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Religious Muslim boys more violent, study says

The Local · 6 Jun 2010, 11:48

Published: 06 Jun 2010 11:48 GMT+02:00

The study, which involved intensive questioning of 45,000 teenagers from 61 towns and regions across the country, was conducted by Christian Pfeiffer of the criminal research institute of Lower Saxony.

Pfeiffer said he was dismayed by the results, and told the Süddeutsche Zeitung he was a strong critic of political campaigns which painted foreigners as criminals – such as those led by Roland Koch and Thilo Sarrazin.

Pfeiffer’s work took into account the level of education and standard of living in the families of the children – aged between 14 and 16 – who were questioned. He also asked them how religious they considered themselves, and how integrated they felt in Germany.

Pfeiffer said that even when other social factors were taken into account, there remained a significant correlation between religiosity and readiness to use violence. There were some positive correlations too he said, noting that young religious Muslims were much less likely than their non-Muslim counterparts to drink alcohol – or to steal from shops.

The increased likelihood to use violence was restricted to Muslim boys Pfeiffer said – Muslim girls were just as likely to be violent as non-Muslim girls.

This led him to conclude that there was not a direct link between Islamic belief and violence – but an indirect one. He pointed to Christian teachings which justified domestic violence and male dominance of society for a long time.

His researchers asked the teenagers a range of questions about their ideas of manliness, for example whether they thought a man was justified in hitting his wife if she had been unfaithful. They also asked about what media and computer game violence they were exposed to, as well as whether their friends were involved in crime or violence.

The results showed that Muslim boys from immigrant families were more than twice as likely to agree with macho statements than boys from Christian immigrant families. The rate was highest among those considered as very religious, Pfeiffer said. They were also more likely to be using violent computer games and have criminal friends.

Added to that, the more religious Muslim boys felt the least integrated into German society, with only 14.5 percent of the very religious Turkish boys (the largest group of Muslims in the study) saying they felt German, although 88.5 percent had been born here.

Pfeiffer said he thought the responsibility for the macho culture lay with Imams in Germany, who he said usually come from abroad and often cannot speak German or have much understanding of the culture.

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“We have to prevent attempts at integration from being destroyed by Imams who preach Turkish provincial stories and a reactionary male image,” said Pfeiffer.

He also called for Germans to reconsider how they treat Muslims, saying that since the September 11 attacks in 2001, there had been a damaging loss of trust.

“Exclusion starts already when the Muslim child is not invited to a birthday party,” he said.

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14:49 June 6, 2010 by AlinBrum
Good report ,alhough I don't think you would ever see such a report in Britain without demonstrations on the streets!

Have you ever been invited to a Muslim birthday party? I haven't ,nor has my son - although he has plenty of Muslim friends. When I invited some Muslim children to a barbeque party they would only eat if we assurred them the food was halal ,and then they took the plate of halal food to a corner and ate it between themselves. It was not an experience I am in a hurry to repeat.

In addition, most Asians in the UK I know also "import" a husband or wife from their native country which cannot aid integration into the host country.
17:05 June 6, 2010 by kamilkamil
It looks mostly true but I dont think its directly associated with Islam. To have an urban personality you must good education good family and a good society. Last year I visited my uncle with my father in Ludwigs. . We went to a mosque and came across with an imam. He was very narrow minded he was declareting themselves as caliphet of europe. We argued with him . My father also is an imam too but we shocked when we see that much stupid person. Of course all of the imams arnt like him but Turkish religion instution 'Diyanet' must send qualified imams . I know that people coming to germany becuse they are paid a good money as an imam. They dont know even german language or arabic language how can they be useful . I dont know your idea about muslims but We are demanded to be kind against you. This is the verse about it English translation: Do not argue with the people of the scripture (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) except in the nicest possible manner - unless they transgress - and say,

