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
04:39 November 26, 2011 by boozy
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
05:04 November 26, 2011 by Tharwat
There must be a law banning the use of such ((Verbs)) as names - its as if you would call your son " War or Fighter " !! and also I would like to know why are the parents not sent for counseling with regards to such irrelevant name, while we all seek peace and friendship. finally Who on earth would employ a representation of an Islamic fighting force?!!!
05:22 November 26, 2011 by muskrat
Good luck in life with a name & medical conditions imposed upon you by your mother. I cant believe how big the mother was. Who in their right mind would allow their wife / themselves to get that big & find that a turn on. She will keep popping them out undoubtedly.

A US couple lost their kids for giving them names like Adolph Hitler


That was probably more over the top than Jihad, possibly.

Another mouth & medical bill to be covered by the German taxpayers.
07:23 November 26, 2011 by ramalama
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
08:34 November 26, 2011 by dalesmith2
you have got to be kidding me with this name. Even if the mother knows the meaning of this name, we are in a difficult period of time here where everybody is judged by one another. Would you name your child that right now? Sure if you lived in Afghanistan. Not in Germany or the United States. This poor kid is going to be bullied and called a terrorist is whole childhood. What an idiot. So much for getting a job! Im sure he'll get educated for free, but who will hire him? just saying.
09:20 November 26, 2011 by heyheyhey
I find myself feeling disgust with most of these comments.

What a bunch of hostile, racist creeps lurking here.

Crawl back in your holes, won't you?
11:54 November 26, 2011 by Michelle Burrows
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
12:57 November 26, 2011 by bravoalex
actually the word jihad comes from juhd or the root form ja-ha-da which means to struggle, primarily against the self and one's ego.

Just to correct

Josef 2011 if he was to read the Quran objectively he would know that the verb and noun for jihad has come to strive to betterment, towards God or against oneself.

Taqiyya is a term in Shi'i Islam which mainstream Muslims do not follow and can only be applied if a person's life is endanger.

The amount of misinformation and religious hatred against a particular religion is quite scary. Muslim turks and indo-paks have actually worked in the 50s/60s/70s to build the infrastructure of countries like the UK and Germany so I think it is rather unfair to brand all of them and their faith. The midlands of the UK would never have been made if it wasn't for their hard work or should I say jihad!
13:26 November 26, 2011 by JohnnesKönig

No matter what the "word" 'Jihad' means to people of Islam, what it means to many non-Islamic people is what many posting here have commented on! But nice attempt at spinning this to project racism on those that do not share your opinion.

We do not really know the intention of them that named the child, but it does appear that it was not very well thought out! Not unlike many of the comments I see here... bravoalex for example!
17:54 November 26, 2011 by storymann
I think this has unfortunately generated a fair amount of anti Islamic sentiment,not so sure it is racist ,more religious and cultural differences, misunderstandings,bad history,mistrust,and we each live in a different time frame, A fair amount of different social norms.

but other than that every thing works great.
01:51 November 27, 2011 by Mingus
Jihad Is just a name. If born in US she would be called Yahoo.
03:19 November 27, 2011 by coconutdog
Are all Germans this racist? I thought a woman was free to name her child what she wants.
03:29 November 27, 2011 by shiraz
Jihad normally means warfare in the Islamic world.

You can try to reinterpret things but the fact remains that some religions sanctify violence, warfare and demand an eye for an eye (are vindictive).

This is no fault of the baby boy but it seems the mother is very traditional (to have so many children in an overpopulated world is criminal to say the least) and it seems that the boy was named out of anger or out of harboring ill-will. This name is likely going to isolate the poor boy and facilitate his brainwashing by his family and community further dividing the society. Clearly "integration" or "assimilation" is something Germany is not very good at (seeing that today the world has to suffer at the hands of a certain other German religious community that left after/during WW2).

Being German means that these people ought to identify with Germany. The boy should have typically German names or atleast names that are close to German names. This does not bode well for Germany or the family (or the Muslims of that region). May goodness have mercy upon us and put love in the hearts of those who choose to leave their religion / countries behind to settle in the blessed lands of Europe.
04:00 November 27, 2011 by stablemate77
nice looking baby....way to go.....hope he grow up to love all people of world......and share his faith by taking the free german food..which he will need....smile)
12:35 November 27, 2011 by Jacoco
Oh my, what vindictiveness is on display here! What petty, horrible little people are out there! How judgmental one can be of an individual (a mother, a child), family, community, integration and religion after reading just 27 brief lines of text.

Firstly, as a mother: good luck to little Jihad's mother on the healthy birth of her new son. That's one helluva weight.

Secondly, and this one goes to the unenlightened or ill-informed shiraz who writes: "it seems the mother is very traditional (to have so many children in an overpopulated world is criminal to say the least)". I wonder if shiraz read of the American woman who will give birth to her 20th child early next year (http://www.duggarfamily.com/).

Instead of judging people you've not met nor are likely to meet, why not show a little tolerance and understanding, have a laugh at the name (as we laugh at Mercedes, Tyrone, Yahoo, Soleil Moon Fry, Fifi Trixibelle, Jaxon and other oddities parents come up with) and try to be the better person?

