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Orthodontist refuses to treat teen named 'Jihad'

DDP/The Local · 5 Feb 2010, 14:10

Published: 05 Feb 2010 14:10 GMT+01:00

The doctor in Donaueschingen told local daily Schwarzwälder Bote on Friday that she believed his name was a declaration of war against all non-Muslims and refused to treat him.

According to the paper, the boy’s parents were shocked, saying they had chosen the name simply because they liked it, and not for religious reasons.

Islamic scholars say the word “jihad” means “striving for God,” but it has been co-opted by Islamists for their purposes of “holy war,” the paper reported.

In hindsight the doctor said she regretted sending the boy away.

“He can’t help it that his parents named him so,” she said.

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The state medical association told the paper that the law does not require doctors to treat patients except in the case of an emergency. But the organisation also called a treatment refusal based on a first name “unusual.”

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Your comments about this article

14:38 February 5, 2010 by romber58
"God is not great",

"How Religion poisons everything"

This title of the Chris Hitchens book is proving its validity more and more,

I mean it was not even mentioned if the Dentist was herself religeous.And if she isnt then um so mehr ist der Title bestaetigt..
14:39 February 5, 2010 by ironclad
That orthodontist should declare ¦quot;jihad¦quot; on crooked teeth.
15:10 February 5, 2010 by msohailshah
In Islamic ideology jihad means to strive / struggle. Helping a widow , getting education , helping the poor are also some forms of jihad as explained by Islam. According to prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) the best form of jihad is to conquer one's temptations and wishes.

Jihad also includes the term Jihad by sword which is literally translated as armed struggle. It's not like Islam instructs muslims to kill all infidels. Extremists falsely use Islamic ideology to respond to injustices and disparities in the Middle East. It's a shame that people want to discuss the effects of the Middle East problem (extremism) but are reluctant to address the main cause and governments are reluctant to be impartial and present a comprehensive Middle East solution.

Nice comment ironclad

No hate comments please .....
15:25 February 5, 2010 by Jibzy
Nice clarification msohailshah.

This issue was taken to court (naming him Jihad) and the reason was because the child would have to face these problems. But the court decided in the child's parent's side. So this is one reaction to what the prosecutors warned about.

Being a muslim myself, i'm gonna say that the dentist has all the right to refuse treating the boy. The thing is it is very ignorant of the dentist to do that..but it is her legal right to do that. She is not legally bound but morally she IS bound. I mean she's doing the same thing..what she's condeming the JIHAD for. She's treating him unfairly becuz, according to her, only ignorant people treat others unfairly.

I hope something positive comes outta it.
15:30 February 5, 2010 by romber58

Extremists falsely use Islamic ideology to respond to injustices and disparities in the Middle East.

When will the Muslim countries rise up against their own governments who keep them in ignorance and fear and so make it so easy for the Religeous to keep power and blame other countries for their own incompetence and corruption?.

It is no wonder that the beards are afraid of the empowerment of women through education.

Religion poisons everything....every religion
15:40 February 5, 2010 by msohailshah
Rising up against their own governments is not the solution. It's going to be a slow process but currently it's not being helped by the West. For eg Egypt has a sham democracy but it's the largest US aid recipient after Israel in the middle east. Neither do KSA ,Jordan and Syria. On the other hand Palestinians elected hamas as their representatives and this result came about due to fatah's inability to stop atrocities committed against palestinians and corruption charges against Fatah but Hamas was not recognized. In Pakistan the West supported a general for 8 years. But change is starting in Pakistan it won't happen overnight but maybe after 10 -15 years.
16:41 February 5, 2010 by bernie1927
Isn't there a Hippocratic oath? I believe the dentist acted ethically and morally repulsive.

Why take his/her political anger out on an innocent child who may have crazy parents? By refusing treatment, the dentist only makes that poor child more resentful towards our society and exposes the hypocrisy.

I think the dentist deserves a severe warning by the authorities, that such behavior will not be tolerated in the future.