"We believe in what was revealed to us and in what was revealed to you, and our god and your god is one and the same;

to Him we are submitters."
21:01 June 6, 2010 by Edin

I am a muslim and I am sick of these stupid conclusions, like imams are the guilty ones. Lets say I accept the results of the questionare, but on which basis is the conclusion made, there is absolutely no proof to the claime. Point is, the questions asked are just as much cultural issue, and cannot be directly mapped one to one to religion. There are other social issues to it too, apart from agressive video games. I see here an intention of finding a scientifical basis, of putting islamic mosques and imams under the control of the state, in the metters of religion it self. The same state which does not reckognize Islam as the official religion, as it does Christianity. But no study is made to say why do Muslims feel like they do, about integration, that is assimilation.
21:47 June 6, 2010 by Jibzy
I think this study was done just tomake people like AlinBrum and DerExDeutsche say.. i knew it. Thats what media is all about nowadays..making stereotypes and exploiting them.

@AlinBrum: Well i'm sad really that you have had such a bad experience with 3 or 4 Muslims out of the Billions that are there in the world. But i'm actually more sad that you have a child who might grow up to believe what you believe. Maybe you've met the wrong people or you've seen them in a very biased perspective. Just like all Germans arent Nazis, all Americans arent Republicans, the same with MUSLIMS. If you invite me to a BBQ, i wont eat your pork (mainly becuz it is very harmful for the human body), but i'll eat Beef/Lamb and chicken if you grill that..regardless if bought from a Turkish shop or Lidl. You know.. i might even Prost you on somethings.
22:12 June 6, 2010 by derExDeutsche

I would love to join you in your Delusions!

I, however, just can't get around this whole pesky 'reality' thing. But don't worry, my friend! Your boy Obama will be out on his ass come 2012. Then you can get back to your Republican Jihad. oh wait, you DON'T HATE. You are obviously above all that. This article OBVIOUSLY makes no sense.

And since you Hate Nazi's so much, pray tell, what part of Nazi philosophy is it that you Hate the Most?
22:26 June 6, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, the biggest problem with humans is that they lack logic.

Logic and human emotions are opposites. Therefore it's understandable, as to why people are not interested in embracing a form of intellience that is so very foreign to them. Unless there is a sudden discovery of the essentialness of logic, then problems such those discussed in the article will continue forever.

Logic is thinking power. Without, you are like a rock on the ground. You will never get far.
23:34 June 6, 2010 by Prufrock2010
ExDeutsche --

Maybe the more appropriate question is what part of Nazi philosophy is it that you like the most?
07:53 June 7, 2010 by ColoSlim
When anyone is excluded from the community, it is a human natural reaction to act like you don't care and from this, hatred builds. It has to do with being an outsider not with religious belief. Anyone who has ever been excluded knows how it feels.
08:42 June 7, 2010 by FrankLeeSpeaking

Exclusion has nothing to do with this. Read the Qur'an and Hadith. And you will understand is not us, its them.
09:05 June 7, 2010 by andthenme
but domestic violence exists EVERY WHERE, do you think when someone commits violence, he has been already reading a book, whether it is quran or bible or whatever, and is following the instructions before his violent act?

i have seen nice people with many different cultural background. it all depends on the personality. i would like to have a talk with the researchers of this project. you cant just make conclusion by looking at some papers. you must live and experience things or at least a long face-to-face discussion with many people, before you learn something about them.

generally people with middle eastern look are not welcome in europe, it doesnt go that far to consider religion. Look how the jews were treated in europe, and it is still the same, but no one dares to speak it load.