And why not keep in mind Shakespeare's line:

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet;"

Little Jihad's chances in life lie with all of you, your ability to have and keep an open mind, and to demonstrate the tolerance you desire from others.
16:22 November 27, 2011 by Elise47
I am not going to judge a baby by saying with a name like that he isn't going to have a job or amount to anything, maybe he can get a name change. My son when he was born he was 13 lbs I wasn't 528 lbs when I was pregnant and I'm not 528 lbs now, I was not a diabetic either and he was born vaginally. I know the arguments about the name and while agree with some . I don't think she fully thought it out about naming her child while some people explained what the name meant, that child has to go through life with that name, and people are not going to ask little jihad what his name means, I think he will have a tough time, people do not put any thought in naming their children , parents need to think seriously about the name they give to their child, like some movie star giving her kid the name apple or I saw on one show the mans name was high can you imagine going thru life with that name.
08:05 November 28, 2011 by Englishted

"The midlands of the UK would never have been made if it wasn't for their hard work or should I say jihad! "

I was born and breed in the midlands and this is a total lie .

Never have made what?

Birmingham was know by two names

1:Workplace of the world.

2: City of a thousand trades.

It had possibly the first factory of the industrial revolution at Soho,and was a world leader in engineering.The spitfire a famous WW2 fighter plane was built there.

These day have gone thanks to lack of investment and other problems

but the influx of "indo-paks" who did not arrive till the late 60's was not the pick me up the place needed as may who came had no skills at all .

And now Birmingham is for want of a better description split into ghettos and that needless to say does not help.
10:01 November 28, 2011 by nolibs
I see that TheLocal's book burners are out in force.....

Whatever meaning you want to apply to this name, the sheer fact that it is associated with death, destruction and terrorism shows a complete lack of common sense on the part of the parents. The DailyMail states, "The Islamic term is used in the Koran to describe the religious war all followers are to wage against 'non-believers'." The good thing that with names like muhammad and jihad, employers can pick them out easily.

Considering her weight and that she has had thirteen kids, I would bet money that she's on the welfare dole as well. Basically, Germany is paying Muslims to breed them out of existence.
11:04 November 28, 2011 by LecteurX
@ nolibs - "Germany is paying Muslims to breed them out of existence". Please explain how can that happen? The more Muslims there are in the world (or in Germany), the fewer Germans? Do Muslims eat Germans? How about Muslims becoming German? There we go again, after you took such pain to downplay the neo-nazi crimes and their significance...

The simple fact that you quote the DailyMail says a lot about you. You still havent cared to answer my question to YOU here: http://www.thelocal.de/politics/20111122-39027.html. But I guess it was just easier to dodge it, eh, what with those inconvenient facts and all that...
11:18 November 28, 2011 by cynicoren
Germany has a BIG problem...
14:07 November 28, 2011 by Tangential
I think I'm going to name my next child Allah Sucks. I'd be rather surprised after the Allah cartoon reactions to see any level of tolerance in return.

Bad baby name is bad, and fat mumma is FAT!
14:14 November 28, 2011 by nolibs
@LecteurX - I found the dailymail quote while searching for more information about the woman. So, I guess it says more about Google than me.


"The fall in the German population can no longer be stopped. Its downward spiral is no longer reversible. It will be a Muslim state by the year 2050." Walter Radermacher...although he distanced himself from the last sentence later, saying that they were someone else's words.

So, this means that Muslims have more children compared to Germans and will outbreed them simply by numbers...not by "Muslims eat[ing] Germans"

I'll go back and respond to the other post you referenced when I get the chance.
14:27 November 28, 2011 by endrsgm
the use of the word jihad as a struggle is just Dhimmitude - which is submission to islam. according to the Dictionary of Islam, the word "jihad" appears 41 times in the quran and means "A religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad ... enjoined especially for the purpose of advancing Islam and repelling evil from Muslims." this is the way the quran defines it. however, modern arabic allows that the word can mean struggle .. as in struggle military, against those of another faith, or for a cause.

the use of the word jihad as a personal struggle is just part of a pattern of misleading the west as to what is meant. islam does not permit other religions, it does not permit people to reject islam for another or no religion (apostacy), it does not permit a civil government to operate independantly of religious rule - so the true jihad is the conversion of secular governments to religious theocracies under islam - in which the quran dicates all rules, laws, customs, and moral codes. hence the right to free speech is sublimated to the quran which says there certain things one can NOT say or print, even if it is a non-muslim country saying it.

all of this is well documented and easily proven. so of course i wont get attacked on the substance of what ive posted but instead ill be called intolerant, a bigot, or otherwise personally attacked. after all, a personal attack on me wont require facts or proving a point of view and
14:56 November 28, 2011 by LiberalGuy
My god. What a bunch of crap people have over a baby. He's called Jihad. So what? He'll be commonly known as Jordie, or so variation of, from about 2 weeks in school. Who cares?

"they have greatly oppressed me from my youth, but they have not gained the victory over me."