Aren't doctors in the field treating a wounded enemy? and yet, this child has done nothing wrong except, maybe, she was born to the wrong parents?
16:59 February 5, 2010 by tlwinslow
Has the word jihad been "co-opted" by recent Islamic terrorists, or does it go back farther? - a case in point for taking time out to study Islam's history and learn for yourself. Never fear, you can learn all the key facts online free with the Historyscoper, to get started click http://go.to/islamhistory
17:00 February 5, 2010 by ErnestPayne
How would Germans feel if orthodontists elsewhere refused to treat people named Wilhelm, Adolf, Hermann, Joseph, etc. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
17:10 February 5, 2010 by tollermann
Good for the orthodontist, Jihad has already been declared on the west....just because people don't want to recognize it! Now what, a member of the religion of peace is going to kill me because I infered Islam is violent? Bring it on!
17:31 February 5, 2010 by msohailshah
tollerman : you sound like a don quixote in search of windmills .
20:28 February 5, 2010 by tollermann
Oh Brother....maybe you should ask Don of his experience as a Muslim prisoner/slave? No I just happen to be a realist. When I see people carrying signs in London that read: Your grandchildren will be muslim, We will kill those who say Islam is violent. The last time I looked it wasn't a Christian, Hindu, Pagan, etc that cut off the head of a Dutch film maker....I rest my case. Proud member of the last bastion of Teutonic and Knights Templar.
21:38 February 5, 2010 by Spike3
Hitchens Is Not Great. But he is a deceptive idiot with good con artist skills weaving his pseudo-intellectualism around those gullible enough to buy it.

romber58, are you one of those atheists who gets really annoyed with Christian proselytizing? If so, your marketing work for the deceptive misinformed narrative of Hitchens is very hypocritical.

Rather than have readers waste their money on misleading information, "The Irrational Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens," by Vox Day. He uses logic in his arguments, which an atheist should appreciate, rather than religious doctrine.

If you believe the bible a myth, you should note the following Hitchens/Dawkins/Harris myths, as they won't endure 2000 years as the bible has.

Atheists claim that atheists make up a smaller percent of prison populations that their theists counterparts. However, surveys indicate that those who profess no religion are four times more likely to be incarcerated than their Christian counterparts. (Page 20)

Religion hinders scientific progress. It turns out that one of the most religious countries (the United States) produces 28.7% more scientific output per capita than the most atheistic one (France). (Pages 58-59)

Most wars are the result of religious conflict.

A lie. See Pages 79-111)

Cities in blue (Democratic) states are safer than cities in red (Republican) states.

It actually turns out that the safest cities might be in blue states, but those cities are within red counties. Likewise, the most dangerous cities are within red states, but the counties that those cities are within are blue. Harris's argument is completely wrong. (Pages 121-127)

Only religious people are responsible for destruction of art and religious architecture.

Day points out that Dawkins's argument has failed to point out the 41,000 churches destroyed the Soviet atheists, and thousands of Buddhist temples destroyed in Tibet, North Korea, and Vietnam, as they attempted to persecute religious belief out of existence. (Pages 143-144)

Hitler was a Christian. Although Adolf Hitler made Christian-like statements when attempting to get elected to political office, once installed, he hated Christianity, and planned to replace it with a religion based upon racial eugenics. (Pages 209-214)
23:35 February 5, 2010 by Talonx
Tollerman, I've seen enough 'god hates f#gs' signs held up by Baptists to hammer your point into the ground. Swallow your white Christian pride and accept the facts, all religions have their crazy fanatics, and the moderates lend them credence to exist by lending them a conveniant dictionaries (e.g. the Bible) filled with atrocious acts (God orders genocide multiple times in the old testament, and in the new jesus speaks of men selling the clothing off their backs to buy weapons).

Spike3, It's funny that day would claim hitler was an atheist, considering how much a fanboy Day is of the Nazis. There are problems with all these claims, but the most glaring for me is that Hitler was not a Christian. He called himself a Christian, he spoke of Christianity in an optimistic way in both public and private and not until the Catholic church withdrew there support in the late 30s did he begin formulating his religion based on eugenics (racial eugenics is redundant) which, by the way, he called Positive Christianity. Vestiges of Positive Christianity exist today in the Christian Identity Movement of the U.S. (white folk who think that Heaven is racially exclusive).