this hate exists here in europe since thousands of years ago. check the history in.
09:47 June 7, 2010 by danceswithgoats
Islam is currently infected with Wahhabism. Before the Wahhabists (Saudis) had billions of dollars of petro-money Islam was more tolerant. Before the Saudis began training a new generation of Imams and actively spreading intolerance, Islam was more compatible with its neighbors. Hopefully the Saudis run out of money before Western Europe runs out of indigenous peoples or the results will be catastrophic as young, militant and numerous Muslims bend Europe to their intolerant/imperialistic vision.
12:12 June 7, 2010 by michael4096
One problem I have with this survey is that it equates talking tough with being tough. Asking people if they think that beating women is ok is very different to them actually beating people. Bluster is not violence.
Logic and human emotions are opposites.
@LogicGuy - Once again, you are perfectly, 100% incorrect. Human emotions are totally logical. Even the, very natural, emotion that makes us all afraid of strangers or those that act differently bas been an essential survival technique for most of human history. Believing old stories, verbal and written, is also perfectly logical - in general, they do help people avoid repeating mistakes made and help capitalize on good fortune found in the past.

The problem is not their logicality but their appropriateness for the modern world.
12:14 June 7, 2010 by trevzns
The extreme division of the three western modern religious groups is as old as the religion. I have not read the Qur¦#39;an and cannot comment on the teachings of Islam.

The Christian and Hebrew Bibles are said to be God¦#39;s law and commandments written by prophets who were inspired by God or God spoke by way of messengers.

Maybe this is one of the reasons the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Romans did not encourage or tolerate the concept?

Some of the world¦#39;s conflicts that exist today are in part a result of political movements by Europeans, Arabs and US Americans. European colonists established what is now the USA.

Islam, Judaism and Christianity are religions and not cultures or a race of people. There is only one Human race.

Theodor Herzl - Austrian-Hungarian is the man responsible for the politics in modern Judaism.

Muhammad Ali - Albanian born in the Ottoman province Macedonia is the man responsible for the politics in modern Islam.

Jesus of Nazareth ­ born in Judaea governed by Rome, to most Christian denominations believe him to be the Son of God.

In my opinion The Holy Roman Empire and The Roman Catholic Church are responsible of the politics in modern Christianity.

Regarding this article, only The Christian Pfeiffer Institute knows the motivation for the study of religious Muslim boys.

The narrow self-serving study of Muslim families in Germany will continue the polarization of European-Arab religious and political groups.

European-Arab religion and politics are a problematic issue facing our world, maybe as the European Culture matures there can be more religious and political understanding and tolerance?
12:19 June 7, 2010 by Naas
It is people not religion.
13:02 June 7, 2010 by RevolutionUnknown
I am sorry say, but the research by Mr. Pfeiffer doesnt seems convincing at all. It looks as if its a diligent try to correlate religion and violence which didnt turn plausible. Living in Germany, I have seen muslim generations growing up, but I have never seen them following the Islamic teachings staunchly. Its more of a tag that they wear. I am sure they would have been better off if they had followed and studied Islam more closely, which teaches one to be more acceptable, peaceful and to be more pacifist. Point being, with the basic assumption of minorities being religious in Germany being wrong, I cant swallow the correlation that has been made.

I guess its the isolation and the lack of the efforts to integrate foreigners that have given rise to the violent behaviour where these minorities through indirect ways have tried to raise there voice and presence, which was again not intentional.
13:16 June 7, 2010 by Tobsen
I believe the results of the study to be biased in a certain way. I do not doubt that there is a correlation between religious believe and readiness to use violence. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the one is the consequence of the other. They might both be symptoms of the same underlying.

It is a widely accepted theory that hardship fosters religiousity.

It is also a widely accepted theory that hardship encourages violence - domestic or other.

So the reason that we find some youngsters out there that are both religious and ready to use force, might as well be a consequence of their families not doing very well compared to the average population.
14:18 June 7, 2010 by JohnnesKönig
My first reaction is that his reference to biblical teaching and Domestic violence was one of dismay. Only to conclude he has an axe to grind.

seems his desire to disprove, backfired.. And I have to agree with Nass, "it's people, not religion. Circumstances are probably a greater factor.

So in summary, the study is inconclusive...
17:45 June 7, 2010 by mymark2
kamilkamil, "
17:45 June 7, 2010 by trevzns
The study is inconclusive and a distraction and I¦#39;m happy to express my opinions.