Psalm 129:2
15:41 November 28, 2011 by cynicoren
@ Lecteur X - I guess what he/she meant was, that Germany pays a lot of welfare to support so many children. Since it seems that Muslims has many children relatively to the western cultures... well, I hope you get the point. Problem is, once you pay such an incentive, they will have more and more children, while the gen pop shrinks, they'll become a bigger part of the population. In Israel they have the same problem with Orth Jews - they don't work and live and welfare, avg. 7 children per family. If secular pop will not grow, in 50 years the country will turn to a Jewish Iran. The problem is with ppl that define themselves by their religion (I am a Muslim, then a German). Religion is the best solution for this planets overpopulation.
19:30 November 28, 2011 by endrsgm
im not so sure that it is as simple as "muslims" have more children. i think its a societal difference that is deeper than religion. germany is primarily a first wave economy - an informational society. most of the immigrants to germany are from third wave economies - primarily agricultural. first wave economies tend to marry later and have less children, if any. third wave economies tend to marry earlier and have more children. in a third wave economy the economics of having more children translate into more workers on the farm, a higer infant mortality rate, a lower life expectancy, and someone to take care of you when you get older. many immigrants to germany and other first wave economies that come from third wave economies take several generations to adapt. unfortunately, many of the immigrants to germany are NOT integrating - which is partly due to religion. many of the turkish immigrants from the 50s and 60s are from east turkey - many had never been to school or were even interested in school beyond learning the quran. many of this generation went back to turkey to get married. they see german culture as an insidious poison that their children need to be protected from, so they tend to live together, socialize together, and try to keep their children "pure". this makes it more likely that their children will do less well in school, speak german less fluently, be less westernized, and be less successful than their counterparts. in this way their religion does influence the amount of children, but its not the primary factor involved.
11:44 November 29, 2011 by LecteurX
@ Nolibs / cynicoren - OK, granted, you don't read the DailyMail but this rag, erm, media is by no means neutral and tends to report very biased information to convey its worldview... it's just as credible as quoting FauxNews.

There is a meaning in the words. If you say "Muslims are breeding Germans out of existence", it is to be understood in quite a different way than "Muslims are outbreeding Germans". Anyway. I guess it's important to keep a cool head about things. I personally disapprove of such a name for a kid. Jihad - ironically, my first reaction is "Jesus" :-)

It's a terrible name and it is not a good sign of integration. So actually I agree with most commenters here. But where I disagree, is when people start screaming about Germany becoming a Sultanate in 30 or 50 or 80 years or anything. First, it's Germans' fault if they don't make enough babies, well, their own and the Government's. They are driving themselves out of existence with their low birthrate, their low acceptance of kids (all these stories of mothers being thrown out of buses, theses signs saying "Kinder Spielen Verboten" and stuff) and the rest. Stats show that immigrant families tend to have more kids, although 13 children is by no means the norm. So the DailyMail gets on the roof and screams that Germany is a Muslim state in 50 years.

What they DON'T say is that for the last years in a row, there has been significantly MORE outmigration from Germany to Turkey than inward migration. Turks, or Germans with a Turkish background, are going "back" to Turkey. The bad news is that it's mostly the educated ones who leave, as they don't feel they are given as many opportunites here than in Turkey. Those who stay are those who call their kids "Jihad". That's quite sad. But true. And you won't read that in the DailyMail...
03:20 November 30, 2011 by Pakistani
without readin 99% percent of the posts here (which probably contain a lot of

hatred for Muslims and Blah Blah Blah ), I must say the name is realllllllly un usual. infact it is not a name at all. I mean, a Muslim naming his/her child: 'jihad' is like a christian naming his/her child as : ''celibacy", "virgin" OR " 'k jews " in an arab/jew country. maybe , the name was not exactly: "jihad" but had some other spellings and our beloved 'the-local' correspondant made a mistake... I have been living in germany for about 3 years and I know the the possibility of Muslims( like other foreigners) seeing the immense love and affection towards them ,would ever name their children as "jihad"


love to Merke and all the "piece-keepers" (ie : the americans)---- u guys are awesome!... you made poverty, hunger and suffering vanish from the world by being so selfless. Despite your soldiers killing innocent civillians and afganistan, iraq and so on
07:27 November 30, 2011 by Englishted

With your sort of comment and your countrymen' s actions are you surprised that the flood appeal fell on deaf ears?
16:33 November 30, 2011 by Lykurgus
Sounded like she gave birth to the bomb discovered in Koblenz. Maybe that give her inspiration to give her kid a terrorist name. I'm sure he will grow up to blow himself up.
18:34 November 30, 2011 by Pakistani

what country men?...and what actions?.. and who made the appeal? - the 'deaf ears' only made our politicians a bit less rich :)... no harm done to us. your money is good only in your pockets--- no help needed here :-* .
09:52 December 7, 2011 by heyheyhey
Only pathetic, hateful snobs would post much of the commentary here.

Need anyone wonder why there is such vicious behavior in this world?

Get a life you trailer trash bigots.........remember that someday Jihad will be in the majority in Western society.

Yes, I know that you see yourselves as better than jihad and his mom and that is why you judge.

Your turn is coming.
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