To you I really only have one thing to say, quoting bush (discussing a huge date error he had made with regards the Panama Canal), "let's let history decide what did and did not happen."
23:57 February 5, 2010 by ozgur_munich
Cihat is a common muslim name (Turkish version). I don't think his parents are stupid to name their child Cihat. It is just a name, like Christian, or Adolf. It doesn't mean anything like killing Christians. I just cannot believe you talk about terrorism, or what radical muslims have been doing. There is no justification for what the dentist did. It is plain stupid not treating someone because of his/her name. But I understand the dentist is a human being, everyone makes mistakes. If you generalise and assume that all muslims are al-kaida supporters and radicals and treat them that way you will only help al-kaida. Because that's exactly what they want you to do. Alienate muslim people. There are 1.8 billion muslims in the world, they all speak different languages, they have different denominations, and different nationalities. Just like Christians. I am an atheist but I come from a muslim country and I am sick and tired of these silly debates about muslims. Just read and do some reaserch before you say something stupid.
03:28 February 6, 2010 by CalBill
The point is taken that the real meaning of Jihad isn't "kill all non-Muslims". However, knowing that many people (who are westerners and probably Christians rather than Islamic scholars) think that Jihad DOES mean "death to all non-Muslims", it seems provacative and stupid to name your child Jihad in a western country that is subject to terrorist threats. Hello!
04:00 February 6, 2010 by Ich
The Doctor displayed uncommonly good sense in avoiding anything muslim, but then fell victim to politcal correctness!

How many murders have muslims committed as a result of their religion? The U.N. has passed an anit-blasphemy law for the stated reason that islam is getting a reputation for violence, terrorism, drug tracking, abusng wemen,,,,

So, why woudl anyone want to become involved with a muslim, especially on a long term basis that is required for orthodonics. No telling where one might end up. If there are peaceful muslims, they need to read the other half of their qu'ran, and perhaps, as Geert Widlers has suggested, tear it out. Then, at least the doctrine would be free of the violence radical clerics use to incite hatred and, yes, jihad! If there are truly peaceful muslims who find islam the only path to god, and there are many, they need to get control of their violent fellows, or start their own sect, because if you carry flag, you fight for the cause, and the subterfuge used by radicals makes all muslims threat, just out of survival. As for teh Judeo-Christian culture so many like to abuse, whatever its faults, its put men on the moon while feeding the middle east. The difference, is the Rennesance, 30 Years War and the Protestant Refomation that islam may be going through, now. Because Islam allows no question or criticism of "the teachings", which appear to be only a set of ancient rules for behaviour and ostentatious rituals that fail to encompass modern problems, hence, clerics have had to resort to the hadiths and the prophet's "model" behaviour for "guidance", which again, is not open for discussion. The muslim goal can only be global rule by muslim clerics debating their "literature" and bringing the same sort of misrule to the West as the middle east has been suffering from for the last 1300 years. The Judeo-Christian culture, at this point in history, demands people to think for themselves.It may be time for muslims to also think for themselves.
13:20 February 6, 2010 by Fredfeldman
This is a political not a religious discussion. Everything is political including the Muslim desire to see the world Muslim.
19:37 February 6, 2010 by Talonx
Ich, you must not forget to say the exact same things about both the old and new testaments. Unless of course you haven't read them. Have you read them, all the way through (I have at least 3 seperate times in my life and perused a number of Books multiple times)? As for putting men on the moon, doesn't that strike you as an absurd argument considering that the earth is the center of the universe in the old testament, I really don't think you can connect the two. If you would liket to argue economy, even less so. And criticism, is also not allowed in the Christian Bible, in fact it's essentially stated that 'reason is the enemy of faith'. You should at least consider both texts all the way through.

Fredfeldman, what about the Christian desire to see the world Christian or the Buddhist desire to see the world Buddhist? Are not these just as worrisome, take a look at the crusades, not exact deaths, but per capita deaths, you'll find the situation was much worse and support much more widespread amongst Christian believers as compared with suicide bombing and other such activities. Every religion fights it's wars, in their own special ways, and they'll continue doing so as long as they exist. Times of peace, times of war, but your just wrong to say that one religion is more peacful than another, this is pretty much impossible with any unrational dogma that posits exclusivity and wickedness.