Religion is the creation of people. The Bible and the Qur¦#39;an were written by people mostly European people none, which were eyewitness or lived during times of the events they have prophesized.

Using labels such as integration of foreigners and calling a group of people minorities is a distraction and counterproductive. Judaism, Islam and Christianity are a European-Arab religion.

Many of the peoples that live or are from Turkey, Egypt and the Middle East countries are European-Arab descendents.

The practice of drawing Country boarders by Europeans has been proven to have negative consequences and building walls, fences and the fear of strangers is not logical, it¦#39;s Xenophobia.

If fear of strangers were a logical emotion the experience of the first Europeans to arrive in the Americas would not have been one of welcome by the indigenous peoples.

Love, Hate, Envy and revenge are emotions that all human beings are capable of expressing.

If serious effort was made to address the problems of hunger, poverty and ignorance maybe there can be less religious politically motivated conflicts in our world.
17:53 June 7, 2010 by mymark2
kamilkamil, you said this "We believe in what was revealed to us and in what was revealed to you, and our god and your god is one and the same"

I know muslims allways say this (I also know about taqqiya - the practice that all muslims lie about islam to non muslims in any way possible, to disguise what it really is)

Kamilkamil - Jews and Christians do not call something with the character, methods, nature and schemes and promisses of sexual perversions for following it, ie SATAN...... we do not call him God..

Who you have chosen to call god, is not God, the real God warns of satan, not tells us to follow and obey him.
19:35 June 7, 2010 by andthenme
well said trevzns and yes mymark2 is totally right, the belief system in Christianity and Judaism is very different from Islam. Another example is that in Islam, Jesus was just a human, but in Christianity Jesus is God.

But we should also consider that true followers of any of the religions are far less than the ones registered as followers of that religion.

People go to night clubs more than they go to church on sundays, and yet they are registered as Christians! The same goes with Muslims.

I think these kinds of researches are just political, and those researchers get also the fund of course ;-)
21:10 June 7, 2010 by kamilkamil
mymark2 you re talking about taqiyya . It means you can lie when somebody threaten your life. It happened at first time of islam , non believeres were killing muslims with torture just because they were muslim if you come across with same situation you can do it.

I didnt care about god or God .in turkish language we use tanrı same with god it means any god true or false muslim god or christian god or budist god ..

Islam is very clear. Everybody can read it. I cant accept perversions . There are 610 pages in it and its open to everybody. Its original because it was written directly when prophet read it. But your book isnt same. Becuse it had writen 40 years after the jesus. I heard that you have old one new one that revised by your priest. This is the link you can check it. youtube(-)com/watch?v=IYMKQKSV0bY
21:14 June 7, 2010 by wxman
And in other news, sun rises in the east and Pope rumored to be Catholic!
22:55 June 7, 2010 by Talonx
It seems like derExDeutsche and wxman missed the conclusion of this article as did alot of others.

The conclusion was that this violence was the cross of an Islamic identity, conservative Imams, and ill treatment by die Deutschevolkerung and not definitively by any factor alone.

I would be interested to know, if these questionaires were done double blind, what sort of statistical techniques were used, what peer-reviewed journal the results can be found in, and why none of this important information is ever given in the realm of popular science.
00:28 June 8, 2010 by Prufrock2010
I fear that the virus of sectarian hatred is now pandemic and out of control. The (irresponsible) press is abetting the spread of this virus by reporting "studies" such as this as news.

Talonx's points are well taken.
11:24 June 8, 2010 by Erik Bramsen
End bold
13:22 June 8, 2010 by mymark2
kamilkamil, as I pointed out, jews and christians do not call one with the character and nature of satan, that uses his plans, schemes and depraved promises of sexual perversions and promiscuity.. God.

And islam defines anyone as 'fighting' islam or a muslim, as anyone that does not accept that a multiple sexual pervert (muhammad) is the last prophet.

