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Adventurous duo fined for nude photo shoot in Bavarian church

The Local · 28 Jan 2011, 09:25

Published: 28 Jan 2011 09:25 GMT+01:00

The Memmingen district court on Thursday fined the 46-year-old unemployed woman and 40-year-old metal-worker €900 and €1,800, respectively, for the nude photo shoot they held in the Ottobeuren Basilica in December 2009.

The incident occurred after the defendants, who had met in an internet sex-forum, moved a photo shoot from the woods to the nearby baroque basilica of the Ottobeuren Abbey because the weather was “too cold” for the scantily-clad pair, local daily Allgäu Rundschau reported.

“The basilica was empty at the time. We didn’t have the impression we were disturbing anyone,” said the male defendant, an amateur photographer who took 37 photos of the nude woman in what the court termed “suggestive poses.”

The pair later posted the photos under their profiles on the internet forum where they met.

Police began investigating them after receiving an anonymous letter from a “faithful Catholic” who “happened upon” the online photos and took offence at their setting in a church, the paper reported.

“We didn’t consider the consequences of our actions,” said the female defendant. “The photos were meant for private use.”

The defendants tried justifying the photos before the court, arguing that nudity is “nothing foreign” to the Church and comparing their deed to Michelangelo painting nude frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

“But Michelangelo certainly had another purpose,” the state prosecutor countered.

The Italian renaissance master also “did not present the pictures to some five million members of an erotic community on the internet,” he added.

The judge on the case said it was “beside the point” that the church was empty when the photos were taken.

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“The law protects the religious faith of its citizens; actions such as these are impermissible in a church,” she said.

The sentence, however, is not yet final and the defendants maintain their innocence.

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Your comments about this article

12:11 January 28, 2011 by Johnne
You see now? and some people think they have the right to be commenting negatively about Muslims and the Islam. When we as Christians are too indisciplined & lack the basic understanding and principles of Christianity. Simple morals! how on earth is taking nude pictures in the house of God justifiable? we´ll be calling muslims all sorts of names; meanwhile most of them are simply religiously disciplined and will do anything to keep their principles. I think they even deserve to be imprisoned without fine, NONSENSE!!
12:23 January 28, 2011 by LancashireLad
"disturbing the practice of religion"

I KNEW it. People only practice religion - nobody actually gets it right.
13:33 January 28, 2011 by William Thirteen
caught with their pants down, as it were. but really - shouldn't they have been caught in the act? bringing charges against them after the fact is a bit vindictive or?
14:01 January 28, 2011 by iseedaftpeople
"stiff" penalties, eh? ;-)
14:20 January 28, 2011 by Johnne
Maybe they shouldn´t even report such news because these disgraceful acts are getting too much. or are other religions setting Christians up? what is this!
14:53 January 28, 2011 by Gretl
If God was responsible for creating humans, then he would know what naked humans look like. He also was responsible for creating sex. There is no rules in the Bible prohibiting nakedness or sex in a church. A church is an overly ornate building, a monument to the greed of second sons without a kingdom to rule.

It is all just human artifice.
15:19 January 28, 2011 by auniquecorn
a couple get naked in a church, €1,800 fine.

a priest molest a child, slap on the wrist.

The law protects the religious faith of its citizens; actions such as these are impermissible in a church,¦quot; she said.
15:39 January 28, 2011 by iseedaftpeople

"a couple get naked in a church, €1,800 fine.

a priest molest a child, slap on the wrist."

Excellent point there.
21:14 January 28, 2011 by auniquecorn
it´s the truth ain´t it?
09:51 January 29, 2011 by ECSNatale
and not a naked angel in sight...
19:38 January 29, 2011 by wxman
It's private property. They were trespassing.
22:42 January 29, 2011 by zeddriver
So lets see. A "faithful catholic" was on ( Opps! happened across) an internet sex forum and was insulted that "their church" was used for a photo session. HHMMM!

As a christian myself. What ever happened to the bible lesson, Let ye without sin cast the first stone. And, judge not lest ye be judged.

In a victimless situation such as this. I say let God sort it out. This world has far bigger problems to worry about.

But unfortunately, A few well meaning church folk sure know how to make my religion look hypocritical and intolerant.
00:00 January 30, 2011 by Meringer
#1 Who said that the two idiots were practicing Christians or even Christians at all? Are you assuming they are Christians because they were in a Church?
05:17 January 30, 2011 by Swag2TZ
Ha Ha.....too funny.
11:30 January 30, 2011 by LecteurX
@ Zeddriver

Yeah I thought exactly the same. This poor "faithful Catholic" was probably on the Internet forum to try and convince those sinners to repent or something... What a disgusting hypocrite, really!

I'm a Christian too btw. I would have wished those two to be punished, but now actually I have much less sympathy for this "Catholic" who denounced them this way...
01:31 January 31, 2011 by truk62

It's easy to make jokes and off hand comments about Catholics and Christians in general because they are easy targets. What this couple did was an affront to this house of worship and all those who are faithful and people that trespass should be punished appropriately. I wonder if you all would be so callous and indifferent if it were a mosque where this took place. Doubtful because the adherents of the religion of peace and love (Islam) would likely be rioting across the world and demanding the head of all and any who offend the prophet. (peace be upon him)

Couple gets naked in a church 1800 Euro fine

Child molesting priest: slap on the wrist (may be in Europe)

Try this one......

Couple gets naked in a mosque

Muslims riot, demanding that the couple be stoned to death

Death warrants are placed on the heads of the couple and they have to live in hiding for the rest of their lives.

Muslims keep raping, pillaging and plundering because one of their houses of peace and love has been desecrated with nudity and will not rest until the couple are dead or at least a couple of dozen innocent bystanders.

The rioters start to mellow out and end the debacle with marching in protest to the governments lack of care for their plight with signs depicting headless Europeans, signs that say, "one day all of world will be under Sharia and faithful to Allah and Lots of signs saying, "death to the infidels."

Now sit back and think about that 1800 Euro fine and make more jokes at the expense of faithful Christians. Blessed that they are.
04:49 January 31, 2011 by Johnne
Are you asking that question or just saying it? I expect you to know that there´s nothing a "non practising christian" would be doing in a church anyway. And for the fact that they are Germans, they must be at least linked to christianity or not?
06:42 January 31, 2011 by Meringer
Johnne, just being in a church, being German or being in Germany does not make one Catholic or even Christian. They could be Athiests, Agnostics, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Moonies, Scientologists, just idiots or anything else. My point was, you cannot assume they are Christian. As a Christian I fervently hope they are not, but that they will one day come to know the Lord, and then they might start acting properly. I think their actions would have been reprehentsable no matter what their religion is or what kind of House of Worship they did this in.
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