But on point, call me an 'anti-dentite'(Seinfeld), but this is a sign of the relative backwardness of dental care when compared to other forms of healthcare in Germany, don't get me wrong it's still better than the States or UK, but it could be better yet. This would not happen in a normal hospital in Germany, even for elective surgery.
00:04 February 7, 2010 by Fredfeldman
The difference of course, Talonx, is that by and large Christians got over the urge to convert the world by killing innocent women and children some time ago. On the other hand the Muslim mindset is still stuck in the dark ages. Muslims seem ready to riot if the likeness of Mohammed is portrayed in a cartoon. But where are the mass protests when the monsters that act in their name behead innocent civilians, or suicide-bomb nightclubs?
19:32 February 7, 2010 by muamozde
At first I didn't realise what was wrong and secons later I remembered what Cihad (Jihad) meant.

Appearently she felt threatened and uncomfortable with his name and wanted to protest. She may not be racist, may be a little ignorant.

Before 70's name Cihad had almost no meaning it was just another traditional name. People had that name because it was the name of grandpa. And when asked they said meaning is "crusade" referring to fights of Muhammed 15 centuries ago.

During 70's everbody was politically very aware so does Islamist people. They felt themselves in a crusade "cihad" against status quo in Turkey, in those years word cihad meant almost "revolution".

80's was relatively less political because of military government. People have learned a lot. Revolution was a far dream but fight for democratic rights must include religious rights too. So most islamist people turned into liberal - democrat - islamist, and the word cihad turned into fight for freedom for scarves.

Later the name cihad was almost invisible. May be this young man Cihad, is one of the last few. Islamist people do not prefer to use the term cihad very much now.

In last 20 - 30 years most Turkish names refer to pre-islamic ages or "made up" names. If parents are very religious, names are usually words from Quran about paradise or so..

I would never name my child as Cihad, or Muhammad or even Adam. I was never an Islamist. But I understand that, even at it's peak at 70's the word cihad was not anti-christian or anti-semitic. It was more of a struggle against secularist status quo. And at the moment it is very retro even among islamists.

Years later if this young man Cihad becomes German Chanseillor, he will explain everybody there was nothing to worry about his name.
04:54 February 8, 2010 by Talonx
Fredfeldman, perhaps you're quite right, 'The Troubles' in northern Ireland were/are more about just eradicating the other and less about conversion. And this drive generally by a large number of Christians and a small number of Jews to paint all muslims as tyrants bent on world domination, seems to have the same sort of results. Not to mention all the interreligion conflict in africa were there are Christian groups which, just as often, resort to violence to make there points. Nor need I remind everone of the Catholic churches backing of the murderous Mousellini and Franco as well as a number of murderous Christian dictators in south and central america. But yeah if you cherry-pick (read, 'ignore reality') you could pretend that Islam is MORE violent a religion than Christianity.
12:05 February 8, 2010 by Deutschguy
The dentist should be obligated to treat the patient. Even US doctors in the military are obligated to treat the enemy if a patient is brought to them.

Both religions are equally guilty of fomenting hatred and violence, against infidels and even intra-religeous sects , e.g. Catholics vs. Protestants or Sunni vs. Shia.

The absurd question of why don't moderate Muslims speak up is that they do, but in their own countries they won't get published, for fear of retribution by imams and religious police.

The other more absurd question of why don't Muslims in countries with radical extremist Islamic governments overthrow those governments is that they will be quickly suppressed and killed, often with the blessing of the US, who gave those governments the weapons to suppress rebellion in the first place. It is nuts to expect a population to oppose a government supplied with sophisticated and lethal weaponry by the West.

The only place "dissent" is allowed in Egypt is in the mosque, not in the street. If it is done in the street, then those US paid for weapons and police forces will simply wipe out very effectively and quickly, those who oppose their government.

We (the US) did the same in Latin America.
02:21 February 12, 2010 by Ich

Yes, I've read the Old Testament, New Testament, the koran and Mein Kampf, as well. The koran and Mein kampf are similar in that both are disorganized ramblings with a central theme of world domination by any means. Both have instigated major wars, ending in 732, 1683, and 1945. Note, teh Grand Mufti of Jeruselem rasied some 30, 000 arab soldiers for the 13th SS Division, Hanchar (Hanjar) and had quite a career spreading fascism throughout the Middle East. I also think that we can connect space exploration with a Judeo-Christian tradition that prizes rational thought, because the irrational, superstitious traditions of Islam never took an interest in rockets other than shooting them over the border of Isreal, and they got most of them from the Russians, rather than building them, themselves.
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