In any case since your still using taqqiya (the practice and requirement that all muslims lie about islam to non muslims, to disguise/confuse and deceive about what islam really is and teaches).... you disprove your own case.

I notice that you said "in turkish language'... that is the same turkey that now has a very disgusting human rights situation, where over 75% of muslim woman (let along non muslims) report being regularly beaten by their husbands.

Lets not forget turkies disgusting, depraved and evil treatments of non muslims over some years now.... as it becomes more islamic (ahuum, peacefull), in actions.

Of course we also do not forget the murdering of over 1 million armenians by the peacefull religion of islam's, turkish devision.

Conservative figure of islam being responsible for the deaths of at least 280,000,000 (280 million), non muslims.

Lets not forget also, that muslims are responsible for the deaths of more Muslims than any other group.
13:57 June 8, 2010 by kamilkamil
What you mean here I couldnt understand. ' And islam defines anyone as 'fighting' islam or a muslim, as anyone that does not accept that a multiple sexual pervert (muhammad) is the last prophet.'

I suppose I told you clearly whats taqiyye. You should show me a document or an evidence about it . As I said Islam is very clear everything is open to everybody.

A lot of nations and different religions lived in Ottoman Empire. We arnt wild we have very clear individula rights and they . Yes we have a lot of problems and we are solving them gradually.

Armenians were our closest nation in Ottaman Empire you can ask them. Then they started to kill people to establish their state. But we forced them to migrate. We didnt kill 1 million. We are inviting them to investigate it with an international independent committee, why day say no?

You are exaggerating too much. We didnt kill 280 million we killed 280 billion non muslim ......! I wont answer your baseless claims.!!!!
17:38 June 11, 2010 by zencv

Western nations have been using their own Taqiyya over last several centuries. War in Iraq for example. Quite often, Taqiyya is not even needed as brute force works better as you know. Now you are talking about sexual perversion, look at Vatican - if the Pedophilia -- it must have been going on for centuries and everyone is "shocked and dismayed". It is ridiculous that Westerners despite all their violence pretend that they are peace loving and accuse Muslims of the same.
18:20 June 11, 2010 by fumetti

Your post just illustrates the inherent hypocrisy in religion.

As an American, I am disgusted by the evil acts carried out by people clinging to the Holy Bible. I am equally disgusted by the evil acts carried out by people clinging to the Quran. And I can throw in the Torah, too.

Religion may not be the cause of violence, but it is the world's most fertile garden for growing it.
01:57 June 13, 2010 by yonnie
Religion should be banned, period! All it does is polarize and gives a believer the feeling it is god's will to cause harm to others who don't believe the same way. Humanity would be far better-off without this ancient mill-stone about our necks.

Who invented God, Hell, Heaven, Infidel, Demon, Angel, Devil and other such nonsense anyway? And what right do we have to impose this crap onto our children?

Ban it!
04:03 June 13, 2010 by kamilkamil
I dont think religion must be banned. I consider it as God's responsibility. Always religions appeared as huge revolutions at the beginning. God prevented people from pandemic diseases which would eradicate human kind. For example sub-sahra africa suffering from AIDS. There are a lot of veneral diseases or any kind of diseases can cause extinction of human kind. For example in Islam cleanlenss , quarantine, using right hand ( which can reduce significantly fecal-oral infection), circumcision in Judaism and prohibition of premarital sex in all religions. Now developed countries are using condoms or anything else to prevent these infectious disaese but in the past it was not possible. We must take history technology culture into acoount before eliminate the religion. By the way one of the common point between religions is prohibition of killing man. .
17:52 March 10, 2013 by BadHomburg1963
Perhaps part of it is genetic. It has been proven that blacks have greater levels of testosterone than whites, who in turn have higher levels than asians. This is regardless of sex.

Higher levels of testosterone equals a greater propensity to violence and poor decisions. You have heard of roid rage?

Perhaps the same can be applied to those from Turkey ad the middle east.
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