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Germany rejects carbon dioxide storage plans

The Local · 23 Sep 2011, 14:07

Published: 23 Sep 2011 14:07 GMT+02:00

The rejection of the draft law for using carbon capture and storage methods will be a blow to Angela Merkel’s government which was hoping to use the technology of compressing carbon dioxide in underground storage facilities.

The compression is undertaken as the carbon dioxide is generated, largely in conventional fossil fuel power stations, requiring new technologies. The gas is then pressurised to turn it into a liquid, and stored underground.

Tests on the methods to do this were slated to be undertaken by 2017, after which two or three storage facilities were planned for construction in northern and eastern regions of the country.

Opposition in those areas was strong, based on fears of possible explosion-like uncontrolled emissions of the gas.

“We don’t want it in Schleswig-Holstein,” said state premier Peter Harry Carstensen.

It is now possible that the €1.5-billion demonstration power station due to be built in Jänschwalde, Brandenburg by power generator Vattenfall could be jeopardised.

The Bundesrat vote was accompanied by demonstrations for and against, with Greenpeace building a large mock carbon dioxide time-bomb outside to warn against the incalculable risks of, for example, ground water contamination.

Environmental protester Claude Wegner said she was against the idea of such a storage place being built in Oderbruch, Brandenburg. She said pressurised carbon dioxide storage underground was like nuclear power in that it was, “uncontrollable and not possible to secure.”

On the other side of the argument, trade unions representing workers at fossil fuel power stations, were in Berlin to show their support for the idea. “In Norway it has been tested for a long time without any problems,” said Benjamin Maeschke, an apprentice at the Vattenfall power station in Schwarze Pumpe.

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One particularly controversial clause in the draft law which caused argument in the Bundesrat enabled individual states to prevent carbon dioxide storage facilities being built in their regions under certain limited circumstances. This was opposed by representatives from Brandenburg in particular, who argued it would allow some states to duck their responsibilities.

“Germany is one of the leaders in CCS technology,” said Brandenburg’s state Economy Minister Ralf Christoffers. “We therefore need a federal-wide unitary solution.” He said it was not only about emissions from fossil fuel power stations, but also concerned the 400 million tons of carbon dioxide emitted by industry each year.

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Your comments about this article

15:07 September 23, 2011 by delvek
WOW! Great move Bundesrat! One step closer to getting further away from these environmental loonie bins hijacking economies.
16:13 September 23, 2011 by Small Town Boy
...Try reading the article before commenting. It was the "environmental loonie bins" that didn't want this and they've got their wish.
16:51 September 23, 2011 by derExDeutsche
Do they know that Plants and Trees love, and need C02?

In fact, more C02 in the atmosphere = the faster everything grows. The sun has much more pronounced effect on Temps, as one can see looking at the cold looking scene in the above picture. (I think the cute blondie is wearing short shorts for a 'warming' effect.)

Deforestation, urban sprawl, smog, pollution, all terrible stuff, no doubt. Lets make our civilization cleaner and healthier! But lets not just make stuff up, and then sign away our freedoms and prosperity for a bunch of kooks living in a propaganda dream, called 'C02 is the enemy'. No, its not the enemy, its just what enterprising Lefties and crew, felt like they could make money trading.

as @Small Town Boy points out, Kooks do not want to bury the stuff either. Greenpeace gets multimillions in funding from 'Green' initiatives, to keep competing industries from enjoying all the prosperity. 'Clean' or 'green' in the end, not really being of much consequence.
00:12 September 24, 2011 by DrGideonPolya
A great decision by Germany to prohibit CCS. The solution to greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution is to stop GENERATING GHGs, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and man-made GHGs such as hydrofluoro hydrocarbons (HFCs), nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6). This can be achieved by 100% renewavble energy ASAP coupled with re-afforestation and biochar production coupled with cessation of population increase, fossil fuel burning, deforestation and methanogenic livestock production (for an up to date, well referenced climate change course summary Google "climate change course summary").

The need for REAL action on GHG pollution is acute, In 2009 the German Advisory Council on Climate Change (WBGU; Wissenshaftlicher Beirat der Bundesregierung Globale Umweltveränderungen) determined that for a 75% chance of avoiding a 2 degree C temperature rise (EU policy), the World must pollute less than a 600 Gt CO2 "global GHG pollution budget" between 2010 and essentially zero emissions in 2050. Analysis of this country by country reveals that at current rates of GHG pollution Germany has merely 5.9 years to cease all GHG pollution (i.e. no industry, transport, livestock etc) whereas climate criminal Apartheid Australia, a world leader in annual per capita GHG pollution and fossil fuel exports has already used up its "fair share" of this terminal GHG pollution budget and is now stealing the entitlement of all other countries (e.g. Somalia and Bangladesh) (for details Google "Shocking analysis by country").

The World is running out of time to tackle man-made climate change and dishonest, ineffective approaches such as the CCS, ETS and "coal to gas transition" (gas is dirty and can be dirtier than coal GHG-wise) will simply delay requisite climate change action.

Supported by 350.org (back to 350 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere ASAP) and 300.org (back to 300 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere ASAP) , on September 24, more than 150 countries are expected to take part in a global day events called ¦quot;Moving Planet¦quot; dedicated to the goal of solving the climate crisis by ending the world¦#39;s dependence on fossil-fuel energy.
06:30 September 24, 2011 by solsscriptura
Absolutely "der exDeutsche" Friends read him and then go to Infowars dot com and get the real information on this topic. Then when commenter #4 tries to baffle you with his BS (Bad Science)spooned to him by Al Gore Manpig, you can laugh. Read the book - "State of Fear" and then ask yourself why the author was killed after it came out.

Cap and Trade #4? and why are all of the payments made to Al Gore? Wake up. The Earth never became cooler by throwing money at it.
08:54 September 24, 2011 by G-g-g-g-g-last-on-berry
To be honest, it might be good idea if without rejection. When I was a code checker at British Sainsbury's Supermarket in London, the company once threw away cases of fresh bananas due to the date printed on the plastic bag was Out Of Date according to British Sainsbury's supermarket's Health and Safety Procedure. When I was Checkout cashier at British Sainsbury's supermarket in London, in order to reduce using plastic bags, that is, reduce CO2, I had to asked every customer who payed his or her bill at the Checkout "Are you re-using your own bags today?" for protecting environment according to British Sainsbury's supermarket environment procedure even through the customer had plastic bags in hand. What a brilliant procedure! Several weeks age I read a Japanese writer's book which talked about how to use the sun's energy. His idea is that if human being is landing the moon again and put a special cover on the moon to collecting sun's energy and reflect it back to our planet. That must be benefit all of our human being as we have known that every nuclear power station is potential "nuclear bomb", especially in Europe such as Britain and France have too many these "nuclear bombs" storing on their limited land. If America land on the moon again and we put a special cover on the moon to collecting sun's energy for our planet using, why Europe need nuclear power station-potential 'nuclear bomb" on the limited land?
11:40 September 26, 2011 by peeboy
if ground water is contaminated by CO2 .. well we have sparkling water :)
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